Enhance the Value of Real Estates and Other Building Using Executive Italian S – Trap and P – Trap Water Closet Suites

Italian water closets have a reputation of being high class executive water closets for both commercial and domestic use. These closets are well designed to form very elegant and efficient sanitary ware.

Differences between Italian S-Trap and P-Trap Water Closet Suites and Their Applications

Water closets are either S trap or P trap. These two features trap a small amount of water to prevent the backflow of sewage gases into the water cosset and finally back to the room creating a bad odor and allowing bacterial into the room.

Traditionally, most toilets were the S type.  Italian S trap water Closet has an S shaped plumb fitting just below the water closets.  This plumb fitting traps water in the S shape after much of the water has gone down the drain. This water acts as a sealant and prevents flow of sewage gases back to the closet. Due to its S shape, this design creates a siphoning effect which sometimes drains all the water in the S trap. Thus S trap toilets are being replaced by P trap which does not have siphoning effects.


P trap toilets have a U shaped plumb fitting followed by a 90 degree bend. The two fittings create a P shaped structure just below the water closest. The P shaped has been carefully engineered to prevent the siphoning effects and the water trapped is permanently there. Most S traps are currently being replaced with P trap.

Innovative features of Italian P-trap water closet suites

Italian P closets come in different sizes, designs and shape. On characteristic features is that the flashing unit is attached on top of the basin making it easy to use and install. These toilets also come with a hygiene guarantee making them very safe to use.

Italian P trap water closets have many innovative features that enhance their functionality and aesthetic appeal. These ceramic casting for these closets have good dimensional stability creating high aesthetic closets suitable for executive sanitary ware.

Other designs of these cosset uses a small space and are manufactured so as to match with most of the toilet space in buildings.  Ergonomic aspects in these closets have been introduced so as to ensure that they are comfortable and easy to use.


Why buy Italian P-trap water closet suites 

The Italian water closets have many innovative features, simple design, elegance, and are manufactured to suit customer’s requirements. This makes them ideal for both domestic houses as well as commercial buildings.

Demand and market trends

The many designs in the water closest market create a very competitive environment for Italian suites and other brands.  Though the demand for water closet is projected to increase, the Italian water closet can capture a larger share of high end sanitary ware market.


Italian water closets have many functional features and high aesthetic appeal.  P trap closets are rapidly replacing S trap as there are more effective in preventing sewer gases from escaping into the closet.  These closets are ideal for both domestic and executive sanitary ware.

Increasing Popularity of Western Style Italian Water Closets over Traditional Pan Models

According to the definition a water closet is a room with a toilet. But now its abbreviation form ‘WC’ (water closet) is used very frequently. In the industries manufacturing sanitary ware the term ‘WC’ is used for toilets.

Tomas Crapper first invented a water closet. Flushing mechanism is used to flush the waste via a drain pipe. A flushing toilet was invented way back in 1798. There are two types of toilets, the western–style toilet for sitting and the Asian–style toilet to squat.

The variety of designs in traditional style of pan models is limited. They have standard designs as compared to the designs of the modern water closets. The pan shape is quite customary and these are often used in places which are traditional and where modern chic designs will look out of place.

The western style Italian water closets are very popular today as these come in a range of designs, colours, styles and decorations. The price range varies according to the model.

The toilet seats have unique designs and shapes with beautiful colours. The expensive range of Italian water closets have seats made of polypropylene which does not stain, or break and the colour does not fade. These are popular since it is very easy to clean them. The soft-close seats do not make a slamming noise while closing.

With a wide range of designs available in western style water closets consumers are really pampered. The  bathroom may be big or small, one can find toilet seats and pots that fit every kind of bathroom space. The eco friendly water closets use less water which in turn saves energy, money and the natural resource, water.

Different types of toilets available are:

Wall Faced Toilets – These are smooth and slick in design with the flush mounted against the wall. As they are easy to clean and maintain, these are very popular.

Connector Toilets – In these the pan is separate from the cistern and a pipe joins them together.

Close Coupled Toilets – These have the look of all-in-one because the cistern is joined to the pan. There is a gap between the pan and the wall, so dust gathers in the space and cleaning becomes a tough job. For more details on water closets, visit – http://www.aonehouse.com/water_closets.html

In most of these western style water closets the flushing device is such that very little noise is produced during flushing. Some pans are coated with Teflon so the pots do not stain and cleaning them is very easy.

The ceramic cisterns give a fancy look to the toilet. They are more durable than the plastic cisterns.

In a bathroom toilets are the most frequently used item so care must be taken while selecting a water closet. Italian style water closets with their neat styles are hygienic and easy to retain.

The s-trap and p-trap water closets are very popular.


The lavish designs of the Italian style water closets are very popular as they give a luxurious look to the bathroom. Initially these are expensive but over the time you spend less money over their maintenance as compared with traditional pan toilets.

European Water Closets (E.W.C) – Great Combination of Authentic Layouts, Heterogeneous Designs & Complex Ergonomics


Fixtures and fittings in a rest room consist of sanitary ware as known by many; nonetheless, the term is wide and can cover other components of the rest room. Higher living standards require subsequent high quality and modern sanitary ware. Designers of the sanitation equipments have come forth with different elegant models to suit the consumer’s needs. Sleek designs, trendy styles and stylish patterns are the current basis of sanitary designs. Installation of modern sanitary ware changes the outlook of the rest room as it covers space and brings a different dimension to the room. Enhancing the look of the bathroom is vital for comfort and elegance of the bathroom.

Merits of European water closets

There are several designs of sanitary ware including Indian, western and European models. Some of the famous Indian models include rustic Orissa pans and Milano squat toilet pan. The designers of the toilets bring them in different colors and a wide range of shapes. Ceramic sanitary wares are the most popular in the current world due to their comfort and style. Installing the ceramic sanitary ware in the bathroom gives it a classy and modern look as the designers give a good finish of the equipment. Many people fear using designer sanitary ware due to a misconception of their high price, on the contrary, this is not true as there new and affordable sanitary ware. The best way to maximize space, increase style statement on the bathroom decor is by using the European water closets. Many people consider adopting European toilets due to their safety and ease of use. Click here to know more benefits of European water closets.

Types of water closets

Water closets or flush toilets as known by many have proved to have a cognizable achievement in sanitary services especially to the aged or disabled people. The comfort the closets have makes them a preferred choice over other squat toilets. The arrival of the flush toilets revolutionized sanitation of humans in history; they are a continuation of an invention that occurred several years ago. Orissa pan 20 for example is one of the types of modern sanitary ware. There are other types depending on the designer and they include Italian s-strap water closet, Irani water closet, Italian p-strap, wall hung water closet, Twyford EWC and bidet water closet. The design, shape and sizes of the water closets differ considerably and the customers choose with the help of the designer one that will suit their bathrooms. The bathroom size and the type of design chosen will determine the level of decor the room will have. Top ceramics currently undergo usage in the manufacture of the sanitary ware. Installation dimensions are the most crucial in designing, as the flange and water supply require space. European water closet still receive most compliments for their design, ease of use and comfort-ability. They utilize a wash down flushing system where water inside is forced to flow out trough rim of the bowl. This gives it limited chances of clogging as compared to the American designs. Regular cleaning is required to increase the functional capability of the bathroom.


In summary, the shape and design of the water closet determines its type. The sanitary condition of the washroom requires constant monitoring and cleaning. The European sanitary ware gives comfort and decor to the bathroom hence the most preferred type.

Sanitary Ware Items – Water Closets, Bathroom Accessories, Wash Basins and More

e.w.c.-p-water-closet1 e.w.c.s-water-closet1
To start your day with peace all you need is the beautifully designed and systematic bathroom where you can spend your time with satisfaction. To get a classy bathroom as a part of your house, you need to décor it with ceramic sanitarywares which can also suit your budget. There are many sanitaryware suppliers in India, who can provide high quality ceramic sanitaryware at affordable prices. So, now you can even think of redesigning your bathroom and change its entire look.You can also purchase high quality sanitaryware items online with a wide variety of bathroom accessories which are durable and reliable. If you are thinking of giving a makeover to your bathroom to give an absolutely new look then you can buy high quality sanitaryware which comes with guarantee. While designing a dream house, one must design and spend quality time to plan for bathroom too. You have to definitely spend little time to choose on the best products for your bathroom designs. For designing bathroom mainly you need to get a wash basin and a water closet for it. You will find wide range of ceramic wash basins and water closets of best quality. Now, people prefer more cleanliness and so they used to prefer ceramic sanitaryware products for their bathroom, as ceramic sanitaryware is easy to clean and gives a stunning look to a bathroom.For designing a bathroom you need to choose perfect sanitaryware according to your available area in bathroom where you can keep your extra bathroom accessories including towels, creams, shower gels and more. To select suitable sanitary ware for your wash rooms, you can check online where you can find designer and stylish sanitary ware which can help you in designing your bathroom in contemporary style. To add both ease and fashion you need to buy good quality sanitary ware items. Wide range of water closets made of better-quality of ceramic are available in the market. The stylish design and eye-catching colors of water closets improve the attractiveness of your bathroom. You will find different kinds of water closets including European water closet, Indian water closet, Italian water closets, Irani water closets, bidet water closets, Burma water closets etc.

Whether you need to redesign your bathroom or to plan a new one, you can find solution with well-known brands in sanitary ware designed by professional designers to give a classy look to your bathroom. You will find all your sanitary needs in style with different designs. The vibrant blend of high class sanitaryware with innovative technologies can make your bathroom eye-catching. Whether you are in kitchen or in your bathroom every moment of your valuable time spent there should be full of comfort. Find wide range with modern as well as traditional sanitaryware collection to design your bath space and select the sanitaryware as per your choice.

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Designer Ceramic Sanitary Ware – To Build Bathroom of Your Dreams

There are various important activities like bathing, washing and excretion which need to be carried out in a bathroom. All these activities need to be done properly in order to prepare you for your rest of the day. Thus, it becomes very much important to have a comfortable bathroom with modern facilities so that you can complete your tasks quickly and comfortably. When it comes to selecting designer ceramic sanitary ware for your bathroom, there are many things to consider like comfort, hygiene, durability, size, shape etc., so that it suits to your requirement and space of your bathroom.

Your dream bathroom can be the combination of different sanitary ware which can be used as briefed below:-

Ceramic Water Closets

Basically there are two types of closets, squat closet and European style closet. There are advantages and disadvantages of using both of them. People have their own preferences while selecting a water closet. Some prefer ceramic Indian water closet whereas, some prefer European style water closet. Most of the people nowadays use European water closet due to its comfort but using squat water closet has its own health benefits. The technologies like jet washers and eco washers have added extra comfort to European style water closets and so majority of people use either European water closet S trap or European water closet P trap.

Ceramic Wash Basins

There is a wide variety of ceramic wash basins available in the market of different designs like handcrafted wash basins, sticker wash basins and rustic wash basins. You can select the wash basin suiting to the theme and overall colour of the walls and furniture of your bathroom. If you want to give a traditional look to your bathroom, then you can select a handcrafted wash basin and if you need to give a modern look to your bathroom, you can select a rustic style wash basin with pedestal which will add an extra glory to your bathroom.


If you are designing wash rooms in a shopping mall, then you may require buying urinals for gents bathroom as they occupy less space and can accommodate several people at the same time. A wide range of ceramic urinals of different designs are provided by sanitary ware manufacturers in India and you can select amongst them as per your requirements and preferences.

Bathroom Accessories

While designing a bathroom of your dreams, you also need to consider bathroom accessories carefully like soap dish, tissue paper holder, towel rack, shelf etc. as per the overall design of your bathroom.

There are other things also like ceramic building materials, plumbing materials, hardware materials etc., which you need to choose carefully while designing your dream bathroom. Just select a ceramic sanitary ware provider, offering only best quality sanitary ware of international standards so that your bathroom is not only aesthetically beautiful but is also durable and long lasting. If the ceramic sanitary ware you use is attractive but not of good quality, many accidents can occur in a bathroom which can be dangerous for you and your family both. Thus, select only the best Ceramic sanitary ware manufacturer in Gujarat, India and that is Aone House.

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Why to Select European Water Closet While Designing a Modern Bathroom?

A water closet is an essential requirement of every bathroom. It is an important fixture installed in bathroom for disposal of human waste. Maintaining hygiene is very easy with modern water closets which are available with extra features like jet washers, flush valves etc.  The water closets today come in different styles, colors and sizes and therefore can be installed in bathrooms as per specific requirements. There are the three basic styles of closets available in market – squatting Indian style water closets, pedestal European water closets and anglo-Indian closets which combine the features of both pedestal and squatting closets. However the demand for European closets is a bit higher than the others.

A European water closet is a kind of flush toilet which resembles a chair. This is a chair like fixture which is comfortable to use and also appears elegant when installed in a bathroom.

A contemporary bathroom with stylish and sophisticated fixtures is what everyone desires in their home. If you are looking for the same and going for a bathroom redesign in your existing home, then European style water closet can be the best choice for below reasons.


You can get European closets in different material makes but ceramic designs are preferred because of their stylish finish, design variance and durability. Unlike other forms ceramic water closets are easy to clean and have very smooth finished surfaces. The ceramic water closets like the ones made of porcelain are more resistant to bacterial build up as compared to those made of other materials. This bacteria resistance feature is very important characteristic for a fixture especially like closet which is installed in the bathroom, the area where germs can run a real rampant. You can get a ceramic European water closet in different colors and therefore can find easily one which can well match the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Smell Sealing with Integral Traps

The modern European closets come with integral traps in them and therefore help in sealing up of the foul gases which otherwise can spread out in living areas and cause inconvenience to the residents. This is just not a problem with these European style flush closets which are incorporated with either an S or P shaped bend in them. These bends are called traps. Traps are important components of every closet and are installed either below or usually within a closet plumbing fixture to prevent sewer gases from entering our living areas. These traps retain a small amount of water and therefore create a water seal in the toilet bowl to stop foul gases spread out. Therefore a European water closet S-trap or P-trap can be choice for your bathroom.

Better Space Availability in Bathroom

You can get a European closet best to suit your bathroom size and space availability. If your bathroom is pretty small and space is your prime necessity, go for wall mounted models. The wall mounting water closets are more convenient for operation. Cleaning the bathroom floor is pretty easy and you can maintain the toilet space very neat and clean always with such installations. On the other hand for larger bathrooms floor mounted models with either open rim or box rim can go well for aesthetic look and easy use in bathroom.

Better Hygiene

European flush style water closets are available in models with easy and efficient flushing features and therefore can be ideal choice for your new bathroom for better hygiene. These are available in two styles – open rim and box rim models. The box rim closets are usually available with glazing in the inner parts of the rim and much better flushing capability than the open rim models. These are a better choice with regard to cleanliness and hygiene factors as compared to the open rim models.

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Ceramic Sanitaryware Used in New Zealand

New Zealand is a prosperous and highly developed country situated in south western Pacific Ocean. With population of around 4.4 million, this is a predominantly urban country with majority of its inhabitants situated in cities or urban areas. The market for sanitary wares in New Zealand has got huge potential with increasing number of people showing interest in purchase of high end stylish sanitary wares. The standard of living of people in New Zealand is high and thanks to the high disposable incomes which have created a demand for luxurious and posh housing facilities in the country. Today it’s the trend of luxury and style. Everyone wants to live in homes facilitated with modern and stylish facilities in which bathroom is no where an exception.

Ceramic Sanitaryware

Bathroom is one of the most important spaces in home. After all it is the place where one can get the best privacy for themselves to unwind from all the stress of outer world. The interior look of a bathroom is greatly dependent on the type of fixtures and plumbings installed in it. Therefore most of the home makers today prefer to buy stylish fixtures to decorate their bathrooms to the choicest of their requirements.

Ceramic Sanitaryware

Ceramic is the latest trend in sanitary ware in New Zealand. With stylish designs and elegant finishing ceramic sanitary wares look really awesome and have the capability to uplift the look of almost any kind of bathroom whether large or small. They can be found in a plethora of designs, shapes, sizes and colors and therefore can be selected as per choicest requirements to add a new dimension to bathroom. Ceramic sanitarywares in New Zealand have gained a touch of designs. The beautifully woven hand crafted designs on the polished surfaces of porcelain ceramic sanitary wares make these fixtures stand out from the rest. Unlike ordinary ceramic fixtures, these designer sanitarywares have a unique bright look which can be eye captivating and look brilliant when matched with right design of the bathroom. It’s not only the designs, which make these designer sanitary wares so popular. The technology incorporated in these stylish bathroom fixtures is also excellent. For example the modern ceramic sanitary wares found in New Zealand market today are advanced products enabled with water saving, space saving and user friendly features offering maximum value for money to the customers. Style and convenience is what home makers can get by installation of these posh high end fixtures in their bathrooms.

Followed by Maori, today majority of population in New Zealand is of European descent. The choice of this European population when it comes to sanitarywares is majorly the European style ceramic sanitary wares which include chair like European water closets, urinals, wash basins and other bathroom accessories. The European ceramic fixtures especially the water closets are very comfortable in operation and provide the users the best value for their money with long lasting performance. These are compact fixtures which are designed to save space in a bathroom area. With shrinking land availability and space becoming a major concern in houses of modern cities in New Zealand, these compact fixtures are becoming the choice of people looking to make best of their home space.

So all-in-all it’s the stylish ceramic sanitary ware which is becoming quite popular among local residents in New Zealand. Increasing number of home renovations owing to the thriving living standards and rising awareness about the high end sanitation facilities are further fueling this demand for ceramic sanitary wares in New Zealand which is unexpected to come down in few coming years from now.

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Ceramic Sanitary Ware Trends in Europe

Europe is considered to be the largest sanitary ware market in the world bigger than even US, China and Japan. Both the vast size of population and large economy of the continent are the reasons for this predominance. As the disposable incomes and construction output in the country is expected to rise in few coming years, the demand for sanitary wares Europe is also on the verge of increase. The much of this demand comes from the Central and East European countries where a lot of residential projects have taken up in last two years. The day by day rising construction sector with various activities of new constructions, maintenance and renovation projects going in countries is driving up the market for sanitarywares in European countries.

Sanitation is primary requirement in both residential as well non-residential structures. Therefore European sanitary ware manufactures are now producing products which can fulfill the requirements of sanitation in both residential as well as commercial/non residential sectors.

The market for sanitarywares Europe is widely divided into three major categories – plastic sanitary ware, ceramic sanitary wares and other metal and steel sanitary wares. According to survey conducted by one of research institutes in Europe, it’s plastic sanitarywares like baths, shower trays and urinals which account for the highest consumption in European countries. Following the plastics is the ceramic sanitary ware market, which is growing up on a large basis now in Europe. While plastics and ceramic sanitarywares are the choice of residential sectors, the iron and steel products are a demand in public sectors for installments in areas like public toilets, trains etc.

Ceramic Sanitary Ware West Europe

The standard of living of people in West European countries like UK, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium etc has increased rapidly in a past few years. More and more people are now going for renovation of their homes so as to recreate their ventures into comfortable and lavish dwelling homes. The sanitary ware in West Europe is mainly applied in the renovation and maintenance of residential buildings. As a result there is good demand for stylish ceramic sanitary wares in Europe which are available in stylish hand crafted designs and custom colors, shapes and sizes. The ceramic sanitary ware suppliers here are offering a wide variety of sanitation products but the choice of the modern society in these European countries is now becoming the elegant colors like gray, white and black. The Twyford sanitary wares are best selling sanitation in these countries today. These are highly elegant and sophisticated fixtures available in innovative and high end designs.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares Central and East Europe

Much of the demand for ceramic sanitary ware products in Europe is due to the high rate of consumption from the countries belonging to the central and east part of the continent including Serbia, Montenegro, Germany, Romania etc. The new residential constructions which are accounting to nearly 40% followed by the renovation and maintenance of residential buildings are primary cause of demand of sanitary wares in these CEE countries. Ceramic fixtures are now being preferred over plastics. Some of the posh sanitation fixtures that are in good demand in these countries include designer wash basins, hand crafted ceramic wash basins, European ceramic water closets and designer bathroom accessories.

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Sanitary Ware by Aone House – A Leading Exporter of Designer Ceramic Sanitaryware in India

At Aone house, we have a range of pedestal washbasins, classic collection of wall mounting basins & other ancillary items like soap dishes. As a leading exporter of designer sanitary ware in India, we have products to give you utmost satisfaction with a wide range of variety. Besides we supply different kinds of sanitary ware products like water closets, urinals and toilets etc. The quality we keep is high and the prices are favorable. There is a wide acceptance of designer ceramic sanitary ware because the they have many advantages over the others. Besides the other advantages, they are highly economical. The ceramic sanitary wares always give a luxurious look to the wash room, plus they are very easy to maintain. They prove extremely durable and the maintenance cost is also low as compared to the other counter parts. The raw material used in making ceramic sanitary ware makes it more reliable as well as durable. The ceramic pedestal wash basins are counted as the most prestigious, classy and stylish. The variety in wash basins is great.

The ceramic water closets are also available in a wide variety and each one is better than the other. The ceramic sanitary wares are used for sanitation purposes ranging from washbasins, closets, urinals, sinks, and baths to hoppers. Ceramic sanitary ware is resistant to weathering, chemical erosion, it possess mechanical strength and is resistant to abrasion. It is preferred over other types of materials as far as sanitary ware is concerned. It has a long life, is easy to clean and maintain, and also, does not lose its shine and sparkle even after years of use. The demand for ceramic sanitary ware is increasing day by day. Sanitary ware is an essential and integral part of any  building, be it construction in areas like housing, educational and research institutions, hospitals, industries, hotels and restaurants, cinemas and other public places.  And ceramic sanitary wares are definitely the best choice because they are economical, easy-to-clean, have a longer life and are available in pleasing colours.

The demand of ceramic sanitary wares is increasing day by day in rural and urban areas due to increased construction activities and changing sanitation habits. The non-plastic raw materials like quartz, feldspar and some clay are crushed and ground to required fineness. They are unloaded in an agitator where more clay is added as per composition. The slip is screened, magnetized and kept in an agitating tank with addition of required flocculants. The wares are cast in plaster moulds. The wares are dried and finished and are kept on open racks for drying. The dried wares are tested for cracks and then applied glaze by spraying. It is then loaded in the kilns for firing at a temperature of about 1260 degrees C. After firing they are sorted out and packed for sale.

Lack of proper sanitation poses the greatest risk to health. It is the most important priority for humans. Unsanitary excreta disposal, poor personal and domestic hygiene are greatest risks to human health and hygiene. For any social and economic development, adequate sanitation in conjunction with good hygiene and safe water are essential to good health.

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Extraordinary Designer Sanitary Wares for Modern Bathrooms

Bathrooms must be functional as well a place to relax and rejuvenate. When you are planning a new bathroom or even redoing one, you must decide what type of a bathroom you require and where to site it. These days, there are such exclusive sanitary wares available for planning a bathroom, ranging from the minimum basic to the most coveted personal styles which make your imagination and creativity run a riot. Bathrooms are now so much more than just a space in which to wash…..they are a focal point of the twenty-first century home……..a place where style matters, designer-ware labels are to be found and cutting-edge technology is in action. What is more, they now concentrate just on caring for and conditioning the inner self as well as the outer self.

Most modern homes have more than one bathroom. The most desirable configuration is one with a quick and efficient cleanse in the morning, and a separate, larger and a more indulgent room with a bath and enough space to pamper oneself, relax and unwind. Yet bathrooms are still, basically, utilitarian spaces that have a unique mix of demands, technological requirements and safety standards. Bathrooms being wet places need careful planning, budgeting, co-ordinating and above all, expert installation so that they function efficiently, utilize hi-tech developments effectively and still manage to look effortlessly inviting. A bathroom needs to be a place that operates smoothly and efficiently as well as being somewhere that is safe and relaxing. In a small bathroom keep the number of different items you include to a minimum and opt for smaller rather than grand-scale choices. In a large bathroom, you can afford a more generously sized bath and a basin with a surround, but align them carefully so that it is still easy to move around. It is not only the floor space that needs to be analyzed but also the relationship between the items…..the most important being the sanitary ware.

These considerations are most important for any bathroom to be effective. What you require in the way of bathroom and decorative ceramic sanitary ware in it will vary according to the composition of your household and the configuration of your home. The needs of a family with babies and toddlers or of one with elderly people are different from those of a childless, professional couple. Bathrooms  don’t  need to have all their amenities in a single room; you can take some out, or install additional amenities in solo spaces….for example you can install a beautiful and functional pedestal wash basin in a space. This not only takes pressure off the main bathroom at busy times of the day, but also means that you can add new or more up-to-date amenities by still keeping a fully functioning main bathroom. Another advantage of placing the right kind of sanitary equipment like a wash basin or a European style water closet in the solo space is that the décor and installation can be specific to the task. Solo spaces can also have a more focused and concentrated feeling because the space is dedicated to a specific function.

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