Tips to Select Sanitary Ware Colors for Your Bathroom

Whatever be your requirement of selecting sanitaryware whether it is a bathroom design for your new home or renovation of your existing bathroom to suit the modern interiors of your renovated home, selecting appropriate sanitary ware matching the interior colour of your bathroom would be a good choice.

Plain white bathrooms usually look unfinished and therefore it would be a wise idea to design your bathroom interiors with colours as per the interior of your home. Go for the lighter and mild colours if simple bathroom design is your requirement or else opt for brighter shades if you want a bright posh bathroom interior.

Bathroom is an important place of your home where you spend the very first moments of start of your day. It is the only space in your home where you can spend the best private time for yourself and unwind after the day’s tiring work. It is said that colors have an amazing capability to make you feel good and revitalize your mood. Therefore with the choicest bathroom colour and interiors one can add a new dimension and value to their bathroom.

Sanitarywares are must for every bathroom and play an important role in defining the bathroom look. Usually colors like blue, Tuscany, olive green, brown, mustard gold are preferred for sanitarywares. However while selecting sanitaryware for a modern bathroom, it is very important to select sanitaryware of the colour that goes well with the bathroom interiors. Today everyone is going for a theme based bathroom design. For example some may like beach themes with good amount of blue color while few may like Tuscan themed bathroom with rich green walls with dark wood accents. Therefore selecting the sanitary ware color for your bathroom will greatly depend upon the theme selected.

If your bathroom interiors are painted with warm colours like burgundy, gold, and royal purple, go for matching colors that can complement these colours. If cool blue is what your bathroom interiors display, it would be better to opt for white, cream-white to blue coloured sanitaryware to give a pleasant and beautiful look to the bathroom interiors.

Slowly the trend is shifting from boring white bathroom sanitary ware to colourful designer sanitary ware. The ceramic bathroom sanitary ware in colours is what most of the individuals are preferring to have in their bathrooms. The designer sanitary ware like handcrafted or rustic style wash basins and water closets in colours matching the walls of the bathroom are a great choice for designing a modern bathroom within budget.

Those looking to buy sanitarywares for the choicest colour theme of the bathroom can find Aone House sanitarywares which are the best and can satisfy one’s needs of bathroom design within budget. Visit to learn about Aone House, one of the best sanitary ware brands in India.

Coloured Sanitary Ware to Add Uniqueness to Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are as important as any other room in the house. When we opt to design the other rooms with beautiful colours and matching interior accessories, why not think in the similar fashion for the bathrooms too? The traditional bathrooms that were in white, white and only white all around are no longer a trend. Stylishly decorated bathrooms with beautiful designer sanitaryware can greatly enhance the value of a home. After all, bathroom is the place from where you start your day and what can be much better than spending your day start time in a bathroom decorated with beautiful bright pleasant colours all around. Talking about coloured interiors of the bathroom, doesn’t just mean the colours of the walls or door, it’s also about the colours of the sanitary ware and accessories installed in the bathroom. Coloured ceramic sanitary ware matching the interior colours of your bathroom can add a touch of uniqueness and uplift the outlook of your bathroom.

When coloured bathroom is your choice, you need to make sure that the sanitary ware you select matches the colour of the walls, door or the interiors of your bathroom. Various sanitary ware products including wash basins, water closets, urinals etc are today available in different designs and colour formats. Today many of the sanitary ware manufacturers are allowing their customers to select their choicest colours and offering beautiful coloured sanitarywares to satisfy their choicest bathroom design requirements.

The sanitaryware with beautiful designs engraved on them looks awesome. Therefore designer ceramic sanitaryware products in colours matching the interiors of the bathroom are the choice of several bathroom or interior designers across the world. Wash basins are integral components of any bathroom. Today different forms of wash basins like wash basin with pedestal, hand crafted wash basins and rustic wash basins are being used in bathrooms. The hand crafted and rustic wash basins in bright matching colours selected as per the interiors of bathroom can add a sense of fashion and modern style to your existing bathrooms. These coloured wash basins have the capability to uplift the look of any kind of bathroom and therefore are good choice for those looking to renovate their traditional bathrooms according to the modern trends. Click here to know more about designer ceramic sanitaryware products.

Orissa pan for urinal in bathroom are no longer forms of traditional bathrooms. The modern colourful rustic Orissa pans with beautiful designs look great and can be selected according to the choicest colour requirements for bathroom design. Coloured rustic pans matching the bathrooms interiors are a great choice for a modern bathroom design.


Coloured sanitary ware when installed along with matching accessories are a good choice to add a sense of uniqueness and style to your bathroom so that you can spend your private time in the most relaxing pleasant interiors.

This article educates reader about the coloured sanitary ware and its importance in a modern bathroom design.

European Water Closets (E.W.C) – Great Combination of Authentic Layouts, Heterogeneous Designs & Complex Ergonomics


Fixtures and fittings in a rest room consist of sanitary ware as known by many; nonetheless, the term is wide and can cover other components of the rest room. Higher living standards require subsequent high quality and modern sanitary ware. Designers of the sanitation equipments have come forth with different elegant models to suit the consumer’s needs. Sleek designs, trendy styles and stylish patterns are the current basis of sanitary designs. Installation of modern sanitary ware changes the outlook of the rest room as it covers space and brings a different dimension to the room. Enhancing the look of the bathroom is vital for comfort and elegance of the bathroom.

Merits of European water closets

There are several designs of sanitary ware including Indian, western and European models. Some of the famous Indian models include rustic Orissa pans and Milano squat toilet pan. The designers of the toilets bring them in different colors and a wide range of shapes. Ceramic sanitary wares are the most popular in the current world due to their comfort and style. Installing the ceramic sanitary ware in the bathroom gives it a classy and modern look as the designers give a good finish of the equipment. Many people fear using designer sanitary ware due to a misconception of their high price, on the contrary, this is not true as there new and affordable sanitary ware. The best way to maximize space, increase style statement on the bathroom decor is by using the European water closets. Many people consider adopting European toilets due to their safety and ease of use. Click here to know more benefits of European water closets.

Types of water closets

Water closets or flush toilets as known by many have proved to have a cognizable achievement in sanitary services especially to the aged or disabled people. The comfort the closets have makes them a preferred choice over other squat toilets. The arrival of the flush toilets revolutionized sanitation of humans in history; they are a continuation of an invention that occurred several years ago. Orissa pan 20 for example is one of the types of modern sanitary ware. There are other types depending on the designer and they include Italian s-strap water closet, Irani water closet, Italian p-strap, wall hung water closet, Twyford EWC and bidet water closet. The design, shape and sizes of the water closets differ considerably and the customers choose with the help of the designer one that will suit their bathrooms. The bathroom size and the type of design chosen will determine the level of decor the room will have. Top ceramics currently undergo usage in the manufacture of the sanitary ware. Installation dimensions are the most crucial in designing, as the flange and water supply require space. European water closet still receive most compliments for their design, ease of use and comfort-ability. They utilize a wash down flushing system where water inside is forced to flow out trough rim of the bowl. This gives it limited chances of clogging as compared to the American designs. Regular cleaning is required to increase the functional capability of the bathroom.


In summary, the shape and design of the water closet determines its type. The sanitary condition of the washroom requires constant monitoring and cleaning. The European sanitary ware gives comfort and decor to the bathroom hence the most preferred type.

Wash Basin with Pedestal – Skilful Design & Style Sanitary ware that Cares for Your Hygiene

wash basin refers to a permanently installed bathroom sink that is fixed to a water source and a drain pipe system used for washing your face and hands. A wash basin with podium is a type of the wash basins, though with a supporting leg-like stand on its base going all the way down which makes it easier to be set up on the floor in any desirable part of the house. In this day and age, a sink with pedestal is very popular and important, more than the traditional one which is duly attached. There are several reasons which make it very crucial in our day to day life like;

· Many people live in apartment/rental houses and we know that they don’t have all the space they need. Pedestal wash basins are great for lesser bathrooms.

· They provide a chic appearance even with the small space allocated, who doesn’t want to go home to a stylish place?

· They are swift to install and that is a plus since people are busy and don’t have much time to waste doing particular things

· In these times of economy crises, pedestal sinks come to the rescue because they are comparatively easy on the pocket

As different people have different tastes and preferences, pedestal wash basins are available in various types and brand names. From stainless steel to ceramic to copper ones and from different manufacturing companies for instance;

· The Sterling Set wash basin- a very alluring, captivating silver ceramic pedestal sink originating from India, with all the oriental decorations put on, it can be termed as a piece of handcrafted ceramic sanitary ware. It’s very breath-taking and you can barely say no to it. visit Aone House for various style and designs of wash basin with pedestal.

· Style Set wash sinks- as the name suggests they are based on style and come in a very wide range from traditional to contemporary to American standard to those made with stone and granite. It all depends on the buyer’s taste in home decoration.

· Sophia Set – are wash basins with exceptional class and style still originally from India made of the finest materials and custom made to fit individual needs. With hygiene, functionality and twisted style all in one just to give a customer the advantages of long-term hygienic material.

· Twyford wash sinks are very modern and elegant ceramic wash sinks, though not pedestal but they are exquisite and come in different shapes and designs.

· Radon Set sinks- are state-of –the-art installed wash basins with the naturally mined radon to keep the sanitation at its uttermost.

If you are looking for or rather potentially shopping for a pedestal wash basin, there are several things you need to look out for whether online or out in the stores. First and foremost it’s the type of the pedestal sink which you think will fit perfectly in all aspects, secondly and most importantly the price has to be within your range so that you don’t overspend on something which is of poor quality. You also have to do background research and emphasize on which material the pedestal wash basin is made from.

At the end of the day, a buyer has so much to choose from when it comes to wash basins with pedestals whether they want to be extravagant and spend their money on the highest-priced ones or just keep it simple and get second-hand ones. Whatever choice the buyer will make, fact still remains that pedestal sinks are here to stay.

Ceramic Wash Basin – The Sanitary ware for Modern Life

A wash basin (commonly known as sink) is like a bowl-shaped piece of ceramic pottery, with a modern looking tap on the top and a drain pipe at the substructure. Ceramics is not the only material of construction, materials like stainless steel, cast iron, marble, plastic, concrete, wood, stone, glass etc can also be used, basically it depends upon the locality of the wash basin. The most common material used in sanitary is Ceramics undoubtedly.

These days wash basins are very useful. You don’t need a separate washroom to fix it in; you can even fix it in your room, this system is useful in hostels. You can judge their significance by taking surveys from different hostels and be acquainted with the price difference of rooms with a wash basin and without a wash basin and undoubtedly rooms with a wash basin are more expensive for the students. Read more and get various options on ceramic wash basin at –

Let me assure all the readers that there are several types of wash basins, which include:

  1. · Designer Wash Basin
  2. · Pedestal Wash Basin
  3. · Hand-Crafted Wash Basin
  4. · Sticker Wash Basin
  5. · Rustic Wash Basin
  6. · Round Wash Basin

Designer wash basins are very beautiful in shape and design. Though they are much pricey but they are totally worth it. A designer wash basin totally changes the look of a washroom. These wash basins are mostly made by stainless steel, which is very non-corrosive.

Pedestal wash basins are the most common wash basin from all of them. This basin is composed of two pieces, the pedestal and the wash basin. This occupies less space and can be fit in easily.

Importantly this is not expensive, compared to the Designer wash basins. They have range of different colors, and they are very lustrous. They are quite easy to clean and maintain compared to others.

Hand-crafted wash basins are very infrequent these days but it surely has its own class. Using wood in washroom these days is very different and by replacing wood by dull materials like ceramics and steel is something different and gracious, plus something unique.

Round wash basins, Rustic wash basins and Sticker wash basins are some common wash basin designs with suitable materials. Round wash basin has the most unique shape and design, which is very formal.

After all the minutiae about wash basins, how can you get the best quality wash basin? Let me help you guys out. First of all you should know how much space is available in the washroom and how much space can your washroom manage for a washbasin. My advice to you is to get a small sized wash basin, a smaller wash basin would make you washroom look uncluttered and organized. So, try saving as much space as you can. Now choose your favorite wash basin shape. Now all the rest depends on your budget, you should choose the best designed wash basin in order to make your washroom look superior. Choose your favorite color, design and size for your wash basin.

How to Choose Bathroom Sanitaryware

The Need For Designer Sanitary Ware in The Bathroom

A bathroom is a room that requires creative inputs and thorough attention. It is a room that requires careful attention from regular sanitation to an aesthetic point of view. Therefore a bathroom goes beyond just a room for bathing, but a personal room that requires attention. A wonderful sanitary ware that is functional give a person a lovely experience and helps one start his or her day and end it in a pleasurable way. A bathroom can be termed as traditional, classic, whimsical or fantastic depending on the theme that best fits it.

The need for designer sanitary ware in a bathroom is of great importance. The bathroom is where every person notices in his or her home, probably everybody have time to pamper themselves there. Some people view it as a ceremony. It is worth considering that the bathroom and the sanitary ware in the house makes a statement about you. These also apply to sanitary wares in a building. The sanitary wares in it are attached to it. There is need for good sanitary wares in the bathroom

The importance of a good water closet and a urinal in a bathroom.

A good water closet and a urinal are of great importance in a bathroom. A good water closet helps clean the bowls by pushing flushing water powerfully .It also ensures fast flush and time spent on recycle is minimal to ensure successive uses. A Twyford quality water closet is not prone to clogging, hence it ensures that the bathroom stays safe and odourless. A good and quality urinal in the bathroom reduces water usage and increase efficiency. In addition a good urinal ensures comfort and hygiene since it prevents splashing.

How to choose bathroom sanitary ware

Sanitary wares are the most useful and basic elements in a bathroom. When choosing the best sanitary ware for your bathroom, your need to consider several factors for example t make and the manufacturing company for example Twyford bathroom accessories.. They should be practical to use as well as be pleasant to look at. Therefore tactical knowledge will help you make good decision when you go to purchase your bathroom sanitary ware. Some of the factors are highlighted below.

Ease of cleaning

When buying a sanitary ware you should consider the amount of cleaning required in order to maintain them. When abrasive solvents and breaches are frequently used on the sanitary wares, their surfaces become hoarse and over time the blaze of the product is affected. This makes them susceptible to dirt and dust and reduces their smoothness.

Resistance of deformities

While choosing bathroom sanitary ware, two major factors have to be put into consideration. These are the strength and the design. The toilet bowls and bathroom basins should be of a good design and also be strong enough not to chip and break easily. They should therefore have no sharp edges and you should ensure they are well fitted.

A style that matches your home decor

A style that matches your home décor also will influence your choice. In a traditional home, you will have to consider marble and the antique as these are the available elegant vanities. A modern bathroom vanity will best fit a contemporary home style.

A good bathroom reflects an individual’s persona. Bathrooms with good accessories give one vigour and comfort. Therefore the sanitary ware in your bathroom needs to consider as one does the purchase. Good choices have to be made as one furnishes the bathroom. There is therefore need for designer sanitary ware in the bathroom.

Modern Water Closets – A New Revolution to Human Sanitation

The technological innovation has added great value to all aspect of human endeavors. The improved technology has made the life more comfortable for people to live. One of these noticeable ways is the improved and modern water closets which has mark a new renovation to human sanitation. Poor sanitation can be highly detrimental to the human health and the reason necessitate for the innovation new and modern water closets system for the use of people.

Water closets, is a compartment or a room with a toilet, a toilet bowl and its accessories. This is often abbreviated as WC. It is sometimes referred to as flush toilet. The development of flush toilet revolutionized human sanitation and it has been able to contribute to a number of interesting developments to plumbing and also architecture as different structures and designs began to be built to accommodate the new trend in flush toilet. These days there are so many brands and models of the water closet both in the local and the international market. Most of the products are made with the use of the great designs and complemented with the touch of the modern technology. It has made the use of the water closet systems to be more comfortable. Besides, the modern water closets system is made with the high quality astonish materials that even makes the place to look more beautiful and very radiant. In view of this, the modern water closet is not only meant to enhance the quality of human sanitation, but it is also a great way to add beauty to the home.

Type water closets vary in relation to country, manufacturer and even the culture of that particular sector a country as most of the modern type of the product are branded in respect of their culture and traditions. Most of the type of water closet has different features and are made with different sanitary wares and they all have special ways of using of using them. They also come have different ways of installation and different type of places where they can be effectively installed, but all of the brands do serve the primary purpose of providing high quality sanitation. Some of the known brands of the product in the market today include the following.

Orissa pan 20’ water closet; This is a type of the product. It is actually a ceramic high quality water closet.It is environmental protective model and it came with a super water saving system. The system is highly noiseless and beautifully designed.

2. Italian s-trap water closet and the Italian p-trap water closet; This are another type of the product. Both are of god qualities and great features to complement the use. Both the P and the S trap are used in water closet in the bathroom. The S-trap is of floor connection while the P-trap is of is of the wall connection and the cast elbow wall connection. This is mostly the type that is used by sitting on it.

3. Iranian water closet; This is also referred to as the squat toilet. This is a toilet that is used by squatting rather than sitting. Most of this type of water closet consists essentially of a hole in the ground. There are lots of arguments against the use of this type of water closets, but many people claimed that it has the benefit that is often related to increase in anorectal angle which occurs in the squatting position.

4; wall hung water closet; As the name implies, the type of the product is wall mounted. It can be seated on, but one great benefits of it, is that it saves space and it is very easy to be cleaned. It has sanitary bars or bowl and it is a lovely way to perfectly complement your bathroom furniture ranges.

5. Bidet water closet; This a nice modern water closet. It comes with different size, portable and regular size and in most case; it comes with a spray for personal hygiene. There are self clean bidet, hot or cold and pressure water bidet.

In addition to this, Twyford EWC is another great option to be considered. all of the brands of water closet are nice ways of improving our sanitation. however, when purchasing product, it is extremely important to consider knowing all the types an analyzing them , so that you will be able to evaluate which one will best suite your need as each of them is meant specific ways of using and installing them. you will have to be careful in selecting the right choice for you.