Quality Features Affecting Ceramic Sanitary Wares

Quality is an important factor that can attract and retain customers of any product. Quality ceramic sanitary wares improve the value of the house as well as offer functionality.

Functional Versus Aesthetic Appeal of Washbasins

The concept of functional and practical aesthetic appeal is rapidly gaining ground in the field of sanitary washbasins. Most homeowners want something that looks good while offering durability, anti vandalism (public facilities) and easy to clean and maintain. Other elements of functionality include resistance to breakage and added attachments such as having a soap compartment. Customization of the shapes and designs is a good approach to achieving functionality as well as the beauty of washbasins. The customer gives the manufacturer the expected color, finish and the target applications for the product to be manufactured.

Recognizing Good Quality Vs Poor Quality Water Closets

Despite quality being subjective to the user, there are basic quality considerations in buying water closets and they include:

  • Savings on water usage: some systems deliver too much water which leading to wastage and therefore not sustainable. Manufacturers issue guidelines on water dispensation of closets and suitability of application.
  • Noise during flushing; too much noise during flushing can be a distraction in home, hotels and some public facilities.
  • The flash accuracy: The effectiveness of the flush water to clean out bowl must be considered to avoid manual cleaning of the toilet.
  • Low maintenance
  • Durability

Recognizing Good Quality Vs Poor Quality Water Closets

Handcraft Ceramic Sanitary Wares

Apart from design, incorporation of artwork on ceramic sanitary wares has added beauty and creativity to the items resulting to more value and the aesthetic appeal. Addition of artwork on ceramic wares also enhances the decorative theme of the house and creates a shift from the ordinary look.

Getting the Urinal in Perfect Appearance

The construction of the urinal must minimize splashing and drain quickly. The color of the bowl can be designed to match with the decoration of the rest of the house. Ceramic urinals come in three main designs, which are the trough urinal; the bucket urinal and the WAW (wee against the wall). Each has their specific advantages and can be modeled to specific colors other than the usual white. Appearance may also be enhanced by installation or a regular flushing system, which keeps the color unstained.

Matching Bathroom Accessories with House Design

 In interior design, matching the bathroom designs and the house design is important. The use of matching colors creates this appearance of rhythm in the house. The floor tiles in the bathroom can be matched with same color of wall tiles. Dark colored tiles look well with white colored ceramic sanitary washbasins. A rusty house design can be matched with dull colored ceramic sanitary items such as light brown to enhance the relaxing look in the bathroom.


Ceramic sanitary wares production must be guided by functionality as well as the aesthetic appeal. Functional aspects of ceramic include durability and maintenance, ease of cleaning and ability to rhyme with other installations in the premises. Achieving aesthetic appeal in ceramic sanitary wares involves developing creative designs as well as handcrafts application. Bathroom accessories must be regularly checked as they wear out easily.