Ceramic Sanitary Wares Types and Market in Year 2017

Gone are the days when house sanitary wares played a secondary role in house interior design. Recent interior trends critically analyze all types of ceramic sanitary wares that will be needed in the house, aesthetic value, hygienic value and even their effect on the space utilization in the house.

Nowadays everybody is keen in selection of sanitary wares for the various rooms in the house. They always help you create the desired look in the house. These sanitary wares include  Wash basins, Wash basin with pedestal, Water Closets, One piece toilet, Two piece toilet, Close couple toilet, Squatting pan, Urinals, Bathroom Accessories and many more.

Need For Variety 

With the revolution in interior design, there has been increased innovation and creativity in manufacturing and sales of sanitary wares. Creative and functional wares are now dominating the market and designers are spoilt for choice when developing the interior décor style. Now you can easily adorn your hygiene wares and ceramic bathroom fittings in the style of your liking with ease.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares

Demand Shift

The increasing shift in demand towards residential housing estates, rather than own homes has created a good demand in ceramic sanitary wares. Sanitary ware wholesalers and manufacturers have been very proactive in support of these mega housing projects by availing the whole range of sanitary wares as the demand requires. Some of the heavily demanded products from the sanitary ware wholesalers include;

Commercial Sanitary Wares

There is a complete range of commercial sanitary wares including basins, urinals, plumbing systems available from the sanitary ware wholesalers. These one stop wholesalers are ideal for property developers who are able to benefit from bulk purchases of all the required installations.

Black Sanitary Wares

The trend of black sanitary wares is gradually coming back and seems quite pretty. Black being the unconventional color for dominance it requires good design. When well done as is the case nowadays it creates an extremely stunning and sophisticated interior. Different hues are available and it may also be mixed with other colors to make it more stylish.




Shires Sanitary Wares

The shires brand of sanitary wares is also among the most demanded and stocked ceramics. To bring out the best in your bathroom solutions, style and quality is paramount.

Classic sanitary wares in stock are used in premises to provide an excellent look in the premises. Some of the defining features of the classic sanitary wares include the rugged and sturdy construction that gives them a long life and ease of maintenance. The sanitary wares are also made with the scratch proof quality of material that is also impact resistant and has a perfect finish.

From the wholesalers, a wide range of sanitaire are available including the plumber sanitary wares, cabinet wash basins and a whole range of plumber fittings are available.

The market for the ceramic products continues to grow around the world. In the Indian alone it is expected to grow by over 12 %. The main drivers of this growth are the rapid increase in demand for housing.

In line with this trend, the ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers and sanitary ware wholesalers are focusing on innovation and creativity to maintain the market share.

How to Add Liveliness to your Washrooms with Sanitary Elements?

Increasing Renovation Curiosity among People

The influence of corporate world can be felt in all walks of life as a result the trend followed by corporate people is considered as up-to-date and appreciated by majority worldwide. Home renovation is not an exception from transformation. With internet media establishing easy links to access what is new and how that can be reached. Internet and television media have a great impact on people in exploring the modern amenities that are available today. Starting from washrooms to personal rooms and from kitchen to garden decorating thematically stays one of the latest attractions among people. Even people with moderate income think about spending a little more in modernizing their living space.  Washroom renovation is the recent demand in many people who wish to get complete hygienic atmosphere inside the bathroom and toilets and try to obtain a sparkling look with modern ceramic washroom accessories.

The Craze for International Standards in Washroom Accessory Designs

The craze for brand design will always be there in people. Country or race is not a constraint for appreciating modernity. As far as bathroom components made of earthenware is concerned, ceramic material is considered the safe, easy to maintain, hygienic and cost effective option. In addition, washroom elements made of stoneware are made in a range of designs and colors thus people have several options to choose from. Earthen wares are designed to match the space, purpose, decorative impact, etc. Even residential spaces built in small areas can be transformed into big and attractive in terms of installing the right size in the right place thus allowing more breathing spaces in between. These are some of the stylish features followed by top sanitary ware manufacturers. Hence, people are attracted towards modernizing their bathrooms by investing a little more in international standard designs that are manufactured in their own country.

Some Important Suggestions to Give a Rich Look to Toilets and Bathing Space

Investing on renovation project, especially washrooms have to be planned carefully. The investor need to calculate the space available to design a washroom and choose the designs accordingly. There are certain important suggestions which can be considered to make a meaningful expenditure on ceramic components for bathrooms and toilets they are,

  • The buyer should be very careful in choosing the manufacturer of ceramic wares because a reputed designer will be able to offer compact designs at moderate cost.
  • Before selecting the sanitary ware design, the buyer should make sure of the space and the number of sanitary components he can fix inside.
  • Since, the sanitary earthenware elements are available in a range of color and design; the investor can select the design in accordance to his funds, paint color of the washroom walls, and the flooring. This will add more elegance to the whole space.
  • Online search for ceramic ware companies is an excellent option to get in touch with the manufacturer as well as to place order at a moderate pricing.


Be it small space or big space, installation of colorful and modern ceramic sanitary components will surely change the appearance of the whole space. Hence, investing on such accessories can be made into a meaningful purchase.

How Manufacturers Cope with the Practical Demands of Ceramic Sanitary Ware Market?

Growing Impact of Ceramic Sanitary Ware Industry

In recent days the interest and creativity spent on construction works is really amazing. With the impact of internet, people from many parts of the world come to know the significance of other country products, trends and modernity and try to adopt new trends from other places. It is no more meaningful to point out a specific country for a particular product as manufacturers have easy options to capture world market, as a result chances of developing an identity for products all over the world has increased unbelievably. The craze to buy products from different places is increasing everywhere, ceramic accessories for wash rooms is not a constraint from this. The specific intention that is growing in people towards decorating their living space to a more creative one is a prominent reason behind the demand for trendy ceramic toilet accessories. This increasing demand encourages manufacturers to focus on designing conceptual and cost effective accessories for toilets thus there has been some serious impact in the sanitary ware market.

Increasing Preferences of Consumers for Sanitary Accessories

Exposure to facts about recent developments worldwide through internet resources makes people to imagine a living space to make it more creative and decorative. Some ceramic industries preferably look forward to provide designs with international standards. Indian sanitary components production companies also found to be staying in the list of popular manufacturers worldwide for its cost effective and durable designs. Consumers on the other hand, would like to obtain a world class effect for their living space by investing in designer accessories for sanitary aspects. In addition, they prefer an easy way of buying in terms of choosing a cost effective and innovative design. For example,

  • Consumers pay more attention to convenient types of water closets in terms of choosy designs that consumes little water for flushing purpose
  • Designer wash basin with pedestal for eminent look
  • Antique hand craft series to obtain a touch of rich look
  • Even Urinals are preferred in stylish ceramic designs to get the feel of comfort inside toilets.

Steps Taken by Manufacturers to Cope Up With the Demands

Some countries like India, where the demand for ceramic sanitary components is increasing; the Government encourages foreign companies to run their manufacturing and marketing unit in India. Manufacturers on the other hand have been into coping up with the demands in terms of the following such as

  • The greatest contributing factor is that construction sector is also equally developing; therefore, production aspect has been considered as an important feature to meet the higher level of requirement
  • More innovative designs are introduced by adoption international standards and to satisfy the customers
  • Taking care of the pricing aspects to engage the consumers to choose all types of bath room components from one place. Visit – http://www.aonehouse.com/ to get more information about ceramic sanitary ware from a leading manufacturer of India.

Innovative Designs of Bathroom Accessories

While manufacturers focus towards adding more and more designs, consumers on the other hand, look for a sanitary component in terms of the convenience they can get. In addition, some people prefer to look for products with little creative art over it, thus they do not get the feeling of spending time in a wash room. For example

  • It is a very good idea to choose hand crafted wash basins with or without pedestals to give a colourful touch to the space
  • Rustic series of wash basins appear like moulded components that give an artistic look
  • Stickers series of bathroom accessories can be chosen as per the client’s preference wherein the client can choose the desired picture which will be in the form of stickers which will be pasted on the ceramic material


In recent days people pay attention to products that are produced with international standards, and bathroom accessories made of ceramic material appears to be more in demand for the material, design and colour options available.

Ceramic Wash Basin – The Sanitary ware for Modern Life

A wash basin (commonly known as sink) is like a bowl-shaped piece of ceramic pottery, with a modern looking tap on the top and a drain pipe at the substructure. Ceramics is not the only material of construction, materials like stainless steel, cast iron, marble, plastic, concrete, wood, stone, glass etc can also be used, basically it depends upon the locality of the wash basin. The most common material used in sanitary is Ceramics undoubtedly.

These days wash basins are very useful. You don’t need a separate washroom to fix it in; you can even fix it in your room, this system is useful in hostels. You can judge their significance by taking surveys from different hostels and be acquainted with the price difference of rooms with a wash basin and without a wash basin and undoubtedly rooms with a wash basin are more expensive for the students. Read more and get various options on ceramic wash basin at – http://www.aonehouse.com/wash_basin.htm

Let me assure all the readers that there are several types of wash basins, which include:

  1. · Designer Wash Basin
  2. · Pedestal Wash Basin
  3. · Hand-Crafted Wash Basin
  4. · Sticker Wash Basin
  5. · Rustic Wash Basin
  6. · Round Wash Basin

Designer wash basins are very beautiful in shape and design. Though they are much pricey but they are totally worth it. A designer wash basin totally changes the look of a washroom. These wash basins are mostly made by stainless steel, which is very non-corrosive.

Pedestal wash basins are the most common wash basin from all of them. This basin is composed of two pieces, the pedestal and the wash basin. This occupies less space and can be fit in easily.

Importantly this is not expensive, compared to the Designer wash basins. They have range of different colors, and they are very lustrous. They are quite easy to clean and maintain compared to others.

Hand-crafted wash basins are very infrequent these days but it surely has its own class. Using wood in washroom these days is very different and by replacing wood by dull materials like ceramics and steel is something different and gracious, plus something unique.

Round wash basins, Rustic wash basins and Sticker wash basins are some common wash basin designs with suitable materials. Round wash basin has the most unique shape and design, which is very formal.

After all the minutiae about wash basins, how can you get the best quality wash basin? Let me help you guys out. First of all you should know how much space is available in the washroom and how much space can your washroom manage for a washbasin. My advice to you is to get a small sized wash basin, a smaller wash basin would make you washroom look uncluttered and organized. So, try saving as much space as you can. Now choose your favorite wash basin shape. Now all the rest depends on your budget, you should choose the best designed wash basin in order to make your washroom look superior. Choose your favorite color, design and size for your wash basin.

Sanitary Ware Items – Water Closets, Bathroom Accessories, Wash Basins and More

e.w.c.-p-water-closet1 e.w.c.s-water-closet1
To start your day with peace all you need is the beautifully designed and systematic bathroom where you can spend your time with satisfaction. To get a classy bathroom as a part of your house, you need to décor it with ceramic sanitarywares which can also suit your budget. There are many sanitaryware suppliers in India, who can provide high quality ceramic sanitaryware at affordable prices. So, now you can even think of redesigning your bathroom and change its entire look.You can also purchase high quality sanitaryware items online with a wide variety of bathroom accessories which are durable and reliable. If you are thinking of giving a makeover to your bathroom to give an absolutely new look then you can buy high quality sanitaryware which comes with guarantee. While designing a dream house, one must design and spend quality time to plan for bathroom too. You have to definitely spend little time to choose on the best products for your bathroom designs. For designing bathroom mainly you need to get a wash basin and a water closet for it. You will find wide range of ceramic wash basins and water closets of best quality. Now, people prefer more cleanliness and so they used to prefer ceramic sanitaryware products for their bathroom, as ceramic sanitaryware is easy to clean and gives a stunning look to a bathroom.For designing a bathroom you need to choose perfect sanitaryware according to your available area in bathroom where you can keep your extra bathroom accessories including towels, creams, shower gels and more. To select suitable sanitary ware for your wash rooms, you can check online where you can find designer and stylish sanitary ware which can help you in designing your bathroom in contemporary style. To add both ease and fashion you need to buy good quality sanitary ware items. Wide range of water closets made of better-quality of ceramic are available in the market. The stylish design and eye-catching colors of water closets improve the attractiveness of your bathroom. You will find different kinds of water closets including European water closet, Indian water closet, Italian water closets, Irani water closets, bidet water closets, Burma water closets etc.

Whether you need to redesign your bathroom or to plan a new one, you can find solution with well-known brands in sanitary ware designed by professional designers to give a classy look to your bathroom. You will find all your sanitary needs in style with different designs. The vibrant blend of high class sanitaryware with innovative technologies can make your bathroom eye-catching. Whether you are in kitchen or in your bathroom every moment of your valuable time spent there should be full of comfort. Find wide range with modern as well as traditional sanitaryware collection to design your bath space and select the sanitaryware as per your choice.

For more information on designer ceramic sanitary ware, visit – http://www.aonehouse.com

Designer Ceramic Sanitary Ware – To Build Bathroom of Your Dreams

There are various important activities like bathing, washing and excretion which need to be carried out in a bathroom. All these activities need to be done properly in order to prepare you for your rest of the day. Thus, it becomes very much important to have a comfortable bathroom with modern facilities so that you can complete your tasks quickly and comfortably. When it comes to selecting designer ceramic sanitary ware for your bathroom, there are many things to consider like comfort, hygiene, durability, size, shape etc., so that it suits to your requirement and space of your bathroom.

Your dream bathroom can be the combination of different sanitary ware which can be used as briefed below:-

Ceramic Water Closets

Basically there are two types of closets, squat closet and European style closet. There are advantages and disadvantages of using both of them. People have their own preferences while selecting a water closet. Some prefer ceramic Indian water closet whereas, some prefer European style water closet. Most of the people nowadays use European water closet due to its comfort but using squat water closet has its own health benefits. The technologies like jet washers and eco washers have added extra comfort to European style water closets and so majority of people use either European water closet S trap or European water closet P trap.

Ceramic Wash Basins

There is a wide variety of ceramic wash basins available in the market of different designs like handcrafted wash basins, sticker wash basins and rustic wash basins. You can select the wash basin suiting to the theme and overall colour of the walls and furniture of your bathroom. If you want to give a traditional look to your bathroom, then you can select a handcrafted wash basin and if you need to give a modern look to your bathroom, you can select a rustic style wash basin with pedestal which will add an extra glory to your bathroom.


If you are designing wash rooms in a shopping mall, then you may require buying urinals for gents bathroom as they occupy less space and can accommodate several people at the same time. A wide range of ceramic urinals of different designs are provided by sanitary ware manufacturers in India and you can select amongst them as per your requirements and preferences.

Bathroom Accessories

While designing a bathroom of your dreams, you also need to consider bathroom accessories carefully like soap dish, tissue paper holder, towel rack, shelf etc. as per the overall design of your bathroom.

There are other things also like ceramic building materials, plumbing materials, hardware materials etc., which you need to choose carefully while designing your dream bathroom. Just select a ceramic sanitary ware provider, offering only best quality sanitary ware of international standards so that your bathroom is not only aesthetically beautiful but is also durable and long lasting. If the ceramic sanitary ware you use is attractive but not of good quality, many accidents can occur in a bathroom which can be dangerous for you and your family both. Thus, select only the best Ceramic sanitary ware manufacturer in Gujarat, India and that is Aone House.

For more information on designer ceramic sanitary ware, visit – http://www.aonehouse.com

An Overview of Sanitaryware Companies in India

India is a large country with dense population and thus the demand of sanitary ware is also at hike. There are many households, industries, office and etc which demand sanitary ware for their wash rooms. Sanitation is the basic necessity of every human being and due to the increase in the population, the demand of sanitary ware is also increasing. There is lot of difference between sanitary ware used in 1991 and the sanitary ware used in 2012 and this change is going to be continuous as people are fond of changes as far as luxury is concerned. Sanitary ware which was once upon a time just a necessity is now more than that. People nowadays, demand designer and decorative sanitary ware which can enhance the look of the overall bathroom. It should not only be beautiful but the shapes and sizes of the sanitary ware should be such that they suit the washroom space and give ultimate comfort while using it. Keeping these demands in mind, the sanitary ware companies in India, design Indian water closet, wash basins, urinals, water closets and other bathroom accessories accordingly.

To fulfill the growing demands, the sanitary ware companies in India have experienced tremendous growth and doubled their production capacity. The companies have also upgraded their machines and systems, so that they can fulfil the trendy demands relating to sanitary ware in the Indian market. There are many sanitary ware products supplied by the sanitary ware companies in India like water closets, urinals, wash basins with pedestals and without pedestals, cisterns etc., but amongst all these products, the water closets also known as toilets are high in demand. Annually, 103 million units of water closets are manufactured. All these water closets, vary in size, colours, design and price. As the demand for high quality ceramic sanitary ware in India is increasing, the sanitary ware manufacturers in India are implementing latest technologies like high pressure casting technology, in order to fulfil the demand in India as well as other foreign countries. Another reason of increase in demand of ceramic sanitary ware in India is the rise in real estate market. As the sanitary ware companies in India are bringing innovative changes in the production of sanitary ware, they are not only experiencing increase of demand in India but also other countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa etc., which has made India as a hub of sanitary ware manufacturers and exporters.

By the year of 2016, the ceramic sanitary ware market it expected to grow to 442.5 million units and above all the compounded annual growth rate of 6.4% is going to be there. It has been expected that Asian ceramic sanitary ware is going to dominate this industry as there is constant growth of this industry in China, India etc. Many countries in New Zealand, Europe, Africa etc., are demanding high quality ceramic sanitary ware from India and the manufacturers of Ceramic sanitary ware in India are capable enough to fulfil those demands due to improvement in production technologies introduced which has resulted to quick production using less manpower.

For more information and contact Sanitaryware Company in India – Visit, http://www.aonehouse.com/contactus.htm

Why to Utilize Latest Sanitaryware for Your Bathroom?

Sanitary ware is an essential requirement in every house in order to maintain hygiene. When it comes to bathroom design, everyone today wants to have stylish bathrooms installed with posh, user friendly and sophisticated fixtures and plumbings. Compared to dull conventional models which are available in standard colors, designs and size, the modern sanitarywares are quite different. They have got elegance and are available in plethora of designs, shapes, colors and sizes and can well meet the customized requirements of the home makers. Home makers can now get a stylish bathroom all well set into the styling requirements as per their choice. With latest sanitary installations in home, the residents can get better hygiene and also have a comfortable and clean lifestyle without any odd problems like foul smell, blockage of pipes etc which are common with conventional models.

Almost every modern sanitaryware product is available today in attractive user friendly features which cannot be found in earlier models. The modern sanitary ware products are much comfortable to use and are also easier to clean. For example, in conventional water closets there were no modern features like flush valves, integral traps, jet washers etc as found in the modern closets. The latest water closets are no more odd to use or stinking fixtures. They are available in smell sealing features and come in variant styles, designs and colors to suit the interiors of a bathroom. There are wall mounted models, floor mounted models, squatting style closets, sophisticated flush style European water closets, ceramic water closets, closets made of steel or plastic materials, open rim models, box rim models and various other varieties available for installation as per choicest requirements of a home maker. The wall mounted closets are wall fixed and can therefore save up the space consumed in a bathroom. These are perfect for smaller bathrooms where space is a constraint. Similarly each and every modern sanitary ware product including wash basins, urinals and various types of bathroom accessories can be got in plethora of forms and styles. You can find modern sanitary fixtures in compact as well as luxurious designs and therefore it is possible to select fixtures considering the size of your bathroom. By opting to install latest sanitaryware fixtures, you can get an advantage of wide variety to select in order to make best choice of fixtures which can well complement the interiors of your bathroom.

The modern sanitaryware are decorative fixtures. Designer sanitary ware like designer rustic wash basins, stylish Italian and Irani style water closets etc are the current trend among the bathroom sanitary fixtures today. These are elegant fixtures available in stylish hand crafted designs, stickers designing and also colourful rustic models. Customized hand crafted sanitary ware are made of skilful weaving of design and high quality ceramics and are just the finest fixtures which can uplift the look of almost every kind of bathroom interiors.

Innovative technology, high end processing facilities and high quality raw materials and international standards is what most of the modern sanitary ware manufacturers are implementing for development of sanitation products. Therefore with latest sanitary ware you are sure to get benefit of latest technology and quality. With latest sanitary ware fixtures installed in your bathroom, you can make your bathrooms luxurious places where you can unwind your stress and spend some quality time with yourself.

For, more information on customized hand crafted sanitary ware, visit – http://www.aonehouse.com/hand_craft_series.htm

The Designer Ceramic Sanitaryware Used in Middle East

Middle East always boasts about the modern trends whether it is politics or fashion. In a similar manner, the sanitaryware used in Middle East is also supposed to be modern, trendy and excellent in functionality. As in other products, there are continuous improvements to facilitate people, so the sanitaryware in bathroom which is used in our day to day life also requires improvements. Sanitary ware is something without which we cannot spend even our one day. Everybody has different requirements as far as sanitaryware is concerned. Some people require simple sanitaryware with good functionality but some people like designer sanitary ware also known as decorative sanitary ware which includes hand crafted wash basins, colourful and designer water closets etc. To make the bathroom look beautiful, the bathroom is supposed to have all elements like wash basin, water closets, urinals, bathroom accessories, tiles etc., which gel with each other very well. In Middle East, people are very much conscious about the interiors of the house and give lot of importance to the bathroom design because bathroom is an essential part of a house. People in Middle East live a luxurious life and so they choose only the best quality sanitary wares of international standards. Whether it is Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any place in Saudi Arabia, the choice of people relating to sanitary ware is just ultimate and so they prefer only best sanitary ware brands available in the market.

With modern trends in Ceramic sanitary ware in Dubai, Sharjah and entire Middle East, people just prefer to have sanitary ware which occupies minimum space in the bathroom and gives maximum functionality. It is a known fact that maximum number of population in UAE contains expats from other countries like India, Philippines, Pakistan etc. and they cannot afford to stay in spacious villas. Most of the time, they stay in a rental apartment which is quite compact and doesn’t have space for bath tubs which occupy more space. So, while designing a bathroom in an apartment in Middle East, the owner always looks for the sanitary ware which is compact and occupies less space but provides maximum functionality and last but not the least is great in design.

Sanitary Ware Supplier in Middle East

Aone House is a renowned exporter of sanitary ware from India, supplying designer sanitary ware in Middle East after understanding the demands of people over there. We know that people over there give maximum importance to quality in each and every product they use and when it comes to sanitary ware, hygiene is their priority. We never compromise in quality and provide ceramic sanitary ware of only international standards by best manufacturers of sanitary ware in India. To complete a bathroom, each and every element like water closet, wash basin etc., is equally important. Thus, we can provide stylish and designer water closets with wash basins ready sets for modern bathrooms designed in Middle East. If you are in search of a reliable exporter of sanitary ware from India, you can visit http://www.aonehouse.com for more details as we believe in providing only best quality at best prices.

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