Find out the Competitive Designs Offered by Sanitary Ware Companies in India

The Demand for Improved Sanitary Component Designs

Sanitary ware installation is regarded as bearing equal importance like that of interior or furnishing of a house. Hygienic aspects are paid more attention by people; hence, they do not mind spending little more for sanitary elements. Apart from fresh construction requirements, renovation of house is also appreciated by many. Consumers prefer to pay for improved designs of sanitary wares in terms of colours, pattern, and ease of usage, easy fixation, durability and flexible maintenance. As far as India is concerned, the demand for fashionable and high quality sanitary components is on the increasing mode as people expect international standards from Indian sanitary manufacturers. Though there are options to find imported models through online stores yet, when it comes to pricing finding one from the same locality stays a cost effective option. Indian manufacturers offer quality of sanitary products at affordable prices and as per the customer expectations.

 Competence for world-class designs

Apart from traditional designs there is good reception for international designs produced in India. Italian water closet and Iranian water closet designs are much appreciated for the flush support. These international designs offer hygienic aspect with limited water usage options in flush component with improved designs. Washbowls on the other hand, are made in attractive designs and colours and even with paintings and carvings over it. Buying such designer components certain beautify the private space rather give the impression of a toilet. Internet marketing has paved way to raise the expectation of people to demand for world-class designs in sanitary ware products. Indian manufacturers choose the best production methodology to bring home the same features at affordable manufacturing cost.

Modernity in Indian Sanitary Ware Elements

Best sanitary ware brands in India offers wash room gadgets based on the trend expected by consumers. The series of innovations implemented in sanitary products’ design illustrates the Indian market growth in sanitary ware industry. Wash basins for instance are made in various models such as handcrafted wash basin, rustic series, pedestal wash basins and the sticker series wash basin. Today it is possible to get a toilet or wash room component over a thematic concept matching the painting and flooring options as well.


How Manufacturers Target International Standards while Designing Sanitary Components?

Obtaining international standards in sanitary ware manufacturing was possibly done in terms of choosing the right quality of ceramic. Apart from that, offering competitive designs, easy installation features and durability of the product are also considered part of overall quality of the product. Pricing comes next to quality, durability and design. Sanitary Ware Companies in India will stay convenient to find competitive designs of sanitary ware products at cost effective prices.


Sanitary products are not less constraint when it comes to modernizing homes. People pay equal attention to select the best models of sanitary components to beautify wash rooms and toilets. The need to maintain hygiene as well as appearance has increased the demand for competitive designs and Indian companies stay one of the best in sanitary ware market.

The Significant Beautification Aspects Possible from Water Closet Designs

The Importance of Choosing Water Closet Design for your Residence

Modern construction methods add beautification aspects in living space by giving preference to stylish domestic accessories and designing toilet space plays an important role. With internet exposure, the expectation for renovating home needs has increased a lot. People get inspired by international standards and try to bring the same for their homes. Wash room is not an exception from that. In recent days, with the inception of designer ceramic sanitary wares consumers pay more attention to select modern patterns of water closets, bathing tubs, washing bowels and more ceramic sanitary components. Water closets are available in various forms and sizes and can be selected based on the space available. Moreover, consumers also choose toilet designs in such a way that they get convenient usage even in limited space. Aone House is one of the leading ceramic sanitary ware manufacturing companies which focus on designing wash room components over international standards. One can get variety of water closet designs from this manufacturer and convert their private area to hygienic space.

aonehouse3What are the Possible Ways to Beautify with Water Closets?

Water closets are ceramic sanitary components for daily usage. Though it is used for excretion purpose, maintaining its sanity stays a significant factor to provide hygiene inside the living space. However, in recent days innovative models are introduced in terms of blending different country designs. Similarly, Aone House has surfeit of sanitary ceramic components with which consumers can transform their wash rooms to luxurious ones. Moreover, they have ceramic toilet designs on different sizes and models. Hence, consumers can select many designs pertaining to their convenience and budgets and at the same time find a complete solution to give a neat look to their private areas. For example,

  • Orissa Pan 20 water closet is the simplest model available from Aonehouse. This model is suitable for moderate budget and stays easy to maintain.
  • Italian s-trap and p-strap water closet models are ultimate solution for beautifying your wash room with floor and wall connection respectively. Consumers can stay free from the worries of water consumption and feel the ease of maintenance.
  •  Irani design water closet is little exclusive from western model which remains economic option to control unnecessary quantity of water flushed out.
  • Designer sanitary components are also available at moderate prices. Modern Hand wash bowls with floral designs can match the décor needs perfectly.

Find the Best Sanitary Components from Aone House

Aone House serves the consumers for extreme sanitary requirements with ample designs and colours. They manufacture a range of ceramic gadgets for toilet and export to different countries. Their products are known for variable patterns, designs, quality, international standards and durability. Consumers can find ceramic sanitary products available in modern and convenient designs at wholesale pricing. Their products range includes,

  • Wall hung water closet
  • Twyford WC
  • Bidet Water closet
  • Irani and Italian s/p toilets
  • Orissa toilet pans
  • Modern sticker series, pedestal and hand craft design wash basins, etc.

The wonderful aspect of transforming your washrooms into modern amenities stays over the selection of sanitary components. Ceramic material is a perfect choice for sanitary ware products as both hygiene and modernity can be maintained easily.

Functional and Décor Solutions with Sanitary Ware

The Quest for Branded Sanitary wares-The best alternative for modern look

Sanitary Wares are considered mandatory perquisites of today’s modern home. Space is no more regarded as a matter to renovate the constructed part with ceramic accessories. With the advent of latest technology, implementation of cost effective methods and application of a range materials the market for country specific ceramic accessories for wash rooms has been facing tough competence in places like Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Europe, etc. With the possibilities of imported sanitary items increasing worldwide local companies face challenging competence level to match the demands of consumers. The domestic requirement for ceramic washroom accessories shows greater influence over international trends. Consumers on the other hand wish to invest on branded products; however, some stick to the local brands for issues related to pricing of international brands.

The competence level between international and Indian markets for sanitary component manufacturing

  • When it comes to international market tendencies for sanitary décor solutions, Australia seems to be on the revolutionary mode with good scope for designer ceramic sanitary ware.
  • People prefer to redesign their bathrooms with stylish ceramic sanitary components such as decorative water closets, wash basins with floral designs embedded on it, European, Turkish, Middle East and China sanitary ware markets are lead by Asian ceramic toilet components’ market by 60.2% says many market observation agencies.
  •  The types of products produced with new technologies and features are also the prominent reason for the Asia’s leading position.
  •  India’s contribution is an important one in Asia’ leading position in toilet accessories because of the growth of best sanitaryware brands in India such as Parryware, Hindware, Jaquar, Kohler,etc
  • These brands have been offering different models of ceramic products to make the toilets look graceful.
  • Adoption of international standards is yet another reason for sanitary accessories companies in India to lead the world market.
  • Indian ceramic ware manufacturers find the best solution in terms of material selection, manufacturing method and innovative technologies that saves cost and time of manufacturing.


How to get hold of cost effective brands that offers wash room components at international standards?

The competence level between international and Indian markets for sanitary component manufacturing is on the increasing level. Sanitary ware companies in India are trying to focus their attention towards manufacturing designer ceramic sanitary elements considering the requisites followed in international companies. Design or pricing is not a matter of concern for people residing in India as they have ample choices available at relatively lower cost in India. People prefer to choose glamorous and luxurious look when it comes to wash room décor. Even small space toilets can be transformed with modern amenities with the help of selecting fashionable ceramic sanitary wares. Budget concerned people can choose ceramic products for their washroom renovation from Indian manufacturers. In one way, pricing is relatively cheaper and in another way it is easy for consumers to find designer ceramic components matching global standards however, at cheaper price from Indian market.

Finding décor solutions to add luxury to your wash rooms certainly demands more funds. However, choosing Indian ceramic products is a reliable choice because the consumers can get their desired design in ceramics at comparatively lower price.

Sanitary Ware for Peace and Comfort in Your Home

washbasin-handcraftedVarious factors influence the type of sanitary fixtures in the house or home. These fixtures must rhyme with the theme of the decoration of the house as well as fulfill the functional use for these wares. Among the critical importance of these products is to ensure hygiene as well as safety in the house.

Types of Sanitary Wares

These include;

  • Toilets; various types and designs are available such as one piece toilets, dual flush toilets, close coupled toilets, siphonic toilets, squatting toilets and single bowl toilets. These different designs have different functionalities. The squatting toilets are usually preferred in places with higher traffic of use while the seat toilets for lower traffic. The flushing capabilities are also important distinguishing factors for different types of toilets.
  • Bidgets; these are special sanitary wares generally used for cleaning the private parts of the body. Various types are also available depending on the preferences of the user.
  • Urinals; Used by the male gender. Current designs have detection systems that will trigger a flushing mechanism after use. In areas of greater use a urinal partition is also available.
  • Sinks; consists of basin, tap and drainpipe, and have various uses such as hand washing, washing utensils and washing laundry. Various designs are available such as the pedestal types, wall mounted designs, and the counter sinks.
  • Bath tubs; Used for bathing purposes. Designs vary depending on the preferred lengths and the support installed.

Quality Aspects of Sanitary Ware

The material used in the construction of the sanitary ware determines its quality. Metallic sinks and washbasins are available in various designs but they also require regular maintenance to prevent corrosion in the uncoated surfaces.

The most commonly used material for the sanitary items are the ceramic types, which are made of highly cured clay. Ceramic is usually better in that it is inert in nature and has a greater aesthetic appeal than the metallic types.

Role of Sanitary Ware In House Design and Decoration

The color and design of the sanitary ware in the house can be used to determine the decoration of the house. With the current technological developments, it has been possible to introduce color to the ceramic wares during manufacture.

  • Printed ceramic wares add and exciting look to the kitchen or the bathroom and the choice of colors can be made to match with colors of the wall hangings as well as wall colors.
  • Construction designs such as the shape of the bowl, or the design of the pedestal also gives a good illustration of the decoration of the house.


Sanitary wares are house fixtures, which function to improve hygiene of the house. These fixtures include toilet, bath tubs, bidgets, wash basins and even urinals. The design and the colors used in the construction of these fixtures can improve the decoration of the house thus adding to the comfort of the house.

Various designs available include wash basins with pedestal, printed wares, vitrossa seris, rustic types and wall hanging designs. These designs vary from each other depending on the construction technique as well as the colors applied.

It is also possible to get customized designs from manufacturers that will suit home improvement needs.