Recreate & Redesign Bathroom with Beautiful Sanitarywares

For upgrading and renovating bathroom on quite a tight and limited budget, it is important to find the right pieces to invest which provides better durability and longevity.
Bathrooms are used daily and it’s not absolutely correct to cut- corners on important aspects as it leads to quality compromise. Most often it is considered that designer bathroom creation with best sanitary ware is quite expensive. Budget is very integral and important part and shall be considered as prominent and in priority aspect.
There are few points that we shall keep in mind while renovating your bath area.
Let us first understand different type of sanitarywares and water closet and sanitary ware brands. There are various options available for best sanitary ware in INDIA like Ceramic Sanitary Wares, European type water closet, Indian Water Closet, Orissa pan wc, western closet and many more.
Going for a minimalist design can bring down the cost. Less will always be more is the principle of implementation and no one would regret adopting it. It saves lot of cost and enhance your bath area with less sanitary wares and less cost.
Let us understand different types of ceramic sanitary wares:

  1. Towel Rail Bracket Ceramic Sanitarywares
  2. Ceramic Toilet
  3. Wash down one piece toilet ceramic sanitary ware
  4. Different type ceramic bidget sanitary wares And many more.

There are various types of water closet too like

  1. European type water closet
  2. S Trap EWC Toilet
  3. Half stall urinal
  4. Indian water closet
  5. Western water closet And many more.


To choose inexpensive yet best and good quality faucets, understand the actual need and requirement for your sanitary ware before you start shopping. One can also try to look over in wholesale sanitary ware shops at discounted and cost effective rates or even shop online.
Aone House is amongst one of the best sanitary ware brands in India where you can find one stop solutions for all your faucets and sanitary ware needs and requirements at quite a cost effective rates.
You can find ceramic wash basins at cost effective rates to enhance your bath area. To make your hand washing area more beautiful and live, you can find the wide range of handcrafted wash basins.
Not always you need mega bucks to reinvent, upscale and design your bathrooms. Several tips that can be kept in mind for remodelling ideas:

  • Tiles get expensive. Find few important and particular areas to go for tiles back to limit the amount. Use more of classic plain tiles to reduce any high expense over designer tiles.
  • Paint the remaining areas. This will increase and enhance your bathroom look and also reduces the cost.
  • Redo few things which are usable rather than to plan to buy new things that will help you save lot of money over certain stuff.
  • This will allow you to invest in more important and needed sanitary ware.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares Types and Market in Year 2017

Gone are the days when house sanitary wares played a secondary role in house interior design. Recent interior trends critically analyze all types of ceramic sanitary wares that will be needed in the house, aesthetic value, hygienic value and even their effect on the space utilization in the house.

Nowadays everybody is keen in selection of sanitary wares for the various rooms in the house. They always help you create the desired look in the house. These sanitary wares include  Wash basins, Wash basin with pedestal, Water Closets, One piece toilet, Two piece toilet, Close couple toilet, Squatting pan, Urinals, Bathroom Accessories and many more.

Need For Variety 

With the revolution in interior design, there has been increased innovation and creativity in manufacturing and sales of sanitary wares. Creative and functional wares are now dominating the market and designers are spoilt for choice when developing the interior décor style. Now you can easily adorn your hygiene wares and ceramic bathroom fittings in the style of your liking with ease.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares

Demand Shift

The increasing shift in demand towards residential housing estates, rather than own homes has created a good demand in ceramic sanitary wares. Sanitary ware wholesalers and manufacturers have been very proactive in support of these mega housing projects by availing the whole range of sanitary wares as the demand requires. Some of the heavily demanded products from the sanitary ware wholesalers include;

Commercial Sanitary Wares

There is a complete range of commercial sanitary wares including basins, urinals, plumbing systems available from the sanitary ware wholesalers. These one stop wholesalers are ideal for property developers who are able to benefit from bulk purchases of all the required installations.

Black Sanitary Wares

The trend of black sanitary wares is gradually coming back and seems quite pretty. Black being the unconventional color for dominance it requires good design. When well done as is the case nowadays it creates an extremely stunning and sophisticated interior. Different hues are available and it may also be mixed with other colors to make it more stylish.




Shires Sanitary Wares

The shires brand of sanitary wares is also among the most demanded and stocked ceramics. To bring out the best in your bathroom solutions, style and quality is paramount.

Classic sanitary wares in stock are used in premises to provide an excellent look in the premises. Some of the defining features of the classic sanitary wares include the rugged and sturdy construction that gives them a long life and ease of maintenance. The sanitary wares are also made with the scratch proof quality of material that is also impact resistant and has a perfect finish.

From the wholesalers, a wide range of sanitaire are available including the plumber sanitary wares, cabinet wash basins and a whole range of plumber fittings are available.

The market for the ceramic products continues to grow around the world. In the Indian alone it is expected to grow by over 12 %. The main drivers of this growth are the rapid increase in demand for housing.

In line with this trend, the ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers and sanitary ware wholesalers are focusing on innovation and creativity to maintain the market share.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares – Quality Products Bring Complete Makeover to Your Home

Sanitary facilities are important part of our homes both aesthetically and functionally. Since the age of man, sanitation has been an important part of mankind and requires all care and attention. Sanitary wares, like any other product and installation require care and maintenance. In rental facilities, there is more rapid degradation of sanitary facilities that may arise from misuse and mis-handling of products. Replacement of sanitary wares requires careful consideration of the type of product, usage and installation process.

Bathroom Ideas on Sanitary Wares

Several factors influence your choice of bathroom style and sanitary wares to use on them. These may include your budget, style and theme of your house and even your personal preferences.

Types of Water Closets

There are various types and designs of water closets in industry. They may be largely classified according to the sitting position as;

  • European water closets, which are also called western style (WC or the EWC toilet) they are designed to take the sitting position while in usage.
  • Squatting pan ( designed to be used in the squatting position)

From this classification, further innovations have been made on these designs and these are;

WC Health: designed to combine the sitting comfort with the health benefits of the squatting pan hygiene considerations. The sitting height is from 22-25 cm from the ground.

EWC Toilet – this is the western water closet designed for sit in and comes with the seat and cover and the flushing tank attached to it. The height is from 50- 55 cm and must withstand up to 400 kgs without damage.

S & P Traps EWC Toilet Types

This is toilet design based on the position of the piping. The S trap is recommended for ground floor installations when piping is done from below ground level, while the p trap is best for piping done on the top floors where the pipe line cannot be done under the toilet. Further classification on these can be done such as;

  • Floor mounts toilets
  • Wall hung toilets

Classification of sanitary wares can also be based on the type of seat cover whereby we may have the hard close or the soft close seat covers.

They may also be designed with concealed or visible trap ways. Concealed trap ways are more classic in appearance and may attract a higher cost than the visible trap ways.

Indian Water Closets

Sanitary ware companies in India have endeavored to design and develop ceramic sanitary wares fitting all types of house designs and themes. Indian water closets have been well designed with different types of bends systems such as S,U, J. and P bends that are able to allow good water retention and there is complete elimination of any foul smell that may occur.

For the mega construction and housing developers, wholesale sanitary wares are offered by the sanitary ware companies in India and distributors, creating a one stop shop for all your requirements. Designing your house requires good analysis of the ceramic sanitary wares that will be required.

Sanitary Ware Manufacturers – Perfected the Art of Ceramic Production

There has been a steady and rapid growth in the sanitary wares market in the last 5-6 years. This trend has prompted manufacturers to enhance their production facilities to a point where the combined output of these products has more than doubled. Some of the major ceramic sanitary products manufacturers include;  

Aone House

Aone House is a world leader in ceramics and sanitary ware products. It is a high quality sanitary wares exporter based in Gujarat India. The company offers a wide range of products including pedestal wash basins European water closets, table top wash basins and much more. These products have been recognized for their elegance and perfection in the market.

Sanitary Ware Manufacturers

Hindustan Sanitary Ware Limited – Hindware

Hindustan Sanitary Ware Limited is a renowned company in the field of ceramics and sanitary wares. The company is the leader in manufacturing of ranges of ceramic sanitary wares including bathroom wellness products such as bathtubs, showers, high end water closets, tiles, bath fittings and many other related products. With over 50 years manufacturing experience, the company has maintained the lead in quality production and has received various awards in quality management, quality interior ceramic products and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Cera Sanitary Ware Limited – Cera

Cera Sanitary Ware Limited is well established in India with a wide range of sanitary ware products such as faucets, tiles, wash basins, one piece and two piece toilets, kitchen sinks, squatting pans, waterless urinals, soap trays, plastic cisterns and wall hung basins. The company has also invested in technology and innovation to create a vast national and international market for these products.


Parryware Roca India – Parryware

Parryware Roca India prides itself in product design, technology and sustainable development. It has a total of seven manufacturing plants that are strategically located in India to maximize production and efficiency in the company operations. These are for manufacturing of vitreous china products, faucets and plastic bathroom accessories. Some of the flagship products include water closets, kitchen sinks, seat covers, electronic toilets, shower trays, shower cabins and many other products.


The company prides itself in a wide range of products in various categories. In the toilets category, the have the one piece toilet, close coupled, wall hung, wall faced toilets, seat covers and many more. The company has also developed innovative designs of wash basins including wall hung, wall faced and even the floor mounted ceramic wash lets that create a wonderful look to your house.

RAK Ceramics India: RAK

RAK Ceramics India is a globally recognized manufacturer of ceramic products including floor tiles, bathroom sanitary products and various types of lavatories. The products include wall hung and floor mounted designs, regular, bowl and counter ceramic wash basins, Urinals and urinal partitions, seat and covers (PVC single flush, faucets, and wash basins with pedestal)

Duravit Sanitary ware Pvt Ltd – Duravit

Duravit Sanitary ware is another well-established company in sanitary ware manufacturing. The company is distinguished for superior design and functional ceramic ware products. The company has continuously engaged in innovation and drive towards new production technologies and product design. You can get excellent bathroom designs, wash basins and wash areas, shower trays, bath tubs and a complete range of bathroom well ness products.

Other innovative product manufacturers include Tessa Sanitary ware (Eros), Bell ceramic collections, Axor and Jaguar PVT Companies, all of which deliver excellent and long lasting ceramic sanitary ware products.

Internal Industry Factors Affecting Development and Expansion of Sanitary Wares Market

History has shown that the human race cannot do without comfort, and luxury living, and sanitary wares have been important materials that deliver luxurious living.

Current Research and Development in Ceramics

The various developments in ceramics have also brought about changes in the manufacturing processes of ceramics. Ceramics are inorganic non-metallic solids that can function in a broad range of applications. The current research and development goes beyond various fields such as engineering, electronics as well as aerospace.

manufacturers of ceramic sanitary ware

Analyzing the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Global Ceramic Industry

The strengths and weaknesses of the global ceramic industry can be analyzed in various ways. For instance some governments from various countries have commitments to ensure high level of competition within their economic sectors that stimulate market expansion. This has made businesses become globally competitive and recognized due greater visibility and penetration into various continents.

The strengths and weaknesses of the global ceramic industry analysis the regulations, that enable the ceramic industry to develop quickly. So far, there are many factors that affect business operations in the ceramic industry. Such factors include economic factors, financial factors as well as climatic factors. The ceramic sanitary ware normally consists of wash basins, urinals, cisterns and bidets. The ceramic wares have the ability of maintaining hygiene and are strong in nature.

Global Expansion Opportunities for Sanitary Wares

This industry has had a high expected demand over the years in various countries. The ceramic wares industry is segmented in raw materials such as ball clay and quartz. This segmentation has enabled global competition and expansion opportunities across all borders.

In recent years, ceramic sanitary ware has been used in construction of offices and in public transportation and also in investments. The ceramic sanitary ware industry is very competitive and it has several international and regional providers. Some of the key vendors in the ceramic sanitary wares have made impact in all corners of the world and not exhausted the market potential yet. The products are important for our daily lives. These wares are able to enhance the looks and value of the place where they are put.

Factors Affecting Global Competition among Manufacturers

Sanitary wares are of different designs, colors and styles. Since the wares are of delicate nature, it is important that they are handled with care. One should also ensure that the wares are well certificated upon purchase so as to avoid buying products that are not genuine. Genuine ceramic ware products do not consist of cracks or inconsistent surfaces. Quality, affordability and durability have been major areas driving competition.

These products require proper handling especially when installing them and handling them. In most countries there has been a vast growth of the ceramic sanitary ware products. The reasons for the increase in these products are the rapid demand especially from the building and construction sector. For most people the ceramic sanitary ware give a luxurious feel and especially to the homes. Having such products within ones home portrays wealth and an improved standard of living.

The manufacturers of ceramic sanitary wares have also been able to renovate their designs and styles so as to suit the preferences of most people. The current designs include water storage sets, wash basins, bath tubs and more. The ceramic ware business is in the boom for many people in most countries.

African Countries – Potential Demand of Indian Ceramic Sanitary Ware Products

According to a recent report on ceramic and sanitary ware market, India holds the number three position in the list of top 10 ceramic tiles producers all over the world. That has a great impact on the market of Indian sanitary wares in the other countries; especially in the African nations. There are lots of countries like Nigeria or Algeria where one can find a huge demand of these products. The Indian sanitary ware market experiences a rapid growth because of that demand. The growth of construction and infrastructure industry in these countries is mainly responsible for that demand. The Indian sanitary ware manufacturers do not want to miss the chance of grabbing that huge market.

Demand of Ceramic Sanitary Wares in Algeria

Algeria is one of those African countries that have been experiencing a steady growth in the infrastructure and construction industry since last few years. The real industry is growing fast too. This growth makes the high demand for top class sanitary wares an obvious thing. Thus, the construction and development companies need supreme quality ceramic sanitary wares in Algeria for their upcoming projects. That requirement is fulfilled neatly by the Indian manufacturers of ceramic sanitary wares.

Nigeria – Potential Buyer of Indian Sanitarywares

The quality of Indian sanitary wares is very highly demanded in Nigeria. They are built of the finest quality ceramic and other materials. They are rich in style and look. These products can enhance the look of any toilet and bathroom. Thus, the number of potential buyers of these items is increasing day by day in the African countries. Nigeria is one such country where you can find a lot of potential buyers of Indian sanitary wares. This is the 5th country in the list of the top ten buyers of the sanitary wares all over the world. The growing real estate business provides great support to that. There are hotels and other constructions where high-class sanitary wares are required.

Indian Ceramic Sanitary Ware in African Countries

Infrastructure Developments Increasing Demands of Sanitarywares in Egypt and Libya

Egypt and Libya are considered as the linking countries between Africa and the Middle East. The matter of the infrastructure development increases the demand for high-quality sanitary wares in these countries too. There are lots of new roads and other constructional projects developing in Egypt and Libya. Good growth in real estate business can be noticed too. Thus, the overall demand for sanitary wares increases very quickly in these countries. Here also India becomes the dominant exporter of these products.

Looking for Quality Ceramic Sanitary Ware Manufacturers in South Africa?

The lifestyle of South Africa has changed a lot in the last 25 years. The country becomes one of the favorite travel destinations for the tourists of all over the world. That makes the hotel and real estate business a growing one in this region. Therefore, the demand for high quality and luxury bathroom accessories is very high in this country. People like to buy products that are durable and look classy. The Indian manufacturers of bathroom accessories and sanitary wares are among the top exporters of these items in South Africa.

Ceramic Sanitary Ware Global Industry Analysis, Trends and Future

Development of the global economy and improved status of living has been a major contributor to the growth in demand of ceramic sanitary wares. The upsurge in real estate developments across the globe has enhanced this demand.

Additional micro factors enhancing the demand pull of ceramics is lower energy costs and labor costs, which make production easier and manageable. Changing preferences among consumers towards luxury products of higher value has also caused a significant shift in the demand curve. Luxury ceramic hygienic wares include spas, shower systems, bigger sized baths and saunas.

According to research, the Asian continent and pacific regions are global leaders in production due to lower production costs and a high number of small to medium scale manufacturers. Likewise, these regions have the greatest demand for the products followed by Europe and the Americas.

Segmentation of the market

Certain elements of manufacturing and usage have led to segmentation of the market these are classified as;

  • Manufacturing technology; here there are two important techniques and these are slip castings and those done by pressure casting. The slip casted products have greater market share as compared to pressure castings.
  • Type of products; these include under and over counter wash basins, wall mounted, semi counter, and pedestal types.
  • Closets ; Water Closets are the high and low level types as well as the closed systems
  • Bidets; the over-rim and rim type bidets.

Certain geographical regions have preference for particular designs of these products, which has resulted to this kind of segmentation.

Future of Ceramics

Innovative Designs are Important Demand Drivers

The changing shifts in lifestyles especially in the United States market has led to development of casual lifestyles creating a shift from traditional shapes and colors to more customized designs. The development of platinum and gold colors for decorations in up market sectors have created a new demand that was not previously there. Similarly, pastel and citrus decorations have greatly boosted the dinnerware market segment.

Future of ceramics

There is great expectation that the market for the ceramic wares will continue to grow in leaps and bounds. The Asia- pacific region is expected to retain its dominance in the market for the next 3 years. From a production of over 325 million units in the year 2014, the production is expected to hit 445 million units by the close of the year 2016. Production reports indicate that the Asian market share could increase by up to 52% with that of Europe following at 18 % market share.

The Asian continent is also expected to maintain its dominance in production volume due to continued innovation in the regional powerhouses like India and Thailand.

Emerging Markets

The developing nations are also important emerging markets such as the construction boom in Brazil, rapid development in china and the real estate markets in some African nations. In the Americas the market is almost mature and the largest number of sales come from the renovations and redesigning.

New designs of ceramic sanitary ware brands have also emerged from the top producers to create variety and better aesthetic appeals for the user. The future of this industry is therefore great and promising as more and more innovations keep developing.

Required Infrastructure for Ceramic Industry

Room for Growth of Ceramic Manufacturing

Ceramic is an exceptional material that had been in use since oldest culture. It was particularly applied for designing utensils for food storage and we can find different storage products used during those years made from ceramics. Now, the trend has been extended to sanitary ware manufacturing as this material prove to be an ideal component. In addition, there is tremendous increase in manufacturing sector in tune with construction sector.

Room for Growth of Ceramic Manufacturing

Competing Development through Infrastructure Support

To meet the growing requirements of sanitary wares from different types of infrastructure works we can find healthy competence amidst many brands across the world. People have come forward to choose products which bear international qualities. They expect trend in living styles and this can be considered as one of the factors that urges manufacturers to find more growth prospects in infrastructure of ceramic companies to include new projects so that, they can meet multiple demands.

Competing Development through Infrastructure Support

Consistent Raw material Supply

When it comes to required infrastructure, consistent supply of raw materials remains one of the main prerequisites. Successful production and timely dispatch of produce can be obtained if the raw material quality is reliable and supply takes place on time. These include kaolinite, feldspar, clay, quartz sand, etc. These are combined and homogenized and unsoiled and obtained in the form of slurry. This is a long process and the presence of ingredients in correct proportion is mandatory for producing quality ceramic sanitary components.

Consistent Raw material Supply

Modern Equipments for Designing Process

Equipments come next in the row, when it comes to industrial structure. In recent days to meet the demand of ceramic merchandize, many competitive companies have shifted over to plaster moulds and make use of special pouring process.

Modern Equipments for Designing Process

Technical Assistance for Firing Method

Equipment or machinery support can be added starting from removal of impurities from ingredients to mixing, pouring, heating and finally conveyors to dispatch finished produce. Some of the important technically supportive machinery which can also useful for increased production are kiln, kiln car conveyance, batching, handling, heating drying, etc. Wherein, kiln stays most important as the homogenous mixture of ingredients is poured into the moulds and sends for heating into this device at 1240⁰C to get strong produce.

Sources Added for Ignition Requisites

Gas stays the prime fuel to be applied for firing molded merchandize. Sufficient gas supply is considered one of the foremost requirements for uninterrupted production. Since the potential of this material bear excellent thermal stability, gas remains a superior source to fulfill ignition requisites.

Sources Added for Ignition Requisites

Computerized Analysis of High Profile Designs

Advanced production equipments with the provision of computer aid is also been applied in many manufacturing sectors to bring out high profile designs. Aone House is one of the leading manufacturers in India who make bathroom ceramic accessories with the help of technically well built devices.

Setting Things under One Roof-Quality Assurance and Hygienic Aspects

Considering the above prospects, it is quite clear that quality assurance and hygienic aspects have also to be regarded for flawless production.


A good infrastructure should contain all these things including the list of prerequisites discussed above. These aspects can help for flawless manufacturing of washroom accessories, reduce material wastage and save time in production. Apart from that, technical assistance is considered mandatory to meet the growing demand.

Important Ingredients of Sanitary wares that Shape the New Era of Delicacy in Sanitation

Nature of Basic Ceramic

Ceramic is a non-metallic solid material which is heated in high temperature to obtain different shapes and the same is then allowed for cooling to stay in the expected shape. They are crystalline or glass like in nature and in earlier days it was also applied in pottery.

Ceramic Type Applied in Sanitary Wear Production

Ceramic is of different types and there are specific varieties of ceramics that are exclusively applied for creating sanitarywares. White ware is a kind of large category in ceramic types and contains vitreous and glass like ingredients suitable for making sinks and toilet gadgets. It is a non-conductor of electricity and compatible for making products in tricky shapes.

Changes in Material Selection and Construction Toilet Components

Whiteware is classified into three main varieties based on its properties. The stoneware is one among them that is semi vitreous in nature where glass and solid phases form into micro structure giving it glossy finish which is also easy to maintain. Sanitaryware as well as tableware are made from this new type of material.

Stylish Wash Room Gadgets and New Era in Creativity

More and more stylish wash room gadgets are on the move today to meet the variable and higher level of consumer expectations. Starting from pedestal series to rustic series, and from designer wash basins to advanced water closets, sticker series or hand craft series, there are many numbers of toilet accessories in ceramic material.

Buy ceramic sanitary ware

Glossy Finish for Modern Look and Easy Maintenance

Glaze is the kind of layer that provides the glossy texture to the product. It is not used in conventional types of sanitary components as it is one of the recent technologies introduced in toilet components to provide excellent smooth texture and shining appearance for long period of time.

Materials Applied in Forming Glaze

Glaze is formed in terms of blending different but naturally available materials such as quarts sands, limestone, feld spars, cobalt pigments, and iron compounds. Apart from these ingredients, zirconium silicate and tin oxide are also used to obtain softened glaze which by heating at high temperature becomes flexible to make stylish sanitary wares.

How Ingredients improve Sanitation Level?

Glaze technique is a versatile one with which higher range of sanitation aspects like moisture resistant and easy maintenance. These components also stay effective for long term usage. In addition to that, wash room components made from glaze technology bring great value for the money you invest.

Ceramic SanitaryWare Brand Importance

Choosing the right brand is more important while we go for buying ceramic sanitary wares. Aone House, a well-known Indian company offers branded sanitary components designed by professional designers. We have unlimited varieties of washroom friendly devices suiting different tastes of consumers.


In recent days sanitary components are made from trying different techniques and by adding high capacity ingredients which help manufacturers to design innovative models of wash room products as well as support consumers in feeling the flexibility of maintaining sanity.

Designer Ceramic Wash Basins Presented by Aone House

May 23, 2013,

Surendranagar, Gujarat, India

A wash basin is a kind of a plumbing fixture that is bowl-shaped and it is used in hand washing, washing of dishes and washing of the face too. There are big ones too used in bathing. These are mostly found in the bedroom. The wash basins can be found in almost modernized homes with more than one bedroom. In itself, a wash basin adds the social status of the homes. The purposes these structures serve are diverse and different likewise to their sizes, shapes and design. Some people prefer when their wash basins are in the toilets, others in the bathroom or for others, just in the general hallway. In considering what type to buy, Aone House – A leading name in Sanitary ware manufacturer in Guarat, India presenting the wide array of stylish & luxurious sanitarywares like wash basins, water closets, urinal and bathroom accessories with variety of designs, colors, size, shape and style that not only decorate your home but also improve the sanitation values in your life. Aone house suggesting few parameters, one must check before selecting any designer ceramic wash basin.

  • The type of the basin and whether it suits your expectations.
  • The cost of the basin.
  • The rate of flexibility.

Aone house offers the designer ceramic wash basin that covers all the aspects mentioned above.

Wash basins can be used of a number of dynamic ways. For one, if it is found within a bedroom, the wash basin, can be used as a means by which to add value to the bedroom. Secondly, a wash basin provides for much easier methods into activities such as washing of the face, washing of hands by guests in the house and washing and rinsing dishes accordingly. This is because, the wash basins are served with water through a water tap which makes it more convenient than the traditional method of using a jug and a basin manually to perform these tasks. Consequently, wash basins can be used in take baths peacefully without any interruptions. Among the bed-ridden people and the aged in the society, a wash basin is extremely essential to enable the paper be done. Finally, the basins provide convenience and ensure the safety of the child when bathing. At Aone House we take care of all above important features while designing the ceramic wash basin. Check varieties of sanitary wares at Aone House.

There are several types of wash basins that we offer at Aone House, which are in use today and designed to meet the customers’ needs. Besides, innovations are still being carried out to make more durable and comfortable basins. These types include:

  • Bowl basin: This is bowl-shaped and as expected this bowl is the most deepest in size.
  • Wall-hung wash basins: it is affixed to the wall and usually appear to be liked by many people. Depending on where it is hung, it can be most appropriate for children around the age of 5 years to use.
  • Pedestal basin: It is the most classic among all with style and grandeur exuded on it. However, it lacks adequate storage system.

So, when you decided to shop best quality of basin, what do you consider? This is the best question to ask. In this case, at Aone House we can help you better with variety of basins that can suit better your requirement. Aone House also have the online presence and store that shows multiple designs and style for your better selection. If you want to see some of the best styles and design visit at –

About Aone House

Aone House is a leading sanitary wares manufacturer in India offering high quality ceramic sanitary ware products to meet the residential as well as commercial sanitation requirements. The manufacturer designs sanitary ware products like ceramic wash basins, water closets and various bathroom accessories according to the best standards in the industry. A wide range of ceramic sanitary ware products in different designs, size, shapes and colors are provided at cost effective price at Aone House.

For further details about Aone House, please contact at


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