Design Your Dream Home with Ceramic Water Closet

“Civilization began not with the advent of the written language but with the first toilet” The development of the ceramic toilet was closely connected with maintenance of hygiene, but has nowadays been closely linked to the aesthetic appeal and ultimately the value of the home. The water closet has not only a sanitary but also a moral value as some philosophists’ state.

Important Qualities for a Water Closet

When looking for a ceramic water closet, the longer outlook is more preferred than the shorter term objectives. Time and effort is required while sourcing for a suitable sanitation vessel and with the current rigors of our daily lives, this may be impossible. Here are some of the important tips that can be useful while looking for a great water closet.

Water Saving Attributes

The WC is among the main sources of water consumption and therefore important to invest in closets with reduced water usage per flush. There is newer technology that is designed with a two lever flush where one lever releases water for liquid waste and a larger lever for solid waste flushing.

Efficient Fittings

This is the fitting where the water is held. In industry, two fittings are available, the one piece water closet with a built in fitting and the two piece water closet where the fittings are handled separately with the water vessel. The built in style is generally more durable and easier to install while the two piece system gives you the option to personalize and repair.

Sophisticated Design

It is always advisable to opt for neutral colours and plain styles as it makes for easy designing and colour coordination inside the bathroom. This however does not imply that you cannot go for other colours as long as the various items will eventually complement each other. It is also wise to consider the available space for other items.

Reasonable consideration

While it is okay to invest in a pricey ceramic water closet, it is important to remember that there are some brands in the market that produce high quality product at affordable prices. It all comes down to how much you are able to spend and achieve quality and value for money.

Designer Water Closets

With the development of trusted brands in the ceramic water closets market, you can relieve yourself of all worries by just opting to go for the trusted brands and get uncompromised product selection and even a warranty offer. These have been developed with expertise and technology that will be to your advantage.

Water Closet Styles for Your House

European Water Closets

This design of the water closet also called the EWC is basically a sit in toilet with a seat and cover. The cover is closed during the flushing process. Some water is trapped inside the toilet to act as a seal against return of the bad odours and the seal is approximately 50 mm. Classification of these toilets can be based on the water trap design where we have the S trap water closet ( EWC – S) and the P trap water closet ( EWC – P).

Squatting Pan Water Closet or Indian Type WC

This is a toilet used by squatting rather than sitting and the toilet pan and the bowl are at the floor level. The pedestal squat toilet has a height similar to a sitting toilet and can be used interchangeably.