Designer Ceramic Wash Basins Presented by Aone House

May 23, 2013,

Surendranagar, Gujarat, India

A wash basin is a kind of a plumbing fixture that is bowl-shaped and it is used in hand washing, washing of dishes and washing of the face too. There are big ones too used in bathing. These are mostly found in the bedroom. The wash basins can be found in almost modernized homes with more than one bedroom. In itself, a wash basin adds the social status of the homes. The purposes these structures serve are diverse and different likewise to their sizes, shapes and design. Some people prefer when their wash basins are in the toilets, others in the bathroom or for others, just in the general hallway. In considering what type to buy, Aone House – A leading name in Sanitary ware manufacturer in Guarat, India presenting the wide array of stylish & luxurious sanitarywares like wash basins, water closets, urinal and bathroom accessories with variety of designs, colors, size, shape and style that not only decorate your home but also improve the sanitation values in your life. Aone house suggesting few parameters, one must check before selecting any designer ceramic wash basin.

  • The type of the basin and whether it suits your expectations.
  • The cost of the basin.
  • The rate of flexibility.

Aone house offers the designer ceramic wash basin that covers all the aspects mentioned above.

Wash basins can be used of a number of dynamic ways. For one, if it is found within a bedroom, the wash basin, can be used as a means by which to add value to the bedroom. Secondly, a wash basin provides for much easier methods into activities such as washing of the face, washing of hands by guests in the house and washing and rinsing dishes accordingly. This is because, the wash basins are served with water through a water tap which makes it more convenient than the traditional method of using a jug and a basin manually to perform these tasks. Consequently, wash basins can be used in take baths peacefully without any interruptions. Among the bed-ridden people and the aged in the society, a wash basin is extremely essential to enable the paper be done. Finally, the basins provide convenience and ensure the safety of the child when bathing. At Aone House we take care of all above important features while designing the ceramic wash basin. Check varieties of sanitary wares at Aone House.

There are several types of wash basins that we offer at Aone House, which are in use today and designed to meet the customers’ needs. Besides, innovations are still being carried out to make more durable and comfortable basins. These types include:

  • Bowl basin: This is bowl-shaped and as expected this bowl is the most deepest in size.
  • Wall-hung wash basins: it is affixed to the wall and usually appear to be liked by many people. Depending on where it is hung, it can be most appropriate for children around the age of 5 years to use.
  • Pedestal basin: It is the most classic among all with style and grandeur exuded on it. However, it lacks adequate storage system.

So, when you decided to shop best quality of basin, what do you consider? This is the best question to ask. In this case, at Aone House we can help you better with variety of basins that can suit better your requirement. Aone House also have the online presence and store that shows multiple designs and style for your better selection. If you want to see some of the best styles and design visit at –

About Aone House

Aone House is a leading sanitary wares manufacturer in India offering high quality ceramic sanitary ware products to meet the residential as well as commercial sanitation requirements. The manufacturer designs sanitary ware products like ceramic wash basins, water closets and various bathroom accessories according to the best standards in the industry. A wide range of ceramic sanitary ware products in different designs, size, shapes and colors are provided at cost effective price at Aone House.

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Role of Sanitarywares in Designing Your Dream Home

Sanitary ware comprises all bathroom fixtures and fittings that can be plumbed in. Examples include showers, bidets and baths, WCs, bathroom basins, water basins water closets etc. Modern sanitary ware includes the luxury provided by steam showers whirlpools baths and saunas.

Sanitary ware is important parts of our day to day lives hence make a big part of our homes. They can be divided into two categories the first one being waste appliances which includes sanitary ware used for cleansing. This category includes appliances such as the water basins; bath tubs showers among others,

The second category comprises the waste disposal appliances used to dispose waste. Examples include water closets and the urinals.

Sanitary wares are made from plastic ceramics and sometimes stainless steel. As well as being smooth and therefore easy to clean these materials are also non-corrosive and non absorbent hence make for the best kind of material to use in making sanitary ware.

Role in Decorating Your Home

Sanitary ware such as water basins come in different designs colors and styles. Their patterns also differ. If selected correctly that is by ensuring that the colors chosen match the interiors of the home then they make for big decorating accessories for homes.

For example Water basins placed at the corner of the dining hall greatly improves the overall look of the dining hall as long as the size and the design of the water basin have been checked to ensure compatibility with the size of the dining hall.

Providing Exclusive Luxury To Your Living.

Sanitary ware designs are inspired from a number of themes ranging from traditional to modern country themes. Choosing stylish water basins for example and bathroom accessories such as robe hooks, paper holders’ towel trails which are available in a wide range of colors, style and design can help a great deal in improving your living and providing exclusive luxury in your living.

Improving your life standards with high sanitation values.

Sanitary ware such as water closets and water basins installed areas such as bathrooms. A bathroom is a personal space therefore requires keen careful attention. Apart from providing sanitation they also add to the aesthetic value of your home.

A well furnished bathroom will have high quality fittings good storage options modern taps to mention but a few. Sanitary wares are some of the most useful elements included in the bathrooms. A bathroom with top notch sanitary ware gives a big reflection of your persona as well as adding confidence and elegance to the home owner. This helps in lifting your life standards with exceptionally high sanitation values.

Selecting sanitary ware From Market Varieties to Design Your Home.

Sanitary ware comes in different colors, sizes, and designs .some of the factors to consider when purchasing sanitary ware includes .first, the material used in making them. For example, Ceramic wash basins are not as durable as wash basins made from stainless steel. Also consider the size of the sanitary ware and match them with the dimensions of where you hope to fix them. A bathtub for example should leave ample space for moving around after it has been installed in your bathroom. Consider the color of the sanitary ware and see if it suits the interiors of your home. Finally check on the quality check to see if the sanitary ware has any holes or cracks they should be smooth and with an even surface.