Trends to Washbasin: How to Choose the Best Wash Basin?

Wash basin is a key object acquiring aesthetically a dominant role which is been repeatedly used. This is one of the pieces which specify a little art piece of your bathroom. The days are gone where the wash basins played a secondary role in interior designing. Nowadays, the wash basins are been designed having its aesthetic value, hygienic value as well as will have an effect on the space utilization in the bathroom. Wash basins always helps you out to give a desired look.

Aone House offers you with some of the models of the trending wash basins to select for your house. It includes, Wash Basin with Pedestal, Handcraft Wash Basin, Sticker Wash Basin, Rustic Wash Basin.

wash basins

Wash Basin with Pedestal: There are variety of wash basins with Pedestal is been available. These handcrafted series are available in different shapes and size. If you are having with the large bathroom space you can opt for this wash basin with pedestal. Nowadays, there is also variety of designs been available for the wash basin with pedestal. Aone House offers with the wide range pan sets of this type which includes Repose Set, Parth Set, Capry Set, Crowny Set, sterling set, style set, Sophia set and rado set wash basins.

Handcrafted Wash Basin: For a more traditional and unique look many of them go for Handcrafted Wash Basin. These wash basins are made up of non- porous material which is also resistant to heat and scratching. They are been specifically with the color choice and designed with the unique art work giving a skillful weaving of design.  There are different numbers of sizes and shapes of these wash basins available for designing your bathroom.

Sticker Wash Basin: Wash basin is on trend for designing with a simple and attractive look for your bathroom. You can have this type of wash basin with customized bowls which has different sets which includes sterling set, style set, Sophia set and rado set. This is the best quality water bowls which makes your bathroom look unique adding value to your interior.

Rustic wash basins: Rustic wash basins are quite attractive because of its appearance and the attractive design. They are mostly having with the bright colors and can be used in the bathroom which has large spaces. This adds a natural sense to your house with its deep red and brown colors. With the different coloring shades you can choose with the best color with matches with your house theme.

Wash basin should be simple and elegant which may also add a unique value to your interior and may also add a value to your money invested. Considering to all the factors with the interior designing of the bathroom, Aone House provides the wide variety of sanitary products as well as wash basin products. Design with your bathroom interior today and give a different look to your bathroom. In the line of trend with these ceramic sanitaryware and wash basin products Aone House provides the best products focusing on innovation and creativity to maintain the market share.

Excellent and Comfortable Ceramic Wash Basins

The wash basins form an integral part of any bathroom or kitchen and it is always very important to choose a ceramic wash basin that meets both the design and budget consideration. The market has a wide variety of designs, models, materials and sizes according to different applications. Determining the type of wash basin to use can be a challenge to many people.  Ceramic wash basins are useful in both domestic and industrial applications.

Ceramic Wash Basin

Advantages of Ceramic Wash Basins

Time tested material

The ceramic material is one of the most commonly and oldest of the materials used making of different sanitary product for use in the home such as bathrooms, kitchens and wash stands.

 Ease of cleaning

The ceramic wash basins are very easy to clean and maintain, and they do not require the use of any special products for cleaning purposes. It is notable that they are easily cleaned with soap and water including using the normal cleaning liquid at home and a regular cleaning frequency will enable maintaining a bright and shiny look for several years.

Resistance to Stain

The ceramic wares are highly resistance to stains, discoloration and rusting which makes them good for regular usage, hygiene and maintain the value of your house. Being highly rust resistant makes them ideal for areas that also receive salty and saline water that leads to rapid staining of other materials.

Ease of moulding

They can be manufactured to a wide variety of shapes and designs and give that exclusive and unique appearance to your house, which can be a strong selling point when you needed to sell the house.  As a matter of fact, the basins are available in countless shapes and models that will easily suit your décor.

Cost Effectiveness

The ceramic wash basins are among the most cost effective sanitary ware items to be installed in the house. Their ease of maintenance and long life ensures that you get great value for the money invested.

Some Innovative Designs of Ceramic Wash Basinsinclude;

Ceramic Wash Basin with Pedestal

This model of the wash basin with pedestal is an elegant bathroom sanitary ware which quickly uplifts the look of a bathroom to a whole new level. The model can be available in different forms and models and from simple style colours to advanced colours.

Ceramic Handcrafted Wash Basins

This model utilizes high quality ceramics and skilful weaving of design to produce an excellent handcrafted wash basin. The combination of natural colours with natural interiors creates a high value appearance and comfort to the house. It also creates a great feel to touch and work on.

Ceramic Sticker Wash Basin

This is another great innovation to the ceramic wash basins, and has been gaining rapid demand among real estates, contractors in India and around the world. The sticker wash basins have rhyming prints and are manufactured from high quality material that adds good value to your interiors.

Rustic Wash Basin

Rustic colours in rustic wash basin have the earthly tones such as brown and deep red colours which add natural sense to the house. They can also be designed in different shades and hues to rhyme with an existing house theme.


Sanitary Wares and Interior Design Process

The process of interior design follows a systematic and coordinated process that involves research, analysis, and the integration of knowledge into the creative process to produce an interior theme that achieves the target goals and objectives. The choice and installation of different types of sanitary ware in the house can completely alter the theme and introduce a fresh appearance of the house.

Concept Design and Planning Considerations

This process involves a detailed, measured and photographic survey of the existing and proposed drawing to fit the ceramics at designated places. With the advanced technology today, 3D modeling has enabled interior design artists to develop models and illustrate to potential clients before actual installation is done.

Matching the Home Finish with the Design of Sanitary Wares

 The sanitary wares are important part of our daily lives and are part and parcel of the home. When they are selected well they can effectively enhance the look and value of the home as well as adding to the comfort. These wares come in different designs, colors and styles and they add to the luxury of the home.

Sourcing and Transport Considerations of Ceramic Wares

Sanitary and ceramic wares are delicate installations that require proper handling during installation. It is important to ensure factory certification before purchase. The appearance of the product should be smooth and beautiful, absent of cracks, smooth edges, and with a consistent tone.

Due to the brittle and delicate nature of these wares, extreme caution must be exercised in handling. Proper wrapping of the ceramic wash basins, water closets and ceramic sinks helps in retaining the smooth edges and the beauty of the product.

ceramic sanitary wares

Ceramic Installation Procedures

Installation is done only after completion of the plumbing, drainage, floor, tiles and room doors. The water closet is fixed with proper alignment with the inlet and the outlet piping system. This is important as it prevents future problems of leakages and avoidable breakages. Where necessary, holes are fixed onto the floor or wall for proper fixing of the screws that will eventually mount the ceramic wash basin.

It is important that the W.C connector rubber seal is correctly located on the rim of the connector. In attachments of wash basins it is crucial to incorporate the water proof seals, to ensure no leakages will ever happen.

The Bath Tub and Shower Tray

The tub /tray drain shall be well connected to the waste pipe using the appropriate waterproof adapter. The joints around the tub must also be sealed with a waterproof sealant. For the shower accessories, the cold and hot water points must be appropriately marked, fixed and then tiling done.

Kitchen Sinks and Washes Basins

They must be installed to the exact position a specified in the drawings to avoid any misalignments from occurring. The waste pipes shall also be well fixed to avoid potential leakage problems. The gap between the sink and marble must be well sealed to avoid problems of dirty water clogging the lines in due course.

Ceramic Sink India – Ordination of Your Plumbing Fixtures

A sink is a deep dish that is used for washing hands and other proposes. They have taps for hot and cold water and sometime include a spray for faster rinsing. Along with a soap dispenser, a sink also includes a drain which may have an overflow avoidance device or a strainer in it. Earlier it used to be a wash stand on which a deep bowl and a pitcher was placed according to tradition. These washstands have evolved since then and have come up a long way through their course to emerge as one of the primary luxuries of bathrooms.

Factors to be considered for a legitimate installation

Top options: The first and foremost point of installation is how and where should the Ceramic sinks be installed for good result. So some of the top options considered are:

  1. Pedestal: A basin fixed on top of a tall and slender base is what a pedestal sink consists of. It gives a vintage look but also have other contemporary styles too. When it comes to small baths where storage or any counter space is not important, then pedestal sink would work well and come out as a good option.
  2. Console: The console sink is a well known variation of the wall mount sink. It holds resemblance to the traditional console table found at the entry. The console sink, usually has two legs or sometimes four. These ceramic sinks provide an open shelf and generous counter.
  3. Counter top: One of the most common installations is the counter top sinks, where the sink is placed on a sitting or a counter top, as part of your vanity unit. They offer a good storage and a sizable surface. different type of counter top sinks are:

Ceramic Sink India, wash basins

Self rimming sinks: they have rolled edges and are easiest to install. They offer a drop down allowance to the sinks at the counter top opening.

Integral sinks: designed to fit the standard size and width, integral sinks are easy to clean and maintain.

Vessel sink: They sit atop the counter and stand out incredibly with their striking style.

Under mount sink: With no rim contended, they expose the counter top surface and are mounted below the counter.

  1. Wall mount sinks: Even though found commonly in the institutional setting they even work in home bathrooms. Exposing the drain pipes they are hanged at a comfortable height. They are affordable, clean and offer an attractive finish with edgy chrome.

Ceramic Sink India, wash basinsCompatibility of the Faucets: Your hydrant choice should match with the size and shape of the sink. Most of the sinks come with predrilled holes either 1 or 3. There can be a single flow faucet or separate ones for hot and cold water inlet. A single handed hydrant will have a single hole but some single handed nozzles comes with escutcheon plates, allowing them to work even with the 3 hole ones. Center set nozzle pair have a 4-in spaced holes, at the same time a widespread tap will have 8-in to 16-in apart holes. Some wash basins don’t have any concavity at all.

Size and shape of the Basin: There is no standard size for the bathroom sinks. It depends on personal choice. They can of a normal size for just washing hands or big enough to wash hair or any clothes. Round sinks can be of 16-20in o diameter and rectangular ones can be 19-24in wide

Material of the ceramic sink: One of the most important factors that make one sink distinctive from the other is the material of that sink. It can be traditional ceramics, fireclay, porcelain, glass, stone etc. These materials are given a striking and stylish look by solid surfacing and metals like cast iron, nickel steel and brass. Some of the materials are:

  1. Glass: They sound delicate but are very strong. Made of tempered glass, they can withstand normal baths. But make sure u don’t drop any heavy or sharp objects which can cause scratches. Glass is hard to maintain clean.
  2. Marble, onyx or granite: They offer a natural color and luxurious look to the basin. However they are very prone to stains.
  3. Vitreous china: These materials have a smooth and glossy texture and also provide a durable and attractive look to the bathroom along with stain-resistance.
  4. Metallic: These have an enameled and glossy finish, giving a brushed and earthy texture to the baths.

Sanitary ware for Kids Room

Attending Sanitary Requirements for your Home

Every feature of decorating can fetch you good results if the respective components remain choosy and reliable. Sanitary components play a key role when it comes to safe, clean and convenient environment. Kids’ room always requires special attention as they do not know the impact of living hygienically.

Decorating your Kids’ Wash Room

As far as kids’ wash room is concerned, they should feel convenience within reach. Each product including wash basin, wall hung water closet, or urinal for instance have to be selected based on the quality of ceramic which stays easy for maintenance and remains flexible to use.

Sanitaryware Quality and Hygienic Aspects

Ceramic sanitary ware leads the role in quality as the ceramic material has many beneficial properties for which it has been preferred at large. It is hard, oxidation resistant, chemically strong, wear resistant and easy to clean. These aspects are considered important for making toilet gadgets. Buying ceramic components would remain the best option not only for kids but for all members in the family from the perspective of cleanliness.

Size and Model needs more attention

Compact model of water closets can be furnished with additional accessories. Floor mounting water closets would remain the best choice for children for potting. Installing them at accessible points is also an important aspect. In addition to that fixing accessories for setting paper dispensers, sanitary napkin receptacles, grab bars, etc are also to be added at precise position to create hygienic environment for kids.

variety of sanitarywares suitable for kids

More Beautification Aspects

If you wish to give beautification touch to your kids’ toilet selection of designer ceramic sanitary ware components is the best option. Aone House presents variety of sanitarywares suitable for kids, residential, commercial buildings, schools, and many more aspects. Our range of ceramic sanitary wares is made based on the different expectations and convenience of consumers.

Buy Sticker Series to create Happy Moods

Modern sanitary components including sticker series is designed with attractive colors and patterns that given them artistic look. Sticker series offered at Aone House stay a unique choice as its presence would change the appearance of wash area to something creative and modern thus reduce the feel of boredom and lethargy which we many of us still have.

Be Particular while selecting Flexible Accessories

Accessories include taps, napkin holder, soap holder, etc can also be selected based on how much convenient children can feel in using them. Tap designs can be selected matching the color and size of the sanitary ware. In addition, easier water dispenser tap models would remain suitable than other stylish models.

 variety of pedestal wash basin models

Pedestal Wash basins for Safe Usage

When it comes to wash basins for kids’ toilet pedestal designs would be fine. Aone House presents variety of pedestal wash basin models including rustic series wash basins, and sticker series wash basins with pedestal at good price.


Selecting a suitable model of sanitary component for kids’ use form the extensive Variety of Sanitaryware Models requires many aspects to be reviewed and Aone House is the best place to find one.

Important Brands of Sanitarywares in India

Bathroom Accessories Produced with Modernity

Expectations and requirements for stylish living space have also been focused on designing wash rooms with modern bathroom accessories. Sanitary ware brands in India tend to provide ceramic accessories for wash rooms with flexible designs. As a result, manufacturers receive higher demand to produce competitive designs.

Competitive Aspects in Designing Sanitary Components

Top brands like Cera, Kohler, Parryware and Hindware, etc follow competitive aspects in terms of design, color, pattern, usability, etc. They also focus on the quality of ceramic and related ingredient to provide best accessories which consumers can depend for long term usage.


Specialty of Branded Sanitary Accessories

Branded sanitary accessories and modern bathroom accessories are known for highest quality, style, world class pattern, anti bacterial features, economic flush, etc. Similarly, well known brands like Parryware and Hindware focus on contemporary requirements and value for the money the consumers invest on wash room accessories.

Top Sanitaryware Brands in India and reasons for their Popularity

Parryware, Cera, Jaquar, Hindware, are some of the leading sanitary accessory manufacturing brands in India. They are known for quality of components, innovative and space saving designs, variety of sanitary components they offer and of course flexible installation features they include in design. Apart from that pricing is also a top feature that adds to their popularity as people who cannot afford for imported sanitary wares switch over their choice to Indian brands for quality and pricing.

Water Closet Designs offered by Top Brands

Water closet forms the main item when it comes to designing wash rooms. Water closets are available as single piece unit, wall hung or bidets. Similarly, unique features are added to the water closet pattern in terms of the flush system to meet the environment friendly aspects. Hence, many top brands focus on water closet designs where people can enjoy cleanliness with spending relatively less amount of water.

Hand Craft Designs Embedded in Sanitary wares

Handy crafts patterns add more elegance to the space and wash basins with pedestal are available with handy craft paintings, emboss paintings, also. Some companies accept to take up particular design preferred by the consumer when it comes to production of ceramic accessories in hand craft series.


Design Strategies followed by Top Sanitaryware Companies in India

Color, size and pattern are the three main aspects considered by top sanitary companies in India.  The increasing requirement for sanitary components from real estate industries and the growing hospitals have considerably raised the production demand for compact and flexible models of water closets and wash basins.  Manufacturers also strive to meet the same.

The Beauty of Rustic Series

Rustic series ceramic components are the latest attraction among consumers. Apart from that rustic series wash basins are made in vibrant colors which will transform the look of traditional wash rooms to stylish ones.

Tips to Convert Urinals to Pleasant ones

Urinals are preferred in hospitals, restaurants, and other crowded areas but sometimes unmatched designs make the whole area look ugly. However, ceramic manufacturers focus on providing modern form of urinals like half stall urinal or flat back urinal that are made over international standards.


Top Sanitary ware companies in India are facing challenging production demand on competitive edges. The urge from real estate development and consumers request for international quality are some of the prominent reasons that make them produce modern designs and Aone House is one of the leading sanitary ware companies that focuses on modernity and quality.

Attain High Sales Volume and Exorbitant Profits by Selling Sanitary Wares in the Large USA Market

The USA sanitary ware market has continued to grow tremendously over the last decade. This growth has been fueled by an increasing demand. Most products are imported with only a few be produced locally.

Market Trends and Types of Sanitary Ware in the US Market

The USA sanitary market is greatly affected by the global competitive environment. Water closets form the greatest share in the market. Wash Basin with Pedestal, cisterns, pedestals, urinals are also in great demand. For the next five years, the market will grow from $22.17 billion to $33 billion.


Main Importers to the US Sanitary Market

Sanitary ware imports have continued to increase in the USA as compared to those supplied locally. Global exporting companies from China, India and Europe can therefore benefit from the huge demand in this market. Globally, Asia is expected to lead in sanitary ware market with 43%, followed by Europe and South America.

Sanitary Ware Demand Trend in the USA

It is expected that the demand in sanitary ware will grow due to rising use in commercial and real estate sectors. It is projected that the market will increase with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.29 %.  The continued increase in demand results from the rapid growth in real estates and great changes in consumer preferences.

Strategies Adapted By Manufactures and Investors to Rising Challenges in This Market 

The main challenges facing the market include limited casting and manufacturing technology, rising labor and energy costs as well as intense competition. Sanitary ware providers have responded by shifting production to Asia, product innovation and diversifying their products.


Current Trends in the Demand for Sanitary Ware

Though the demand for sanitary ware in USA continued to increase, cheap imports make this market very competitive. Global exporters must therefore innovate and develop new products in order to gain and sustain competitive advantage in this market.  Innovations such as flapper free, silent flushing systems, developing customized products, clog free toilets, low cost slip casting fabrication technologies and many others are likely to increase demand.

Designer sanitary are expected to feature widely in the high end sanitary ware market. Common features include; customized water closets, executive bathroom and toilet suites, high aesthetic appeal, automatic flushing systems and easy to clean. All these features give the customer a sense of modernity and high lifestyle.


Toilet and bathroom remodeling continues to increase as more people shift or acquire new homes. Exporters must therefore partner with local companies to benefit from this market.

Upcoming real estates, hospitals, public sector buildings, corporate offices are increasing rapidly and this create a high demand.  These clients require high quality products at cost effective prices.  Low end products which dominate the market have features such as low water consumption, easy to install, low costs and improved quality.


The USA sanitary ware market creates a high demand for global products. Since most of these products are mostly imported, sanitary ware manufactures can greatly benefit from this market.

Sanitary Ware for Peace and Comfort in Your Home

washbasin-handcraftedVarious factors influence the type of sanitary fixtures in the house or home. These fixtures must rhyme with the theme of the decoration of the house as well as fulfill the functional use for these wares. Among the critical importance of these products is to ensure hygiene as well as safety in the house.

Types of Sanitary Wares

These include;

  • Toilets; various types and designs are available such as one piece toilets, dual flush toilets, close coupled toilets, siphonic toilets, squatting toilets and single bowl toilets. These different designs have different functionalities. The squatting toilets are usually preferred in places with higher traffic of use while the seat toilets for lower traffic. The flushing capabilities are also important distinguishing factors for different types of toilets.
  • Bidgets; these are special sanitary wares generally used for cleaning the private parts of the body. Various types are also available depending on the preferences of the user.
  • Urinals; Used by the male gender. Current designs have detection systems that will trigger a flushing mechanism after use. In areas of greater use a urinal partition is also available.
  • Sinks; consists of basin, tap and drainpipe, and have various uses such as hand washing, washing utensils and washing laundry. Various designs are available such as the pedestal types, wall mounted designs, and the counter sinks.
  • Bath tubs; Used for bathing purposes. Designs vary depending on the preferred lengths and the support installed.

Quality Aspects of Sanitary Ware

The material used in the construction of the sanitary ware determines its quality. Metallic sinks and washbasins are available in various designs but they also require regular maintenance to prevent corrosion in the uncoated surfaces.

The most commonly used material for the sanitary items are the ceramic types, which are made of highly cured clay. Ceramic is usually better in that it is inert in nature and has a greater aesthetic appeal than the metallic types.

Role of Sanitary Ware In House Design and Decoration

The color and design of the sanitary ware in the house can be used to determine the decoration of the house. With the current technological developments, it has been possible to introduce color to the ceramic wares during manufacture.

  • Printed ceramic wares add and exciting look to the kitchen or the bathroom and the choice of colors can be made to match with colors of the wall hangings as well as wall colors.
  • Construction designs such as the shape of the bowl, or the design of the pedestal also gives a good illustration of the decoration of the house.


Sanitary wares are house fixtures, which function to improve hygiene of the house. These fixtures include toilet, bath tubs, bidgets, wash basins and even urinals. The design and the colors used in the construction of these fixtures can improve the decoration of the house thus adding to the comfort of the house.

Various designs available include wash basins with pedestal, printed wares, vitrossa seris, rustic types and wall hanging designs. These designs vary from each other depending on the construction technique as well as the colors applied.

It is also possible to get customized designs from manufacturers that will suit home improvement needs.

Wash Basins – Sanitary Ware that Defines New Life Style

Wash Basin & Bathroom Accessories

Wash basins were developed as a result of the need for a more organized way of handling home based hygiene activities. They are equipped with a tap for water supply as well as a drainage outlet for the dirty water to flow out. They may also be equipped with a strainer for shutting off water exit when required. They are useful for various purposes such as:

  • Hand washing

  • Utensils washing

  • Preparations of foods in the kitchen

  • Body hygiene purposes such as shaving and brushing

The main role played by the wash basins is prevention of water spillage in the house or on the floor. The development of the appliances has been gradual starting from the original types which were largely metallic. Later designs followed that were plastic made through the molding process and later on, the ceramic wash basins emerged. The metallic basins are made of stainless steel and are largely for commercial use where the volume of work is a lot more and will also hold more water. They make banging noise when hit while working and may not be the best for home use. The other common type is the enamel over cast iron used primarily in the kitchen. The main disadvantage being that when the enamel is worn out, the iron may corrode affecting the glass.

Various Designs of Wash Basins

The ceramic designs of the wash basins have been able to solve these problems due to their inert nature. They are not affected by scrubbing, heat or cold and are not easily broken off. They are also highly resistant to fading and staining. In addition they are made to various designs and styles hence introducing beauty and style to your house. Some of the various types of these designs include:

  • The pedestal basins are made with a stand or a base. A hollow Core on the stand allows for the drain pipes to go through. This design is elegant and various colors and shapes are available to select from.

  • The handmade wash basins are made from chrome and nickel material which add class and style to the house.

  • The sticker Series of the wash basins is another classic type that easily blends with the design of the house. Various types of designs can be printed to match with the theme of the house. Flowery wall hangings easily blend with this type of design.

  • Contemporary designs are available with a wide range of colors and can be customized to individual needs and designs. Rustic colors can easily blend with various house designs such as wooden doors with metallic or copper finish taps.

Where to Find Wash Basins


While shopping for the best and high quality sinks, it is important to look for good quality suppliers for the best products. They are readily available from hardware shops as well as online suppliers.

Get the best sanitary ware accessories for your bathroom, here at –


The design of wash basins can be useful in maintaining the hygiene of the house as well as rhyming the style of the house. Ceramic wash basins are more preferred for home use due to their long lasting nature and style. Various designs are available and custom made ceramics are also available. Wash basins are available from various shopping outlets as well as from online shops which offer drop shipping.

Designer Ceramic Wash Basins Presented by Aone House

May 23, 2013,

Surendranagar, Gujarat, India

A wash basin is a kind of a plumbing fixture that is bowl-shaped and it is used in hand washing, washing of dishes and washing of the face too. There are big ones too used in bathing. These are mostly found in the bedroom. The wash basins can be found in almost modernized homes with more than one bedroom. In itself, a wash basin adds the social status of the homes. The purposes these structures serve are diverse and different likewise to their sizes, shapes and design. Some people prefer when their wash basins are in the toilets, others in the bathroom or for others, just in the general hallway. In considering what type to buy, Aone House – A leading name in Sanitary ware manufacturer in Guarat, India presenting the wide array of stylish & luxurious sanitarywares like wash basins, water closets, urinal and bathroom accessories with variety of designs, colors, size, shape and style that not only decorate your home but also improve the sanitation values in your life. Aone house suggesting few parameters, one must check before selecting any designer ceramic wash basin.

  • The type of the basin and whether it suits your expectations.
  • The cost of the basin.
  • The rate of flexibility.

Aone house offers the designer ceramic wash basin that covers all the aspects mentioned above.

Wash basins can be used of a number of dynamic ways. For one, if it is found within a bedroom, the wash basin, can be used as a means by which to add value to the bedroom. Secondly, a wash basin provides for much easier methods into activities such as washing of the face, washing of hands by guests in the house and washing and rinsing dishes accordingly. This is because, the wash basins are served with water through a water tap which makes it more convenient than the traditional method of using a jug and a basin manually to perform these tasks. Consequently, wash basins can be used in take baths peacefully without any interruptions. Among the bed-ridden people and the aged in the society, a wash basin is extremely essential to enable the paper be done. Finally, the basins provide convenience and ensure the safety of the child when bathing. At Aone House we take care of all above important features while designing the ceramic wash basin. Check varieties of sanitary wares at Aone House.

There are several types of wash basins that we offer at Aone House, which are in use today and designed to meet the customers’ needs. Besides, innovations are still being carried out to make more durable and comfortable basins. These types include:

  • Bowl basin: This is bowl-shaped and as expected this bowl is the most deepest in size.
  • Wall-hung wash basins: it is affixed to the wall and usually appear to be liked by many people. Depending on where it is hung, it can be most appropriate for children around the age of 5 years to use.
  • Pedestal basin: It is the most classic among all with style and grandeur exuded on it. However, it lacks adequate storage system.

So, when you decided to shop best quality of basin, what do you consider? This is the best question to ask. In this case, at Aone House we can help you better with variety of basins that can suit better your requirement. Aone House also have the online presence and store that shows multiple designs and style for your better selection. If you want to see some of the best styles and design visit at –

About Aone House

Aone House is a leading sanitary wares manufacturer in India offering high quality ceramic sanitary ware products to meet the residential as well as commercial sanitation requirements. The manufacturer designs sanitary ware products like ceramic wash basins, water closets and various bathroom accessories according to the best standards in the industry. A wide range of ceramic sanitary ware products in different designs, size, shapes and colors are provided at cost effective price at Aone House.

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