More Opportunities than Challenges before the Indian Sanitary Ware Industry

The Indian sanitary ware industry is growing rapidly by an average of 10 – 12 % per year. The globalization trends have reduced distances and the demand for such products have increased worldwide. India is good at producing quality sanitary ware products by abiding by strict quality standards. Moreover, with the growing awareness of hygiene and health along with an intense desire for a higher standard of life has instilled the people around the world to direct their focus on sanitary ware products.

The concept of a bathroom has evolved drastically in a few decades. It is now considered a very pivotal aspect of a good house. Bathrooms are decorated and expensive sanitary ware items are used to enhance the interior beauty of the place. Big organizations and hotels take special care to make the bathrooms comfortable and refreshing. India has a history of producing sanitary ware products and the people of India are quite skilled and fully equipped in this area. Now, the sanitary ware industry in India is spreading its boundaries and capturing foreign markets. Water closet manufacturers are leading in foreign markets and because of the quality of their Water closets foreign buyers are also taking interest in other products. The class dynamics is shifting all over the world. There is an emerging middle class with a higher level of disposable income in many countries. And with this, the people have a deep longing to uplift their standard of life. The growth in the real estate sector in India and the Asian- Pacific region has also greatly influenced this phenomenon. India has a competitive advantage in producing such products. So, there is a bright opportunity for India to capitalize not only by meeting the growing demand of its own population, but also by exporting its sanitary ware products to other countries. The demand for sanitary products has increased in from 20% in 2000 to 60% in 2013 all over the world.

With opportunity come challenges. Although Indian sanitary ware industry has doubled and it is trying its best to become the world leader, it has one major challenge. This sector is divided into two main parts; the organized and unorganized sector. The problem is that the unorganized sector is also growing rapidly. There are about 250 companies related to unorganized sector and it is producing low quality low cost products which severely damage the market of the organized sector. When substandard products are sold at a significantly lower cost within the country and exported abroad, this affects the brand names and market shares of the companies of the organized sector. Besides this, China is competing fiercely with superior technology and faster methods.

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In the next few years, India is expected to grab a major portion of the sanitary market globally. For this it will have to keep on introducing new methods and technologies. India will also have to take major steps to prevent the unorganized sector from damaging the market of the organized sector by using inimitable technology and by making it mandatory for the manufacturers of the sanitary ware products to abide by strict quality standards. It will have to take strict actions against manufacturers who do not take under consideration the cost and quality requirements.