Features and types of Sanitary Ware Installed in Steam Showers and Sauna


There is nothing as relaxing and comforting as a nice bathe after a long days work. Though steam showers and saunas have been confined to luxury hotels and health spa; modern homes are increasing using installing smaller versions of these systems in order to bring luxury and comfort during bathing. To achieve this type of luxuriate indulgence, one needs to use the right ceramic wear which not only provides the required functionality but also has an appealing and aesthetic look.

Steam showers and saunas

Steam showers use state of the art bathroom ceramic and glass bathroom fixtures to bring comfort and relaxation. The user comfortably seats on a bench while being pelted with a soothing cloud of moisture at 110 – 118 degrees fahreinheight and a humidity of 100%. Saunas are designed to provide wet/ heat session to a group of people and heating may be from dry air or steam.

showers and sauna

The user not only enjoys the bombardment with warm vapor but also emerges felling relaxed and rejuvenated. In addition these facilities are recommended by dermatologists since they greatly improve the skin and nervous receptors on the skin. After this refreshing experience one needs a final washing.

Accessories and parts

To enjoys this little piece of heaven on earth, one need the right ceramic sanitary ware. First, one must install the system together with accessories such as cold water supply tank , vapor generator, thermostatic controls, hoses and other fitting, handles, valves , shower glass seals and rails to hang bathing clothes and towels.

Features of these units

These parts are designed from highly durably and aesthetic materials that give the user and experience of comfort and executive service.

ceramic ware

A combination system allows the user to bathe and therefore has additional parts such as shower valves, water closet, soap dispensing unit and a dressing wall. These are designed to bring out luxury and comfort. These parts are made from shinny material with a supreme metallic luster which gives a high class feel.

At the hearts of this marvelous shower is the steam generator. This is filled with water which is then boiled to form vapor. The unit is made from high quality corrosion free materials. In addition, it is fitted with thermo sensors and thermostatic valve to ensure that it does not heat beyond required temperature.

These systems also have a fragrance dispenser that aerates the washing space and gives different scents depending in user preferences. They are also fitted with plumbing pipes made of stainless steel or chrome platted finish to withstand corrosion which is increased by hot water. The chrome finish also improves the aesthetic appeal.

The units have an integral comfortable seat made from high quality wood. These units are also installed with soap dispensers and a well decorated mirror panel where one can admire himself/ herself as the bathing progresses. These units also come with a hot shower unit with 4-6-8 jet nozzles that sprinkle the water and enhance the bathing after a relaxing bath.