Designer Ceramic Sanitary Ware – To Build Bathroom of Your Dreams

There are various important activities like bathing, washing and excretion which need to be carried out in a bathroom. All these activities need to be done properly in order to prepare you for your rest of the day. Thus, it becomes very much important to have a comfortable bathroom with modern facilities so that you can complete your tasks quickly and comfortably. When it comes to selecting designer ceramic sanitary ware for your bathroom, there are many things to consider like comfort, hygiene, durability, size, shape etc., so that it suits to your requirement and space of your bathroom.

Your dream bathroom can be the combination of different sanitary ware which can be used as briefed below:-

Ceramic Water Closets

Basically there are two types of closets, squat closet and European style closet. There are advantages and disadvantages of using both of them. People have their own preferences while selecting a water closet. Some prefer ceramic Indian water closet whereas, some prefer European style water closet. Most of the people nowadays use European water closet due to its comfort but using squat water closet has its own health benefits. The technologies like jet washers and eco washers have added extra comfort to European style water closets and so majority of people use either European water closet S trap or European water closet P trap.

Ceramic Wash Basins

There is a wide variety of ceramic wash basins available in the market of different designs like handcrafted wash basins, sticker wash basins and rustic wash basins. You can select the wash basin suiting to the theme and overall colour of the walls and furniture of your bathroom. If you want to give a traditional look to your bathroom, then you can select a handcrafted wash basin and if you need to give a modern look to your bathroom, you can select a rustic style wash basin with pedestal which will add an extra glory to your bathroom.


If you are designing wash rooms in a shopping mall, then you may require buying urinals for gents bathroom as they occupy less space and can accommodate several people at the same time. A wide range of ceramic urinals of different designs are provided by sanitary ware manufacturers in India and you can select amongst them as per your requirements and preferences.

Bathroom Accessories

While designing a bathroom of your dreams, you also need to consider bathroom accessories carefully like soap dish, tissue paper holder, towel rack, shelf etc. as per the overall design of your bathroom.

There are other things also like ceramic building materials, plumbing materials, hardware materials etc., which you need to choose carefully while designing your dream bathroom. Just select a ceramic sanitary ware provider, offering only best quality sanitary ware of international standards so that your bathroom is not only aesthetically beautiful but is also durable and long lasting. If the ceramic sanitary ware you use is attractive but not of good quality, many accidents can occur in a bathroom which can be dangerous for you and your family both. Thus, select only the best Ceramic sanitary ware manufacturer in Gujarat, India and that is Aone House.

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Change in International Sanitaryware Business

In earlier times, bathrooms or rest rooms were not given as much importance as they are given today as far as aesthetic appearance is concerned. Now people prefer a bathroom which is not only functional but also appealing in design. This can be achieved only with the help of designer sanitaryware which suits to the area of the bathroom. In the 18th Century, a bathroom was situated in the outskirts of a property in which China basins with water jugs were used for washing. Then, in the 19th century, the bathrooms were built inside the property which gave an ease to the people but at that time comfort was the priority and not the aesthetic look. But during 20th century design of a bathroom became very much important for the people. Now, in 21st century, people not only require extraordinary look but also quick functionality in a bathroom. Over the period of time, design, structure and concept of bathroom has become very much important. Thus, the preferences of sanitary ware have changed over the period of time internationally. Life has become so hectic that people have started using the things through which the tasks can be completed faster. Sanitary ware cannot be ignored in this matter. The squat toilets were replaced by European style water closets just because of ease in using and flushing. This change in preferences affected the sanitary ware business worldwide. Now, people all over the world prefer to build well functional, trendy and decorative bathrooms which were not considered important in ancient times. Bathroom is also considered important part of a house as sanitation is must for every individual in the society. Due to these reasons, the manufacturers of sanitary ware worldwide had to upgrade their sanitaryware products suiting to the demand of people. Aone House as a leading exporter of sanitaryware from India, very well understands the high quality life style prevailing in today’s society and designs sanitary ware products accordingly. This is the reason why, we are exporting sanitary ware to more than 120 countries as listed below.
The people of each and every country have a different kind of life style and Aone House has been successful in understanding that and providing sanitary ware products which are as per their requirements. The below mentioned are the aspects which Aone House has always given importance to while designing sanitary ware:-

Comfort: - Comfort is the primary requirement of any person when it comes to bathroom. If the sanitary ware and its components are not made of high quality then they cannot be durable which can result to accidents in bathroom and discomfort. Sometimes, the situation can be quite embarrassing if any of your visitors and guests is using the bathroom.

Quality Ceramic Sanitary Ware: - Aone House believes in providing only quality ceramic sanitaryware because it can add luxury, design and modern touch to any bathroom. If the ceramic sanitary ware is not of high quality, it can break and cause damages to the people using it.

Thus, always buy quality ceramic sanitary ware from a sanitary ware company in Gujarat, India, offering export quality sanitary ware products like Aone House as they very well understand the changes in demands relating to sanitary ware globally and design their sanitary ware products accordingly.

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An Overview of Sanitaryware Companies in India

India is a large country with dense population and thus the demand of sanitary ware is also at hike. There are many households, industries, office and etc which demand sanitary ware for their wash rooms. Sanitation is the basic necessity of every human being and due to the increase in the population, the demand of sanitary ware is also increasing. There is lot of difference between sanitary ware used in 1991 and the sanitary ware used in 2012 and this change is going to be continuous as people are fond of changes as far as luxury is concerned. Sanitary ware which was once upon a time just a necessity is now more than that. People nowadays, demand designer and decorative sanitary ware which can enhance the look of the overall bathroom. It should not only be beautiful but the shapes and sizes of the sanitary ware should be such that they suit the washroom space and give ultimate comfort while using it. Keeping these demands in mind, the sanitary ware companies in India, design Indian water closet, wash basins, urinals, water closets and other bathroom accessories accordingly.

To fulfill the growing demands, the sanitary ware companies in India have experienced tremendous growth and doubled their production capacity. The companies have also upgraded their machines and systems, so that they can fulfil the trendy demands relating to sanitary ware in the Indian market. There are many sanitary ware products supplied by the sanitary ware companies in India like water closets, urinals, wash basins with pedestals and without pedestals, cisterns etc., but amongst all these products, the water closets also known as toilets are high in demand. Annually, 103 million units of water closets are manufactured. All these water closets, vary in size, colours, design and price. As the demand for high quality ceramic sanitary ware in India is increasing, the sanitary ware manufacturers in India are implementing latest technologies like high pressure casting technology, in order to fulfil the demand in India as well as other foreign countries. Another reason of increase in demand of ceramic sanitary ware in India is the rise in real estate market. As the sanitary ware companies in India are bringing innovative changes in the production of sanitary ware, they are not only experiencing increase of demand in India but also other countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa etc., which has made India as a hub of sanitary ware manufacturers and exporters.

By the year of 2016, the ceramic sanitary ware market it expected to grow to 442.5 million units and above all the compounded annual growth rate of 6.4% is going to be there. It has been expected that Asian ceramic sanitary ware is going to dominate this industry as there is constant growth of this industry in China, India etc. Many countries in New Zealand, Europe, Africa etc., are demanding high quality ceramic sanitary ware from India and the manufacturers of Ceramic sanitary ware in India are capable enough to fulfil those demands due to improvement in production technologies introduced which has resulted to quick production using less manpower.

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Why to Utilize Latest Sanitaryware for Your Bathroom?

Sanitary ware is an essential requirement in every house in order to maintain hygiene. When it comes to bathroom design, everyone today wants to have stylish bathrooms installed with posh, user friendly and sophisticated fixtures and plumbings. Compared to dull conventional models which are available in standard colors, designs and size, the modern sanitarywares are quite different. They have got elegance and are available in plethora of designs, shapes, colors and sizes and can well meet the customized requirements of the home makers. Home makers can now get a stylish bathroom all well set into the styling requirements as per their choice. With latest sanitary installations in home, the residents can get better hygiene and also have a comfortable and clean lifestyle without any odd problems like foul smell, blockage of pipes etc which are common with conventional models.

Almost every modern sanitaryware product is available today in attractive user friendly features which cannot be found in earlier models. The modern sanitary ware products are much comfortable to use and are also easier to clean. For example, in conventional water closets there were no modern features like flush valves, integral traps, jet washers etc as found in the modern closets. The latest water closets are no more odd to use or stinking fixtures. They are available in smell sealing features and come in variant styles, designs and colors to suit the interiors of a bathroom. There are wall mounted models, floor mounted models, squatting style closets, sophisticated flush style European water closets, ceramic water closets, closets made of steel or plastic materials, open rim models, box rim models and various other varieties available for installation as per choicest requirements of a home maker. The wall mounted closets are wall fixed and can therefore save up the space consumed in a bathroom. These are perfect for smaller bathrooms where space is a constraint. Similarly each and every modern sanitary ware product including wash basins, urinals and various types of bathroom accessories can be got in plethora of forms and styles. You can find modern sanitary fixtures in compact as well as luxurious designs and therefore it is possible to select fixtures considering the size of your bathroom. By opting to install latest sanitaryware fixtures, you can get an advantage of wide variety to select in order to make best choice of fixtures which can well complement the interiors of your bathroom.

The modern sanitaryware are decorative fixtures. Designer sanitary ware like designer rustic wash basins, stylish Italian and Irani style water closets etc are the current trend among the bathroom sanitary fixtures today. These are elegant fixtures available in stylish hand crafted designs, stickers designing and also colourful rustic models. Customized hand crafted sanitary ware are made of skilful weaving of design and high quality ceramics and are just the finest fixtures which can uplift the look of almost every kind of bathroom interiors.

Innovative technology, high end processing facilities and high quality raw materials and international standards is what most of the modern sanitary ware manufacturers are implementing for development of sanitation products. Therefore with latest sanitary ware you are sure to get benefit of latest technology and quality. With latest sanitary ware fixtures installed in your bathroom, you can make your bathrooms luxurious places where you can unwind your stress and spend some quality time with yourself.

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Why to Select European Water Closet While Designing a Modern Bathroom?

A water closet is an essential requirement of every bathroom. It is an important fixture installed in bathroom for disposal of human waste. Maintaining hygiene is very easy with modern water closets which are available with extra features like jet washers, flush valves etc.  The water closets today come in different styles, colors and sizes and therefore can be installed in bathrooms as per specific requirements. There are the three basic styles of closets available in market – squatting Indian style water closets, pedestal European water closets and anglo-Indian closets which combine the features of both pedestal and squatting closets. However the demand for European closets is a bit higher than the others.

A European water closet is a kind of flush toilet which resembles a chair. This is a chair like fixture which is comfortable to use and also appears elegant when installed in a bathroom.

A contemporary bathroom with stylish and sophisticated fixtures is what everyone desires in their home. If you are looking for the same and going for a bathroom redesign in your existing home, then European style water closet can be the best choice for below reasons.


You can get European closets in different material makes but ceramic designs are preferred because of their stylish finish, design variance and durability. Unlike other forms ceramic water closets are easy to clean and have very smooth finished surfaces. The ceramic water closets like the ones made of porcelain are more resistant to bacterial build up as compared to those made of other materials. This bacteria resistance feature is very important characteristic for a fixture especially like closet which is installed in the bathroom, the area where germs can run a real rampant. You can get a ceramic European water closet in different colors and therefore can find easily one which can well match the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Smell Sealing with Integral Traps

The modern European closets come with integral traps in them and therefore help in sealing up of the foul gases which otherwise can spread out in living areas and cause inconvenience to the residents. This is just not a problem with these European style flush closets which are incorporated with either an S or P shaped bend in them. These bends are called traps. Traps are important components of every closet and are installed either below or usually within a closet plumbing fixture to prevent sewer gases from entering our living areas. These traps retain a small amount of water and therefore create a water seal in the toilet bowl to stop foul gases spread out. Therefore a European water closet S-trap or P-trap can be choice for your bathroom.

Better Space Availability in Bathroom

You can get a European closet best to suit your bathroom size and space availability. If your bathroom is pretty small and space is your prime necessity, go for wall mounted models. The wall mounting water closets are more convenient for operation. Cleaning the bathroom floor is pretty easy and you can maintain the toilet space very neat and clean always with such installations. On the other hand for larger bathrooms floor mounted models with either open rim or box rim can go well for aesthetic look and easy use in bathroom.

Better Hygiene

European flush style water closets are available in models with easy and efficient flushing features and therefore can be ideal choice for your new bathroom for better hygiene. These are available in two styles – open rim and box rim models. The box rim closets are usually available with glazing in the inner parts of the rim and much better flushing capability than the open rim models. These are a better choice with regard to cleanliness and hygiene factors as compared to the open rim models.

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The Designer Ceramic Sanitaryware Used in Middle East

Middle East always boasts about the modern trends whether it is politics or fashion. In a similar manner, the sanitaryware used in Middle East is also supposed to be modern, trendy and excellent in functionality. As in other products, there are continuous improvements to facilitate people, so the sanitaryware in bathroom which is used in our day to day life also requires improvements. Sanitary ware is something without which we cannot spend even our one day. Everybody has different requirements as far as sanitaryware is concerned. Some people require simple sanitaryware with good functionality but some people like designer sanitary ware also known as decorative sanitary ware which includes hand crafted wash basins, colourful and designer water closets etc. To make the bathroom look beautiful, the bathroom is supposed to have all elements like wash basin, water closets, urinals, bathroom accessories, tiles etc., which gel with each other very well. In Middle East, people are very much conscious about the interiors of the house and give lot of importance to the bathroom design because bathroom is an essential part of a house. People in Middle East live a luxurious life and so they choose only the best quality sanitary wares of international standards. Whether it is Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any place in Saudi Arabia, the choice of people relating to sanitary ware is just ultimate and so they prefer only best sanitary ware brands available in the market.

With modern trends in Ceramic sanitary ware in Dubai, Sharjah and entire Middle East, people just prefer to have sanitary ware which occupies minimum space in the bathroom and gives maximum functionality. It is a known fact that maximum number of population in UAE contains expats from other countries like India, Philippines, Pakistan etc. and they cannot afford to stay in spacious villas. Most of the time, they stay in a rental apartment which is quite compact and doesn’t have space for bath tubs which occupy more space. So, while designing a bathroom in an apartment in Middle East, the owner always looks for the sanitary ware which is compact and occupies less space but provides maximum functionality and last but not the least is great in design.

Sanitary Ware Supplier in Middle East

Aone House is a renowned exporter of sanitary ware from India, supplying designer sanitary ware in Middle East after understanding the demands of people over there. We know that people over there give maximum importance to quality in each and every product they use and when it comes to sanitary ware, hygiene is their priority. We never compromise in quality and provide ceramic sanitary ware of only international standards by best manufacturers of sanitary ware in India. To complete a bathroom, each and every element like water closet, wash basin etc., is equally important. Thus, we can provide stylish and designer water closets with wash basins ready sets for modern bathrooms designed in Middle East. If you are in search of a reliable exporter of sanitary ware from India, you can visit for more details as we believe in providing only best quality at best prices.

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Ceramic Sanitaryware Used in New Zealand

New Zealand is a prosperous and highly developed country situated in south western Pacific Ocean. With population of around 4.4 million, this is a predominantly urban country with majority of its inhabitants situated in cities or urban areas. The market for sanitary wares in New Zealand has got huge potential with increasing number of people showing interest in purchase of high end stylish sanitary wares. The standard of living of people in New Zealand is high and thanks to the high disposable incomes which have created a demand for luxurious and posh housing facilities in the country. Today it’s the trend of luxury and style. Everyone wants to live in homes facilitated with modern and stylish facilities in which bathroom is no where an exception.

Ceramic Sanitaryware

Bathroom is one of the most important spaces in home. After all it is the place where one can get the best privacy for themselves to unwind from all the stress of outer world. The interior look of a bathroom is greatly dependent on the type of fixtures and plumbings installed in it. Therefore most of the home makers today prefer to buy stylish fixtures to decorate their bathrooms to the choicest of their requirements.

Ceramic Sanitaryware

Ceramic is the latest trend in sanitary ware in New Zealand. With stylish designs and elegant finishing ceramic sanitary wares look really awesome and have the capability to uplift the look of almost any kind of bathroom whether large or small. They can be found in a plethora of designs, shapes, sizes and colors and therefore can be selected as per choicest requirements to add a new dimension to bathroom. Ceramic sanitarywares in New Zealand have gained a touch of designs. The beautifully woven hand crafted designs on the polished surfaces of porcelain ceramic sanitary wares make these fixtures stand out from the rest. Unlike ordinary ceramic fixtures, these designer sanitarywares have a unique bright look which can be eye captivating and look brilliant when matched with right design of the bathroom. It’s not only the designs, which make these designer sanitary wares so popular. The technology incorporated in these stylish bathroom fixtures is also excellent. For example the modern ceramic sanitary wares found in New Zealand market today are advanced products enabled with water saving, space saving and user friendly features offering maximum value for money to the customers. Style and convenience is what home makers can get by installation of these posh high end fixtures in their bathrooms.

Followed by Maori, today majority of population in New Zealand is of European descent. The choice of this European population when it comes to sanitarywares is majorly the European style ceramic sanitary wares which include chair like European water closets, urinals, wash basins and other bathroom accessories. The European ceramic fixtures especially the water closets are very comfortable in operation and provide the users the best value for their money with long lasting performance. These are compact fixtures which are designed to save space in a bathroom area. With shrinking land availability and space becoming a major concern in houses of modern cities in New Zealand, these compact fixtures are becoming the choice of people looking to make best of their home space.

So all-in-all it’s the stylish ceramic sanitary ware which is becoming quite popular among local residents in New Zealand. Increasing number of home renovations owing to the thriving living standards and rising awareness about the high end sanitation facilities are further fueling this demand for ceramic sanitary wares in New Zealand which is unexpected to come down in few coming years from now.

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Why is India known as a Hub of Sanitary Wares?

India, the second largest democratic country in the world is the home of about one billion population. The population in India falls under two major categories – rural and urban. The sanitary conditions in India have been a major concern always especially for the rural population. According to a research conducted in year 1994 only 14% of the rural population had access to sanitary facilities. However in the past few years this scenario has been changing as the sanitary conditions have started improving with the efforts of government.

With rising level of middle-class sections, increasing disposable incomes, improving standards of living and rate of literacy, sanitary levels have also increased in the country. The sanitary products are at a good demand in the India today. One of the reasons for this is the growing real estate sector too. As demand for housing is rising, more and more people are taking interest in premium sanitary wares. Not only because of the new constructions, demand for sanitary wares in India comes from replacement market also. Due to the rising standards of living people are now opting for new sophisticated versions of sanitary products in their homes, thereby increasing the demand of sanitary ware.

The Indian sanitary ware sector is today considered to be the one of the strongest in the world and is accounting for nearly 8% of the world’s sanitary ware production. In the Asia-Pacific region, India is ranked top among the sanitary ware producers. Today the production capacities of sanitary ware manufacturers in India have been doubled and the country is now being considered the hub of sanitary wares. The sanitary ware companies in India have doubled their production capacities and systems. Sanitary ware production has been revolutionized. New sophisticated and high end technologies are now a part of Indian sanitary wares. The international standard features which were earlier a part of global sanitary products manufactured in advanced countries are now possible to find even in Indian sanitary products too. This is because of the fact that the Indian manufacturers today are aware of advanced production systems adopted in other advanced countries. They are now upgrading their manufacturing systems and adopting the latest imported technology and accurate standards to produce finest quality products by using top machinery and rigid quality control measures.

Today different forms of advanced sanitary products are available in India. Wash basins, water closets, bathroom accessories or urinals, every sanitary ware is being produced in sophisticated versions, wide range of styles, colors and sizes by the Indian manufacturers. Getting inspiration from the global products and their highly convenient features, the Indian manufacturers have now started developing products with similar and even better configurations. The present day Indian sanitary wares are available in stylish designs and variant features thereby giving a home maker plenty of choice to select from. Both quality as well as affordability factors are well recognized with the modern Indian sanitary products which are available in almost similar or better features but at lower costs as compared to the international sanitary wares.

Not only local manufacturers, even international sanitary ware brands are now establishing their manufacturing facilities and operations in India. Therefore sanitary production in India is rising day by day and this way the Indian sanitary ware products market are emerging to give tough competition to neighboring countries.

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Latest Trends in Ceramic Sanitaryware Prevailing in Australia

Australia is the nation of non immigrants. The population growth in Australia is fuelled majorly by immigration.  The population increase in Australia is majorly because of net overseas immigration rather than the natural increase. The day by day increasing immigrants in Australia have risen the demand for housing facilities in the country thereby projecting the sanitary ware market.

According to a survey conducted by a research company in Australia, the Australian sanitary market has got huge potential with increasing population which is likely to increase further in the coming times. The purchasing power of residents is quite strong. Therefore the demand for high-end ceramic sanitary wares products is also at high in this nation. As per the reports of this research today Australian sanitary wares are witnessing high levels of consumption especially in local market. Today as country’s economical position is getting stronger the standard of living of residents is rising. Along with new real estate developments, rise in demand for sanitarywares in Australia is also because of the replacement market where the residential owners are now opting to replace their existing bathroom facilities with new ceramic sanitarywares to match with present trends of living in the nation.

The concept of sanitary ware in Australia has been revolutionized completely in past few years with introduction of new, high end ceramic sanitary wares which are available in attractive designs, variety of colors and most important of all convenient and high technology features. The modern sanitary wares are available in features like better corrosion resistance due to water, durability and convenient operation. The home owners and property constructors in Australia are today looking for stylish sanitary wares for their redesign and new construction projects. Therefore all kinds of ceramic bathroom accessories including designer ceramic water closets, ceramic wash basins and ceramic urinals or toilets are getting in demand in Australia today.

The designer ceramic sanitary wares are in good demand among the localites who are looking to install stylish accessories in their bathroom redesign ventures. The decorative water closets and designer wash basins decorated with attractive hand craft designs are the best selling sanitarywares in Australia today. The designer bathroom accessories look awesome and can match the interiors of almost any kind of bathroom irrespective of its size, interior color and design. They have the capability to uplift the bathroom interiors to an entirely different level thereby making the bathroom look more pleasant and elegant.

Ceramic water closets are yet another popular category of ceramic sanitary wares in demand among the Australian home makers. There is good market for all kinds of modern ceramic water closets including European style chair like closets, Italian water closets, Irani water closets, wall mounted ceramic closets and also floor mounted closets in Australia. Attracted by the incomparable elegance and quality offered by ceramic sanitarywares, more and more people in Australia are now installing ceramic sanitarywares in their bathrooms for a new redefined look.

Those looking to buy ceramic sanitary ware products in Australia, can get some best quality and highly elegant models of sanitarywares from Aonehouse. All kinds of stylish and modern sanitarywares including designer wash basins, hand crafted ceramic wash basins, ceramic water closets and urinals and various other bathroom accessories are offered by the supplier at cost effective price.

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Ceramic Sanitary Ware Trends in Europe

Europe is considered to be the largest sanitary ware market in the world bigger than even US, China and Japan. Both the vast size of population and large economy of the continent are the reasons for this predominance. As the disposable incomes and construction output in the country is expected to rise in few coming years, the demand for sanitary wares Europe is also on the verge of increase. The much of this demand comes from the Central and East European countries where a lot of residential projects have taken up in last two years. The day by day rising construction sector with various activities of new constructions, maintenance and renovation projects going in countries is driving up the market for sanitarywares in European countries.

Sanitation is primary requirement in both residential as well non-residential structures. Therefore European sanitary ware manufactures are now producing products which can fulfill the requirements of sanitation in both residential as well as commercial/non residential sectors.

The market for sanitarywares Europe is widely divided into three major categories – plastic sanitary ware, ceramic sanitary wares and other metal and steel sanitary wares. According to survey conducted by one of research institutes in Europe, it’s plastic sanitarywares like baths, shower trays and urinals which account for the highest consumption in European countries. Following the plastics is the ceramic sanitary ware market, which is growing up on a large basis now in Europe. While plastics and ceramic sanitarywares are the choice of residential sectors, the iron and steel products are a demand in public sectors for installments in areas like public toilets, trains etc.

Ceramic Sanitary Ware West Europe

The standard of living of people in West European countries like UK, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium etc has increased rapidly in a past few years. More and more people are now going for renovation of their homes so as to recreate their ventures into comfortable and lavish dwelling homes. The sanitary ware in West Europe is mainly applied in the renovation and maintenance of residential buildings. As a result there is good demand for stylish ceramic sanitary wares in Europe which are available in stylish hand crafted designs and custom colors, shapes and sizes. The ceramic sanitary ware suppliers here are offering a wide variety of sanitation products but the choice of the modern society in these European countries is now becoming the elegant colors like gray, white and black. The Twyford sanitary wares are best selling sanitation in these countries today. These are highly elegant and sophisticated fixtures available in innovative and high end designs.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares Central and East Europe

Much of the demand for ceramic sanitary ware products in Europe is due to the high rate of consumption from the countries belonging to the central and east part of the continent including Serbia, Montenegro, Germany, Romania etc. The new residential constructions which are accounting to nearly 40% followed by the renovation and maintenance of residential buildings are primary cause of demand of sanitary wares in these CEE countries. Ceramic fixtures are now being preferred over plastics. Some of the posh sanitation fixtures that are in good demand in these countries include designer wash basins, hand crafted ceramic wash basins, European ceramic water closets and designer bathroom accessories.

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