How Water Closet Varies With Different Countries

The need of a bathroom is universal, but water closet varies differently for different countries around the world. Along with the water closet, hygiene routines, plumbing system, cleanliness standards, and sanitation system varies with different countries. Consider Japanese Bathroom is quite different from China whereas American and European bathrooms will have flushing toilets with toilet paper.

Let’s explore how water closet varies with different countries

Africa –

The commonly used in Northern Africa is the western style that is the western closet with a bowl and a seat. In most of the African countries, squat toilets are been used whereas hotels and restaurant catering to foreigners have western style sit down toilets. Other style includes western style toilet bowl propped over a hole in the floor

South America/Latin America –

In Latin America, disposing of the toilet paper in toilets is not allowed as the plumbing system cannot process the toilet paper. It results in backup and clogs. So, most of the households prefer with western styles by keeping a trash can beside the toilet for disposal of used toilet paper.

European Water Closet

Europe –

European toilet uses with the same type of western water closet same as America. In European countries, toilet papers go in trash following the same American style. Squad toilets are often seen in Greece, Turkey, and Romania.

One of the facts about European public toilet is that they are named as ‘WC’. WC refers to ‘Water Closet’ that refers to a toilet, so as to not mistaken with a bathroom

Japan -

Japanese toilets are one of the most sophisticated toilets in the world.  Japanese have the most inventive and sanitary toilets with highly developed features like heated seats, bidet function as well as dryer function. They are known for its waste sanitization techniques. One of the most common toilets in Japan is the squad toilet whereas studies showed that 80 % of the Japanese people use a combination of bidet/western style toilets and the remaining uses with the squad toilets in their homes

China –

Majority of China demands with the squad toilets. They believe that the squatting position releases pelvic muscles and is considered as a healthier way to eliminate waste.  Due to this reason, mostly squad toilets are been used in most of the areas of China

Some of the Types of Water Closets –

European Water Closet (EWC) -

European Water Closet includes a flush tank used for flushing after usage. There are two types of European water closet namely as S Trap Water Closet and P Trap Water Closet. The main difference with these two types are S Trap is used in ground floor installations where the piping is done below ground level whereas P Trap is installed in top floors due to the difficulty of installing pipeline under the toilet

Indian Water Closet -

Indian Water Closet is known for its fixing as they are been fixed at the ground level in many places. This type of water closet has advantages like economic in space, pricing and easy to maintain.

Italian P- Trap Water Closet – 

Italian P- Trap Water Closet is known for its innovative features, elegance, simple design that meets the needs of the customers. It is ideal for both domestic houses as well as commercial buildings

European Water Closet- Saves Water & Space

Every modern thing is invented keeping in view the present needs and future demands. The water is essential for existence of living beings. And, it is a high time to save it because according to studies the world will face water crisis in near future.
Water should be conserved in every activity, and there is no other better place than HOME to begin any change.
Redesign your Bathroom to Save Space & Water

  • The bathroom is the place where maximum water is used at home. Switching to a water-saving toilet is the most effective change, you can make at your home to conserve water.
  • Replace your previous and leaky water closet with new European Water Closets.
  • The European water closets (EWC) are water efficient toilet suites are designed with a coupled cistern and integral trap to achieve effective flush using reduced volume of water per flush.
  • This kind of toilets comes with seat and cover. When flushing cover needs to be closed so that water does not spills on floor.
  • They are attached with a flush tank for flushing after usage. The tank is made of plastic or ceramic.
  •  If the toilet is installed on floor, it is called as floor mounted toilet and it can save more space than squat toilets. The toilet can be hung on the wall, which can also optimize space of your bathroom.

European Water Closet

European Water Closet: Easy tips to Save Water
The flushing often waste water on regular basis, but following these simple tips can reduce its wastage:
Installing dual flush system on the flush tank can reduce the water consumption substantially. The distinguishing feature of a dual flush is that it comes with two buttons.

The first button is for liquid waste which outpours 0.8 gallons of water per flush and the second button is for solid waste which uses only 1.6 gallons of water. If we compare it to normal flush system which uses 3.5 gallons per flush, we can conclude that it saves more quantity of water.

Using Retrofit kit, it can allow one to adjust the water flow of western water closets. These kits are quite easy to install and will promote efficient flushing.
It is a high time to make our mind accustomed to water conversation techniques and strategies. The European water closets can be used by following tips to save water. Furthermore, they are made from ceramics, which is environmental friendly.

If you are nature lover, and planning to redesign your bathroom to optimize usage of space and water, you may turn to one of the best sanitaryware supplier i.e. Aone House.

Who are we?
Aone House is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of designer European Water Closet in India since 2004. The company offers a wide range of high quality ceramic sanitarywares which includes EWC toilet, Wash Basin, Squatting Pan, Art Basin, Pedestal, European Water Closet (EWC), Cabinet (vanity), Urinal, Bathroom Accessory and many more.
The company has highly proficient designers to produce varied styles and colors of sanitary wares to fulfill the clients’ requirement in the utmost manner. We provide elegant, durable and space-efficient sanitary accessories and unmatched customer services at competitive rates to our valuable customers across the globe.


Design Your Dream Home with Ceramic Water Closet

“Civilization began not with the advent of the written language but with the first toilet” The development of the ceramic toilet was closely connected with maintenance of hygiene, but has nowadays been closely linked to the aesthetic appeal and ultimately the value of the home. The water closet has not only a sanitary but also a moral value as some philosophists’ state.

Important Qualities for a Water Closet

When looking for a ceramic water closet, the longer outlook is more preferred than the shorter term objectives. Time and effort is required while sourcing for a suitable sanitation vessel and with the current rigors of our daily lives, this may be impossible. Here are some of the important tips that can be useful while looking for a great water closet.

Water Saving Attributes

The WC is among the main sources of water consumption and therefore important to invest in closets with reduced water usage per flush. There is newer technology that is designed with a two lever flush where one lever releases water for liquid waste and a larger lever for solid waste flushing.

Efficient Fittings

This is the fitting where the water is held. In industry, two fittings are available, the one piece water closet with a built in fitting and the two piece water closet where the fittings are handled separately with the water vessel. The built in style is generally more durable and easier to install while the two piece system gives you the option to personalize and repair.

Sophisticated Design

It is always advisable to opt for neutral colours and plain styles as it makes for easy designing and colour coordination inside the bathroom. This however does not imply that you cannot go for other colours as long as the various items will eventually complement each other. It is also wise to consider the available space for other items.

Reasonable consideration

While it is okay to invest in a pricey ceramic water closet, it is important to remember that there are some brands in the market that produce high quality product at affordable prices. It all comes down to how much you are able to spend and achieve quality and value for money.

Designer Water Closets

With the development of trusted brands in the ceramic water closets market, you can relieve yourself of all worries by just opting to go for the trusted brands and get uncompromised product selection and even a warranty offer. These have been developed with expertise and technology that will be to your advantage.

Water Closet Styles for Your House

European Water Closets

This design of the water closet also called the EWC is basically a sit in toilet with a seat and cover. The cover is closed during the flushing process. Some water is trapped inside the toilet to act as a seal against return of the bad odours and the seal is approximately 50 mm. Classification of these toilets can be based on the water trap design where we have the S trap water closet ( EWC – S) and the P trap water closet ( EWC – P).

Squatting Pan Water Closet or Indian Type WC

This is a toilet used by squatting rather than sitting and the toilet pan and the bowl are at the floor level. The pedestal squat toilet has a height similar to a sitting toilet and can be used interchangeably.

Sanitary Wares and Interior Design Process

The process of interior design follows a systematic and coordinated process that involves research, analysis, and the integration of knowledge into the creative process to produce an interior theme that achieves the target goals and objectives. The choice and installation of different types of sanitary ware in the house can completely alter the theme and introduce a fresh appearance of the house.

Concept Design and Planning Considerations

This process involves a detailed, measured and photographic survey of the existing and proposed drawing to fit the ceramics at designated places. With the advanced technology today, 3D modeling has enabled interior design artists to develop models and illustrate to potential clients before actual installation is done.

Matching the Home Finish with the Design of Sanitary Wares

 The sanitary wares are important part of our daily lives and are part and parcel of the home. When they are selected well they can effectively enhance the look and value of the home as well as adding to the comfort. These wares come in different designs, colors and styles and they add to the luxury of the home.

Sourcing and Transport Considerations of Ceramic Wares

Sanitary and ceramic wares are delicate installations that require proper handling during installation. It is important to ensure factory certification before purchase. The appearance of the product should be smooth and beautiful, absent of cracks, smooth edges, and with a consistent tone.

Due to the brittle and delicate nature of these wares, extreme caution must be exercised in handling. Proper wrapping of the ceramic wash basins, water closets and ceramic sinks helps in retaining the smooth edges and the beauty of the product.

ceramic sanitary wares

Ceramic Installation Procedures

Installation is done only after completion of the plumbing, drainage, floor, tiles and room doors. The water closet is fixed with proper alignment with the inlet and the outlet piping system. This is important as it prevents future problems of leakages and avoidable breakages. Where necessary, holes are fixed onto the floor or wall for proper fixing of the screws that will eventually mount the ceramic wash basin.

It is important that the W.C connector rubber seal is correctly located on the rim of the connector. In attachments of wash basins it is crucial to incorporate the water proof seals, to ensure no leakages will ever happen.

The Bath Tub and Shower Tray

The tub /tray drain shall be well connected to the waste pipe using the appropriate waterproof adapter. The joints around the tub must also be sealed with a waterproof sealant. For the shower accessories, the cold and hot water points must be appropriately marked, fixed and then tiling done.

Kitchen Sinks and Washes Basins

They must be installed to the exact position a specified in the drawings to avoid any misalignments from occurring. The waste pipes shall also be well fixed to avoid potential leakage problems. The gap between the sink and marble must be well sealed to avoid problems of dirty water clogging the lines in due course.

Significance of Water Closet Designs in Modern Life

Aone House serves the consumers for extreme sanitary requirements with ample designs and colors. They manufacture a range of ceramic gadgets for toilet and export to different countries. Their products are known for variable patterns, designs, quality, international standards and durability. Consumers can find ceramic sanitary products available in modern and convenient designs at wholesale pricing. Their products range includes Wall hung water closet, Twyford WC, Bidet Water closet, Irani and Italian s/p toilets, Orissa toilet pans, Modern sticker series, pedestal and hand craft design wash basins, etc. Further more information about water closet designs, visit –

Significance of Water Closet Designs in Modern Life

Enhance the Value of Real Estates and Other Building Using Executive Italian S – Trap and P – Trap Water Closet Suites

Italian water closets have a reputation of being high class executive water closets for both commercial and domestic use. These closets are well designed to form very elegant and efficient sanitary ware.

Differences between Italian S-Trap and P-Trap Water Closet Suites and Their Applications

Water closets are either S trap or P trap. These two features trap a small amount of water to prevent the backflow of sewage gases into the water cosset and finally back to the room creating a bad odor and allowing bacterial into the room.

Traditionally, most toilets were the S type.  Italian S trap water Closet has an S shaped plumb fitting just below the water closets.  This plumb fitting traps water in the S shape after much of the water has gone down the drain. This water acts as a sealant and prevents flow of sewage gases back to the closet. Due to its S shape, this design creates a siphoning effect which sometimes drains all the water in the S trap. Thus S trap toilets are being replaced by P trap which does not have siphoning effects.


P trap toilets have a U shaped plumb fitting followed by a 90 degree bend. The two fittings create a P shaped structure just below the water closest. The P shaped has been carefully engineered to prevent the siphoning effects and the water trapped is permanently there. Most S traps are currently being replaced with P trap.

Innovative features of Italian P-trap water closet suites

Italian P closets come in different sizes, designs and shape. On characteristic features is that the flashing unit is attached on top of the basin making it easy to use and install. These toilets also come with a hygiene guarantee making them very safe to use.

Italian P trap water closets have many innovative features that enhance their functionality and aesthetic appeal. These ceramic casting for these closets have good dimensional stability creating high aesthetic closets suitable for executive sanitary ware.

Other designs of these cosset uses a small space and are manufactured so as to match with most of the toilet space in buildings.  Ergonomic aspects in these closets have been introduced so as to ensure that they are comfortable and easy to use.


Why buy Italian P-trap water closet suites 

The Italian water closets have many innovative features, simple design, elegance, and are manufactured to suit customer’s requirements. This makes them ideal for both domestic houses as well as commercial buildings.

Demand and market trends

The many designs in the water closest market create a very competitive environment for Italian suites and other brands.  Though the demand for water closet is projected to increase, the Italian water closet can capture a larger share of high end sanitary ware market.


Italian water closets have many functional features and high aesthetic appeal.  P trap closets are rapidly replacing S trap as there are more effective in preventing sewer gases from escaping into the closet.  These closets are ideal for both domestic and executive sanitary ware.

The Significant Beautification Aspects Possible from Water Closet Designs

The Importance of Choosing Water Closet Design for your Residence

Modern construction methods add beautification aspects in living space by giving preference to stylish domestic accessories and designing toilet space plays an important role. With internet exposure, the expectation for renovating home needs has increased a lot. People get inspired by international standards and try to bring the same for their homes. Wash room is not an exception from that. In recent days, with the inception of designer ceramic sanitary wares consumers pay more attention to select modern patterns of water closets, bathing tubs, washing bowels and more ceramic sanitary components. Water closets are available in various forms and sizes and can be selected based on the space available. Moreover, consumers also choose toilet designs in such a way that they get convenient usage even in limited space. Aone House is one of the leading ceramic sanitary ware manufacturing companies which focus on designing wash room components over international standards. One can get variety of water closet designs from this manufacturer and convert their private area to hygienic space.

aonehouse3What are the Possible Ways to Beautify with Water Closets?

Water closets are ceramic sanitary components for daily usage. Though it is used for excretion purpose, maintaining its sanity stays a significant factor to provide hygiene inside the living space. However, in recent days innovative models are introduced in terms of blending different country designs. Similarly, Aone House has surfeit of sanitary ceramic components with which consumers can transform their wash rooms to luxurious ones. Moreover, they have ceramic toilet designs on different sizes and models. Hence, consumers can select many designs pertaining to their convenience and budgets and at the same time find a complete solution to give a neat look to their private areas. For example,

  • Orissa Pan 20 water closet is the simplest model available from Aonehouse. This model is suitable for moderate budget and stays easy to maintain.
  • Italian s-trap and p-strap water closet models are ultimate solution for beautifying your wash room with floor and wall connection respectively. Consumers can stay free from the worries of water consumption and feel the ease of maintenance.
  •  Irani design water closet is little exclusive from western model which remains economic option to control unnecessary quantity of water flushed out.
  • Designer sanitary components are also available at moderate prices. Modern Hand wash bowls with floral designs can match the décor needs perfectly.

Find the Best Sanitary Components from Aone House

Aone House serves the consumers for extreme sanitary requirements with ample designs and colours. They manufacture a range of ceramic gadgets for toilet and export to different countries. Their products are known for variable patterns, designs, quality, international standards and durability. Consumers can find ceramic sanitary products available in modern and convenient designs at wholesale pricing. Their products range includes,

  • Wall hung water closet
  • Twyford WC
  • Bidet Water closet
  • Irani and Italian s/p toilets
  • Orissa toilet pans
  • Modern sticker series, pedestal and hand craft design wash basins, etc.

The wonderful aspect of transforming your washrooms into modern amenities stays over the selection of sanitary components. Ceramic material is a perfect choice for sanitary ware products as both hygiene and modernity can be maintained easily.

How to Select Best Water Closets for Your Home/Office?

water closetsThe water closet is basically a hygienic house hold fitting that allows human waste to be kept away from the bathing areas. It was invented in America in the 1850’s by Charles Neff and Robert frame. They developed the modern day siphon flushing system. This invention has contributed greatly to the development of hygiene and sanitary facilities in homes, schools and even for public amenities. Two main categories of water closets are identified and these are the squatting closets (while using it you adopt a squatting position) and the sitting closets are used while seated.

Qualities of a Good Water Closet

While determining the type and design of the water closet to use, it is important to keep in mind that whatever you install, you might have to use it for the next 20 or more years, therefore quality should be a top priority.

  • It is critical to make a good budget for something that will never irritate you. A powerful flash is one of the key considerations and you should be ready to spend from $ 150 to $ 600 for a good flushing system. You may also look for a pressure assisted model for better flush quality.

  • Along with the power of the flush, is the water conservation. Poor flush wastes time as well as water because you will have to wait for it to fill up again to clear up the waste.

  • The quality of the glazing matters a lot because slight abrasiveness/corrosion will prevent the smooth flow of waste as well as become difficult to clean. This may lead to accumulation of waste and development of harmful bacteria’s such as Escecheria coli.

  • Design. Since the closet is for everyday use, an attractive and appealing design is important for your house to look great and appealing.

Designs of Quality Water Closets

The Orissa pan 20’’ water closet is a wonderful squatting design built with a foot rest design. It is easy to clean as well as abrasion resistant. Other innovative designs include the Italian S trap, Italian P trap design and the Irani water closet. These are largely sitting position designs manufactured to high quality and may come in a wide variety of colors to suit your home décor. The wall mounted designs of the water closet have enabled easier cleaning procedures especially underneath the system thereby improved sanitation. The bidet design water closet has seat covers included to enhance sanitation as well as a mechanism for regulating the flow of water for water conservation and efficiency.

Where to Find Quality Water Closetswater closet sanitary ware

For quality products, conduct a thorough search where after sales services are available as well as installation. India,, are some of the best places to get quality water closets. Get the best sanitaryware, here at –


Water closets are important items in the house and some considerations to make before purchasing include the flushing power, ability to clean, water savings and the individual preferences. There are various designs of the sitting closets and squatting closets such as the bidet designs, Twy ford designs, and the S trap and P trap designs. Quality water closets can be found online where delivery and installation can be arranged with the supplier.

Increasing Popularity of Western Style Italian Water Closets over Traditional Pan Models

According to the definition a water closet is a room with a toilet. But now its abbreviation form ‘WC’ (water closet) is used very frequently. In the industries manufacturing sanitary ware the term ‘WC’ is used for toilets.

Tomas Crapper first invented a water closet. Flushing mechanism is used to flush the waste via a drain pipe. A flushing toilet was invented way back in 1798. There are two types of toilets, the western–style toilet for sitting and the Asian–style toilet to squat.

European or Western Water Closet is well-designed sit down toilet. This kind of space-efficient toilet consists of a seat & its cover as well as a flush tank attached to it. The seat cover needs to be shut while flushing after usage.

The variety of designs in traditional style of pan models is limited. They have standard designs as compared to the designs of the modern water closets. The pan shape is quite customary and these are often used in places which are traditional and where modern chic designs will look out of place.

The western style Italian water closets are very popular today as these come in a range of designs, colours, styles and decorations. The price range varies according to the model.

The toilet seats have unique designs and shapes with beautiful colours. The expensive range of Italian water closets have seats made of polypropylene which does not stain, or break and the colour does not fade. These are popular since it is very easy to clean them. The soft-close seats do not make a slamming noise while closing.

With a wide range of designs available in western style water closets consumers are really pampered. The  bathroom may be big or small, one can find toilet seats and pots that fit every kind of bathroom space. The eco friendly water closets use less water which in turn saves energy, money and the natural resource, water.

Different types of toilets available are:

Wall Faced Toilets – These are smooth and slick in design with the flush mounted against the wall. As they are easy to clean and maintain, these are very popular.

Connector Toilets – In these the pan is separate from the cistern and a pipe joins them together.

Close Coupled Toilets – These have the look of all-in-one because the cistern is joined to the pan. There is a gap between the pan and the wall, so dust gathers in the space and cleaning becomes a tough job. For more details on water closets, visit –

In most of these western style water closets the flushing device is such that very little noise is produced during flushing. Some pans are coated with Teflon so the pots do not stain and cleaning them is very easy.

The ceramic cisterns give a fancy look to the toilet. They are more durable than the plastic cisterns.

In a bathroom toilets are the most frequently used item so care must be taken while selecting a water closet. Italian style water closets with their neat styles are hygienic and easy to retain.

The s-trap and p-trap water closets are very popular.


The lavish designs of the Italian style water closets are very popular as they give a luxurious look to the bathroom. Initially these are expensive but over the time you spend less money over their maintenance as compared with traditional pan toilets.

European Water Closets (E.W.C) – Great Combination of Authentic Layouts, Heterogeneous Designs & Complex Ergonomics


Fixtures and fittings in a rest room consist of sanitary ware as known by many; nonetheless, the term is wide and can cover other components of the rest room. Higher living standards require subsequent high quality and modern sanitary ware. Designers of the sanitation equipments have come forth with different elegant models to suit the consumer’s needs. Sleek designs, trendy styles and stylish patterns are the current basis of sanitary designs. Installation of modern sanitary ware changes the outlook of the rest room as it covers space and brings a different dimension to the room. Enhancing the look of the bathroom is vital for comfort and elegance of the bathroom.

Merits of European water closets

There are several designs of sanitary ware including Indian, western and European models. Some of the famous Indian models include rustic Orissa pans and Milano squat toilet pan. The designers of the toilets bring them in different colors and a wide range of shapes. Ceramic sanitary wares are the most popular in the current world due to their comfort and style. Installing the ceramic sanitary ware in the bathroom gives it a classy and modern look as the designers give a good finish of the equipment. Many people fear using designer sanitary ware due to a misconception of their high price, on the contrary, this is not true as there new and affordable sanitary ware. The best way to maximize space, increase style statement on the bathroom decor is by using the European water closets. Many people consider adopting European toilets due to their safety and ease of use. Click here to know more benefits of European water closets.

Types of water closets

Water closets or flush toilets as known by many have proved to have a cognizable achievement in sanitary services especially to the aged or disabled people. The comfort the closets have makes them a preferred choice over other squat toilets. The arrival of the flush toilets revolutionized sanitation of humans in history; they are a continuation of an invention that occurred several years ago. Orissa pan 20 for example is one of the types of modern sanitary ware. There are other types depending on the designer and they include Italian s-strap water closet, Irani water closet, Italian p-strap, wall hung water closet, Twyford EWC and bidet water closet. The design, shape and sizes of the water closets differ considerably and the customers choose with the help of the designer one that will suit their bathrooms. The bathroom size and the type of design chosen will determine the level of decor the room will have. Top ceramics currently undergo usage in the manufacture of the sanitary ware. Installation dimensions are the most crucial in designing, as the flange and water supply require space. European water closet still receive most compliments for their design, ease of use and comfort-ability. They utilize a wash down flushing system where water inside is forced to flow out trough rim of the bowl. This gives it limited chances of clogging as compared to the American designs. Regular cleaning is required to increase the functional capability of the bathroom.


In summary, the shape and design of the water closet determines its type. The sanitary condition of the washroom requires constant monitoring and cleaning. The European sanitary ware gives comfort and decor to the bathroom hence the most preferred type.