The Ultimate Buyers Guide to Great and Comfort Bathrooms

Bathroom accessories are crucial for the bathroom as they help in making a style statement as well as for practical uses. The additional extras in space go a long way into ensuring that the bathroom functions correctly. The bathroom accessories also give attention to detail and enhance the overall design of the house. There is a wide range of bathroom accessories available in the market and they can be tailor made to your own needs without too much financial expenditure. Some of these accessories include;

Robe Hook

This is an important part of bathroom hardware and can be installed in various styles and designs. The designs range from double J styles, Multi robe styles, double, single and triple hook designs. The robe hook is manufactured with high quality material such as brushed nickel, with a smooth shiny finish that easily blends with the other accessories and the house theme.

Paper Holder

The paper holder is one of the important accessories that bring functionality and beauty to your bathroom. It allows us to store the toilet roll in a place close enough for the toilet user. The paper holder is available in the market in a wide range of fixed and movable styles in both vertical and horizontal orientation. You may also choose from traditional and modern styles that will match to your design needs.

Soap Dish

This accessory may be installed as wall mounted for best and easy usage. The product may be completely ceramic or made up of polished nickel as well. Some designs include the white marble soap dishes and basic models.

Ceramic shelf

This is also another important part of the bathroom; the ceramic shelf is good for contemporary designs but can also be made of different colours to suit other themes. It can be installed as a corner shelf for best space utilization. The best ceramic shelves have a white glossy finish that is always great for the house.

Towel Rail Bracket

Amazing designs are available for the towel rail brackets. These come as chrome plated rail brackets which can be used for both flat and curved towel rails. In some cases the towel rail brackets are adjustable, allowing you to alter the distance from the wall to the front of the rail. The attachment to the wall is made firm through special attachment techniques making them also long-lasting.


The p trap is an important part of every bathroom and sink in the house plumbing. It traps debris and physical dirt from the sink to prevent them from clogging the plumbing line further down. It also stops the sewer gases from flowing backwards to release a bad smell to the house. The p trap under the sink is designed to be easily unscrewed off and unblocked. It is also made with nickel plated metal to create a nice looking fixture for the home.


The functions of the s trap are similar to the p trap in preventing return of gases to the house after flushing the system with water. With these sanitary bathroom accessories, you are able to meet all the required hygiene standards as well as create great value and comfort to the home.