Recreate & Redesign Bathroom with Beautiful Sanitarywares

For upgrading and renovating bathroom on quite a tight and limited budget, it is important to find the right pieces to invest which provides better durability and longevity.
Bathrooms are used daily and it’s not absolutely correct to cut- corners on important aspects as it leads to quality compromise. Most often it is considered that designer bathroom creation with best sanitary ware is quite expensive. Budget is very integral and important part and shall be considered as prominent and in priority aspect.
There are few points that we shall keep in mind while renovating your bath area.
Let us first understand different type of sanitarywares and water closet and sanitary ware brands. There are various options available for best sanitary ware in INDIA like Ceramic Sanitary Wares, European type water closet, Indian Water Closet, Orissa pan wc, western closet and many more.
Going for a minimalist design can bring down the cost. Less will always be more is the principle of implementation and no one would regret adopting it. It saves lot of cost and enhance your bath area with less sanitary wares and less cost.
Let us understand different types of ceramic sanitary wares:

  1. Towel Rail Bracket Ceramic Sanitarywares
  2. Ceramic Toilet
  3. Wash down one piece toilet ceramic sanitary ware
  4. Different type ceramic bidget sanitary wares And many more.

There are various types of water closet too like

  1. European type water closet
  2. S Trap EWC Toilet
  3. Half stall urinal
  4. Indian water closet
  5. Western water closet And many more.


To choose inexpensive yet best and good quality faucets, understand the actual need and requirement for your sanitary ware before you start shopping. One can also try to look over in wholesale sanitary ware shops at discounted and cost effective rates or even shop online.
Aone House is amongst one of the best sanitary ware brands in India where you can find one stop solutions for all your faucets and sanitary ware needs and requirements at quite a cost effective rates.
You can find ceramic wash basins at cost effective rates to enhance your bath area. To make your hand washing area more beautiful and live, you can find the wide range of handcrafted wash basins.
Not always you need mega bucks to reinvent, upscale and design your bathrooms. Several tips that can be kept in mind for remodelling ideas:

  • Tiles get expensive. Find few important and particular areas to go for tiles back to limit the amount. Use more of classic plain tiles to reduce any high expense over designer tiles.
  • Paint the remaining areas. This will increase and enhance your bathroom look and also reduces the cost.
  • Redo few things which are usable rather than to plan to buy new things that will help you save lot of money over certain stuff.
  • This will allow you to invest in more important and needed sanitary ware.

Use High Quality and Cost Effective Sanitary Products and Services Offered By Indian Companies

The Indian sanitary market has continued to grow over the years. The range of products and services as well as quality has increased dramatically.


Features of High End and Low End Sanitary Ware Markets in India

  • Sanitary ware market in India has both high and low end products and accessories. The main difference between the two is based on quality, price and fabrication materials.
  • High end sanitaryware items and accessories are expensive and are manufactured using high quality and reliable materials. The materials are carefully selected to provide the requisite function and withstand corrosion. In addition, taps, sinks, bathtubs and toilets are manufactured as per the international standards thus provide comfort and satisfaction when using them. The shape, aesthetics and other features are enhanced to conform to the current trends. The dimensional accuracy of these products is very high.
  • Most high end sanitary materials are expensive. Alloys of copper and zinc with arsenic and stainless steel are used to manufacture the pipes while toilets are made from acrylic. Taps, valves and connectors are made from brass or chromium coated steel to make them attractive and durable. The products are also customized to suit the client’s requirements.
  • Low end sanitary wares items are developed to provide quality services at cost effective like toilet basin price. Most expensive materials are substituted for cheaper materials such as plastics. The quality of these products is standard as they have to conform to local and international regulations. However, due to substitution of materials, their durability and attractiveness is lower than those of high end market.


Sanitary Products and Services in India

  • Sanitary ware items and accessories installed in bathrooms, kitchen and toilets form a bulk of most sanitary wares in the market. Common sanitary wares include sinks, pipes, toilets basins, bathtubs, showers, faucets among others. There are also numerous accessories associated with these wares such as taps, valves, pipe fittings and connectors.

Trends in the Current Sanitary Market in India

  • The Indian sanitary item market has continued to grow rapidly over the last decade. The industry produces most sanitary wares for the Asia pacific region as well as for local use. The production capacities have doubled in the last ten years.

Bathroom Components

  • The market is comprised of major and minor players. Major suppliers account for over 50% of all production while minor suppliers take the remaining market share. Minor suppliers are unorganized and offer low volumes and prices. Major suppliers offer high quality products in large volumes.
  • Water closets provide the largest revenue while cisterns and bathroom basins/sinks are ranked second and third. Accessories such as pipes, fittings and valves are also in high demand as they are used in conjunction with major sanitary ware items.
  • It is expected that the market will continue to grow rapidly due to urbanization, improved living standards and general rise in available income. Education on safe sanitary conditions also motivates people to purchase sanitary ware products.


The sanitary item market in India offers high quality and standard sanitary ware for local and international market. It is expected that this market will continue to grow in the future as disposable income and urbanization increases.

Competing with Sanitary Ware Manufacturers in China

Geographic Market of Ceramic Sanitary Ware

The growth of corporate has several influences over the way people demand luxury. Constructing and designing a living space according to their creativity is one of the primary demands of people. Every aspect is given more importance to obtain the flexibility of living and sanitary ware for instance is among the ingredient of interior decoration of a living space. Manufacturers on the other hand are emerging out highly competitive in this regard by designing cost effective and colorful ceramic sanitary ware suiting the tastes of many people. In addition, with the advent of online business presence, internet has provided a wide spectrum of experience for people to purchase ceramic sanitary ware produced from other countries in a comfortable way. Hence, the countries like China and India have been showing their efficacy in occupying a leading position in geographic market of ceramic sanitary ware

Competing with Sanitary Ware Manufacturers in China

How China Making the cheapest sanitary ware?

China is one among the popular countries that manufactures sanitary ware products and supply to different parts of the world. The China Manufacturers made ceramic sanitary products have been considered as reliable and part of transforming your privacy to luxury in an economic budget. The variety of sanitary ware products produced by Chinese manufactures and the infinite options provided to the consumers in selecting a product of their favourite colour, shape and size have made China to dominate the global ceramic sanitary ware market as far as sanitary ware products are concerned. The sanitary were industry of China established its popularity with its steady growth in the global market. In addition, the pricing aspect and the reliability of the products from China are other important attractions for China made sanitary products to shine in the crowd.

Indian manufacturers/ Indian Sanitary Ware Companies Giving the toughest competition

India is yet another leading country that is focusing towards producing sanitary wares with innovative concepts. Though there is a tough competition among several countries like China, Turkey, Brazil, Columbia, etc India is emerging out successfully by managing the competence in terms of adopting up-to-date lifestyle demands. For example, certain important aspects like

  • Hygiene
  • Real estate
  • Changing lifestyle
  • Increasing demand for home décor, etc stay among the important concerns of Indian

sanitary ware Manufacturers, who in turn make products that, match the requirements of majority of clients worldwide. The growth of many ceramic industries in India is itself a proof that reflects on how Indian manufacturers/Indian Sanitary Ware Companies meet the competence. Visit – to get best quality Indian sanitarywares at the best affordable prices.

Future of Indian Ceramic Sanitary Ware Market

Improving the sanitation levels with the help of installing durable sanitary ware products therefore the demand for sanitary ware products is sure to increase in future. Manufacturers will have a tough competition in producing new designs of sanitary ware products. In addition, people tend to get a global and trendy tough even to a small living space, and sanitary ware stays one of the important concerns, therefore countries like India that has a hold in the global market for sanitary ware will have a profitable future. The demand for sanitary needs is on the increasing level hence, India is focusing towards producing sanitary products with international standards and also increasing the production capabilities. Branded companies like Kohler, H& R Johnson, and Roca are some of the international companies that have established their operational process in India.

More Opportunities than Challenges before the Indian Sanitary Ware Industry

The Indian sanitary ware industry is growing rapidly by an average of 10 – 12 % per year. The globalization trends have reduced distances and the demand for such products have increased worldwide. India is good at producing quality sanitary ware products by abiding by strict quality standards. Moreover, with the growing awareness of hygiene and health along with an intense desire for a higher standard of life has instilled the people around the world to direct their focus on sanitary ware products.

The concept of a bathroom has evolved drastically in a few decades. It is now considered a very pivotal aspect of a good house. Bathrooms are decorated and expensive sanitary ware items are used to enhance the interior beauty of the place. Big organizations and hotels take special care to make the bathrooms comfortable and refreshing. India has a history of producing sanitary ware products and the people of India are quite skilled and fully equipped in this area. Now, the sanitary ware industry in India is spreading its boundaries and capturing foreign markets. Water closet manufacturers are leading in foreign markets and because of the quality of their Water closets foreign buyers are also taking interest in other products. The class dynamics is shifting all over the world. There is an emerging middle class with a higher level of disposable income in many countries. And with this, the people have a deep longing to uplift their standard of life. The growth in the real estate sector in India and the Asian- Pacific region has also greatly influenced this phenomenon. India has a competitive advantage in producing such products. So, there is a bright opportunity for India to capitalize not only by meeting the growing demand of its own population, but also by exporting its sanitary ware products to other countries. The demand for sanitary products has increased in from 20% in 2000 to 60% in 2013 all over the world.

With opportunity come challenges. Although Indian sanitary ware industry has doubled and it is trying its best to become the world leader, it has one major challenge. This sector is divided into two main parts; the organized and unorganized sector. The problem is that the unorganized sector is also growing rapidly. There are about 250 companies related to unorganized sector and it is producing low quality low cost products which severely damage the market of the organized sector. When substandard products are sold at a significantly lower cost within the country and exported abroad, this affects the brand names and market shares of the companies of the organized sector. Besides this, China is competing fiercely with superior technology and faster methods.

Visit Aone House to know more about leading supplier of Sanitary Ware in India

In the next few years, India is expected to grab a major portion of the sanitary market globally. For this it will have to keep on introducing new methods and technologies. India will also have to take major steps to prevent the unorganized sector from damaging the market of the organized sector by using inimitable technology and by making it mandatory for the manufacturers of the sanitary ware products to abide by strict quality standards. It will have to take strict actions against manufacturers who do not take under consideration the cost and quality requirements.

Role of Sanitarywares in Designing Your Dream Home

Sanitary ware comprises all bathroom fixtures and fittings that can be plumbed in. Examples include showers, bidets and baths, WCs, bathroom basins, water basins water closets etc. Modern sanitary ware includes the luxury provided by steam showers whirlpools baths and saunas.

Sanitary ware is important parts of our day to day lives hence make a big part of our homes. They can be divided into two categories the first one being waste appliances which includes sanitary ware used for cleansing. This category includes appliances such as the water basins; bath tubs showers among others,

The second category comprises the waste disposal appliances used to dispose waste. Examples include water closets and the urinals.

Sanitary wares are made from plastic ceramics and sometimes stainless steel. As well as being smooth and therefore easy to clean these materials are also non-corrosive and non absorbent hence make for the best kind of material to use in making sanitary ware.

Role in Decorating Your Home

Sanitary ware such as water basins come in different designs colors and styles. Their patterns also differ. If selected correctly that is by ensuring that the colors chosen match the interiors of the home then they make for big decorating accessories for homes.

For example Water basins placed at the corner of the dining hall greatly improves the overall look of the dining hall as long as the size and the design of the water basin have been checked to ensure compatibility with the size of the dining hall.

Providing Exclusive Luxury To Your Living.

Sanitary ware designs are inspired from a number of themes ranging from traditional to modern country themes. Choosing stylish water basins for example and bathroom accessories such as robe hooks, paper holders’ towel trails which are available in a wide range of colors, style and design can help a great deal in improving your living and providing exclusive luxury in your living.

Improving your life standards with high sanitation values.

Sanitary ware such as water closets and water basins installed areas such as bathrooms. A bathroom is a personal space therefore requires keen careful attention. Apart from providing sanitation they also add to the aesthetic value of your home.

A well furnished bathroom will have high quality fittings good storage options modern taps to mention but a few. Sanitary wares are some of the most useful elements included in the bathrooms. A bathroom with top notch sanitary ware gives a big reflection of your persona as well as adding confidence and elegance to the home owner. This helps in lifting your life standards with exceptionally high sanitation values.

Selecting sanitary ware From Market Varieties to Design Your Home.

Sanitary ware comes in different colors, sizes, and designs .some of the factors to consider when purchasing sanitary ware includes .first, the material used in making them. For example, Ceramic wash basins are not as durable as wash basins made from stainless steel. Also consider the size of the sanitary ware and match them with the dimensions of where you hope to fix them. A bathtub for example should leave ample space for moving around after it has been installed in your bathroom. Consider the color of the sanitary ware and see if it suits the interiors of your home. Finally check on the quality check to see if the sanitary ware has any holes or cracks they should be smooth and with an even surface.

Importance of Water Saving Sanitary Ware Products for Modern Bathrooms

             I.W.C.18-water-closet big-cut-orrisa-pan-water-closet

Sanitary ware is the most important part of a bathroom. The design, style, colour and the finish of the product play an important role in giving a modern look to the bathroom. Sanitary ware with decorations and beautiful and attractive designs were first made in the 18th century.

Different types of sanitary wares are used in a bathroom. Water closets are used the maximum. Different types of Indian water closets are available, connector toilets, close coupled and wall faced toilets. Select one that uses less water, is easy to clean and low on cost.

Water Saving Sanitary Ware

In the last few years sanitary ware products have undergone a big change. High class products made of ceramic with exclusive style and designs, water closets that use less water etc. have made the sanitary ware market one of its kind. For the modern bathrooms a range of sanitary wares are available that use less water, are stylish and give a glamorous look.

Toilets which are low-flow or eco-flush save money as well as water. These utilize less water and function wise they are as efficient as other water closets. 30% of the water we use is flushed in the toilets. Click here to know more about water saving sanitary ware.

When water consumption is reduced you save on energy and your water bills. Water that you use at home is first treated and then distributed. With increase in population consumption of fresh water also increases and that means more resources being used.

Almost 60% less water is flushed down the drain using these water closets. When less water is used, waste water is reduced and fewer chemicals are used to treat this waste water, so there is less pollution. Water is a natural source, so when less water is used we are saving our natural resource.

Most of these eco-flush toilets have dual-flush valves which are very effective in saving water unless these start leaking. But cisterns with siphon-flush are better as these do not leak at all.

Italian ceramic sanitary ware is of superior quality made by sophisticated technology. The new designs of water closets have dual flush controls and these use less water as compared to the traditional toilets. In these the water is flushed at very high pressure or air and water are used together to flush the waste, so less water is used. The Italian water closets, p-trap and s-trap, are simple and very popular toilet products.

Toilets are the most important features of a bathroom. Most of the traditional models have plastic seats but the grade of plastic differs with different models, and some models have soft close seats. They use more quantity of water for each toilet flush.


Thus, when these water saving cisterns are used at home and in public places, a lot of water is saved. When water is conserved, life is saved and global warming is reduced. Now sanitary ware manufacturers are using new technology to manufacture products that save water. So, while designing your bathroom, give it a traditional or a country look, but make sure the water closets you choose must be new generation water saving sanitary ware.

The Top Brands in the Indian Sanitary Ware Market

big-cut-orrisa-pan-water-closetMarket for Sanitary Ware in India

India has a good market for sanitary ware products because of the increasing sanitation requirements in the country. The sanitation needs in this world’s second largely populated country are fueled by the day-by-day multiplying population which calls up for better residential and sanitation facilities. The present size of the Indian sanitary ware market is approximately above 500 crores and is expected to grow in the near future at a rate of 3 to 4 percent annually.

Demand for Sanitary ware Brands in India

The increasing demand for sanitation needs in India has called for import of the sanitaryware products from other countries. Today the sanitary ware manufacturing companies from different parts of the world are eyeing the Indian market releasing its huge potential or scope for growth in the coming time. Therefore India, today is one of the leading markets for international sanitaryware brands where popular international companies like Kohler, H&R Johnson and Roca have established their operations.

I.W.C.18-water-closetModern Trends in Indian Sanitary Ware

The modern trend of sanitary wares in India is geared towards ceramics. Ceramic sanitary wares like wash basins, urinals and water closets are quite popular and are preferred as bathroom fittings today in most of the Indian homes and offices. Made of high quality ceramic materials these ceramic sanitation products look neat and simple thereby offering a classy look to the bathroom. As competitor to the ceramic trend, there comes the demand for the designer sanitary ware which is slowly increasing with the changing lifestyles of people in India that are undergoing modernization in the recent times. The designer sanitary ware is bit costlier than those simple ones made of ceramics. However this does not seem to affect the market for designer sanitary ware products in India where people are now willing to invest more for stylish sanitation requirements with increasing disposable incomes.

There has been a good exponential growth in the recent years in Indian sanitary ware market. One of the major reasons for this could be the increasing production capacities of the major key players or the top sanitary ware brands in India.

India’s Leading Sanitaryware Brands

Some of the best brands in Indian sanitary ware market today are the names like Hindware, Eros, Simpolo, Jaquar, Hindustan Sanitaryware, Kohler India, Parryware Roca, Roca India, Axor, Bell, Cera, Toto and Vitra. Out of these Hindware, Parryware, Jaquar and Kohler, stand out to be the leading manufacturers of bathroom fittings like washbasins, Indian water closet, urinals, etc. Adding to the names of these top sanitary brands in India is yet another name of Aone House. Aone House is one of the leading sanitary ware companies in India offering high quality ceramic sanitary ware, designer sanitary ware products including wash basins, water closets, urinals and various types of stylish bathroom accessories in modern designs and variant colors to satisfy the diverse requirements of the customers.

This article educates reader about Indian sanitary ware market and top sanitary ware brands in this Indian sanitaryware market.

Tips to Select Sanitary Ware Colors for Your Bathroom

Whatever be your requirement of selecting sanitaryware whether it is a bathroom design for your new home or renovation of your existing bathroom to suit the modern interiors of your renovated home, selecting appropriate sanitary ware matching the interior colour of your bathroom would be a good choice.

Plain white bathrooms usually look unfinished and therefore it would be a wise idea to design your bathroom interiors with colours as per the interior of your home. Go for the lighter and mild colours if simple bathroom design is your requirement or else opt for brighter shades if you want a bright posh bathroom interior.

Bathroom is an important place of your home where you spend the very first moments of start of your day. It is the only space in your home where you can spend the best private time for yourself and unwind after the day’s tiring work. It is said that colors have an amazing capability to make you feel good and revitalize your mood. Therefore with the choicest bathroom colour and interiors one can add a new dimension and value to their bathroom.

Sanitarywares are must for every bathroom and play an important role in defining the bathroom look. Usually colors like blue, Tuscany, olive green, brown, mustard gold are preferred for sanitarywares. However while selecting sanitaryware for a modern bathroom, it is very important to select sanitaryware of the colour that goes well with the bathroom interiors. Today everyone is going for a theme based bathroom design. For example some may like beach themes with good amount of blue color while few may like Tuscan themed bathroom with rich green walls with dark wood accents. Therefore selecting the sanitary ware color for your bathroom will greatly depend upon the theme selected.

If your bathroom interiors are painted with warm colours like burgundy, gold, and royal purple, go for matching colors that can complement these colours. If cool blue is what your bathroom interiors display, it would be better to opt for white, cream-white to blue coloured sanitaryware to give a pleasant and beautiful look to the bathroom interiors.

Slowly the trend is shifting from boring white bathroom sanitary ware to colourful designer sanitary ware. The ceramic bathroom sanitary ware in colours is what most of the individuals are preferring to have in their bathrooms. The designer sanitary ware like handcrafted or rustic style wash basins and water closets in colours matching the walls of the bathroom are a great choice for designing a modern bathroom within budget.

Those looking to buy sanitarywares for the choicest colour theme of the bathroom can find Aone House sanitarywares which are the best and can satisfy one’s needs of bathroom design within budget. Visit to learn about Aone House, one of the best sanitary ware brands in India.

Coloured Sanitary Ware to Add Uniqueness to Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are as important as any other room in the house. When we opt to design the other rooms with beautiful colours and matching interior accessories, why not think in the similar fashion for the bathrooms too? The traditional bathrooms that were in white, white and only white all around are no longer a trend. Stylishly decorated bathrooms with beautiful designer sanitaryware can greatly enhance the value of a home. After all, bathroom is the place from where you start your day and what can be much better than spending your day start time in a bathroom decorated with beautiful bright pleasant colours all around. Talking about coloured interiors of the bathroom, doesn’t just mean the colours of the walls or door, it’s also about the colours of the sanitary ware and accessories installed in the bathroom. Coloured ceramic sanitary ware matching the interior colours of your bathroom can add a touch of uniqueness and uplift the outlook of your bathroom.

When coloured bathroom is your choice, you need to make sure that the sanitary ware you select matches the colour of the walls, door or the interiors of your bathroom. Various sanitary ware products including wash basins, water closets, urinals etc are today available in different designs and colour formats. Today many of the sanitary ware manufacturers are allowing their customers to select their choicest colours and offering beautiful coloured sanitarywares to satisfy their choicest bathroom design requirements.

The sanitaryware with beautiful designs engraved on them looks awesome. Therefore designer ceramic sanitaryware products in colours matching the interiors of the bathroom are the choice of several bathroom or interior designers across the world. Wash basins are integral components of any bathroom. Today different forms of wash basins like wash basin with pedestal, hand crafted wash basins and rustic wash basins are being used in bathrooms. The hand crafted and rustic wash basins in bright matching colours selected as per the interiors of bathroom can add a sense of fashion and modern style to your existing bathrooms. These coloured wash basins have the capability to uplift the look of any kind of bathroom and therefore are good choice for those looking to renovate their traditional bathrooms according to the modern trends. Click here to know more about designer ceramic sanitaryware products.

Orissa pan for urinal in bathroom are no longer forms of traditional bathrooms. The modern colourful rustic Orissa pans with beautiful designs look great and can be selected according to the choicest colour requirements for bathroom design. Coloured rustic pans matching the bathrooms interiors are a great choice for a modern bathroom design.


Coloured sanitary ware when installed along with matching accessories are a good choice to add a sense of uniqueness and style to your bathroom so that you can spend your private time in the most relaxing pleasant interiors.

This article educates reader about the coloured sanitary ware and its importance in a modern bathroom design.

Ceramic Wash Basin – The Sanitary ware for Modern Life

A wash basin (commonly known as sink) is like a bowl-shaped piece of ceramic pottery, with a modern looking tap on the top and a drain pipe at the substructure. Ceramics is not the only material of construction, materials like stainless steel, cast iron, marble, plastic, concrete, wood, stone, glass etc can also be used, basically it depends upon the locality of the wash basin. The most common material used in sanitary is Ceramics undoubtedly.

These days wash basins are very useful. You don’t need a separate washroom to fix it in; you can even fix it in your room, this system is useful in hostels. You can judge their significance by taking surveys from different hostels and be acquainted with the price difference of rooms with a wash basin and without a wash basin and undoubtedly rooms with a wash basin are more expensive for the students. Read more and get various options on ceramic wash basin at –

Let me assure all the readers that there are several types of wash basins, which include:

  1. · Designer Wash Basin
  2. · Pedestal Wash Basin
  3. · Hand-Crafted Wash Basin
  4. · Sticker Wash Basin
  5. · Rustic Wash Basin
  6. · Round Wash Basin

Designer wash basins are very beautiful in shape and design. Though they are much pricey but they are totally worth it. A designer wash basin totally changes the look of a washroom. These wash basins are mostly made by stainless steel, which is very non-corrosive.

Pedestal wash basins are the most common wash basin from all of them. This basin is composed of two pieces, the pedestal and the wash basin. This occupies less space and can be fit in easily.

Importantly this is not expensive, compared to the Designer wash basins. They have range of different colors, and they are very lustrous. They are quite easy to clean and maintain compared to others.

Hand-crafted wash basins are very infrequent these days but it surely has its own class. Using wood in washroom these days is very different and by replacing wood by dull materials like ceramics and steel is something different and gracious, plus something unique.

Round wash basins, Rustic wash basins and Sticker wash basins are some common wash basin designs with suitable materials. Round wash basin has the most unique shape and design, which is very formal.

After all the minutiae about wash basins, how can you get the best quality wash basin? Let me help you guys out. First of all you should know how much space is available in the washroom and how much space can your washroom manage for a washbasin. My advice to you is to get a small sized wash basin, a smaller wash basin would make you washroom look uncluttered and organized. So, try saving as much space as you can. Now choose your favorite wash basin shape. Now all the rest depends on your budget, you should choose the best designed wash basin in order to make your washroom look superior. Choose your favorite color, design and size for your wash basin.