Important Brands of Sanitarywares in India

Bathroom Accessories Produced with Modernity

Expectations and requirements for stylish living space have also been focused on designing wash rooms with modern bathroom accessories. Sanitary ware brands in India tend to provide ceramic accessories for wash rooms with flexible designs. As a result, manufacturers receive higher demand to produce competitive designs.

Competitive Aspects in Designing Sanitary Components

Top brands like Cera, Kohler, Parryware and Hindware, etc follow competitive aspects in terms of design, color, pattern, usability, etc. They also focus on the quality of ceramic and related ingredient to provide best accessories which consumers can depend for long term usage.


Specialty of Branded Sanitary Accessories

Branded sanitary accessories and modern bathroom accessories are known for highest quality, style, world class pattern, anti bacterial features, economic flush, etc. Similarly, well known brands like Parryware and Hindware focus on contemporary requirements and value for the money the consumers invest on wash room accessories.

Top Sanitaryware Brands in India and reasons for their Popularity

Parryware, Cera, Jaquar, Hindware, are some of the leading sanitary accessory manufacturing brands in India. They are known for quality of components, innovative and space saving designs, variety of sanitary components they offer and of course flexible installation features they include in design. Apart from that pricing is also a top feature that adds to their popularity as people who cannot afford for imported sanitary wares switch over their choice to Indian brands for quality and pricing.

Water Closet Designs offered by Top Brands

Water closet forms the main item when it comes to designing wash rooms. Water closets are available as single piece unit, wall hung or bidets. Similarly, unique features are added to the water closet pattern in terms of the flush system to meet the environment friendly aspects. Hence, many top brands focus on water closet designs where people can enjoy cleanliness with spending relatively less amount of water.

Hand Craft Designs Embedded in Sanitary wares

Handy crafts patterns add more elegance to the space and wash basins with pedestal are available with handy craft paintings, emboss paintings, also. Some companies accept to take up particular design preferred by the consumer when it comes to production of ceramic accessories in hand craft series.


Design Strategies followed by Top Sanitaryware Companies in India

Color, size and pattern are the three main aspects considered by top sanitary companies in India.  The increasing requirement for sanitary components from real estate industries and the growing hospitals have considerably raised the production demand for compact and flexible models of water closets and wash basins.  Manufacturers also strive to meet the same.

The Beauty of Rustic Series

Rustic series ceramic components are the latest attraction among consumers. Apart from that rustic series wash basins are made in vibrant colors which will transform the look of traditional wash rooms to stylish ones.

Tips to Convert Urinals to Pleasant ones

Urinals are preferred in hospitals, restaurants, and other crowded areas but sometimes unmatched designs make the whole area look ugly. However, ceramic manufacturers focus on providing modern form of urinals like half stall urinal or flat back urinal that are made over international standards.


Top Sanitary ware companies in India are facing challenging production demand on competitive edges. The urge from real estate development and consumers request for international quality are some of the prominent reasons that make them produce modern designs and Aone House is one of the leading sanitary ware companies that focuses on modernity and quality.

Ceramic Wash Basin – The Sanitary ware for Modern Life

A wash basin (commonly known as sink) is like a bowl-shaped piece of ceramic pottery, with a modern looking tap on the top and a drain pipe at the substructure. Ceramics is not the only material of construction, materials like stainless steel, cast iron, marble, plastic, concrete, wood, stone, glass etc can also be used, basically it depends upon the locality of the wash basin. The most common material used in sanitary is Ceramics undoubtedly.

These days wash basins are very useful. You don’t need a separate washroom to fix it in; you can even fix it in your room, this system is useful in hostels. You can judge their significance by taking surveys from different hostels and be acquainted with the price difference of rooms with a wash basin and without a wash basin and undoubtedly rooms with a wash basin are more expensive for the students. Read more and get various options on ceramic wash basin at –

Let me assure all the readers that there are several types of wash basins, which include:

  1. · Designer Wash Basin
  2. · Pedestal Wash Basin
  3. · Hand-Crafted Wash Basin
  4. · Sticker Wash Basin
  5. · Rustic Wash Basin
  6. · Round Wash Basin

Designer wash basins are very beautiful in shape and design. Though they are much pricey but they are totally worth it. A designer wash basin totally changes the look of a washroom. These wash basins are mostly made by stainless steel, which is very non-corrosive.

Pedestal wash basins are the most common wash basin from all of them. This basin is composed of two pieces, the pedestal and the wash basin. This occupies less space and can be fit in easily.

Importantly this is not expensive, compared to the Designer wash basins. They have range of different colors, and they are very lustrous. They are quite easy to clean and maintain compared to others.

Hand-crafted wash basins are very infrequent these days but it surely has its own class. Using wood in washroom these days is very different and by replacing wood by dull materials like ceramics and steel is something different and gracious, plus something unique.

Round wash basins, Rustic wash basins and Sticker wash basins are some common wash basin designs with suitable materials. Round wash basin has the most unique shape and design, which is very formal.

After all the minutiae about wash basins, how can you get the best quality wash basin? Let me help you guys out. First of all you should know how much space is available in the washroom and how much space can your washroom manage for a washbasin. My advice to you is to get a small sized wash basin, a smaller wash basin would make you washroom look uncluttered and organized. So, try saving as much space as you can. Now choose your favorite wash basin shape. Now all the rest depends on your budget, you should choose the best designed wash basin in order to make your washroom look superior. Choose your favorite color, design and size for your wash basin.

Designer Ceramic Sanitary Ware – To Build Bathroom of Your Dreams

There are various important activities like bathing, washing and excretion which need to be carried out in a bathroom. All these activities need to be done properly in order to prepare you for your rest of the day. Thus, it becomes very much important to have a comfortable bathroom with modern facilities so that you can complete your tasks quickly and comfortably. When it comes to selecting designer ceramic sanitary ware for your bathroom, there are many things to consider like comfort, hygiene, durability, size, shape etc., so that it suits to your requirement and space of your bathroom.

Your dream bathroom can be the combination of different sanitary ware which can be used as briefed below:-

Ceramic Water Closets

Basically there are two types of closets, squat closet and European style closet. There are advantages and disadvantages of using both of them. People have their own preferences while selecting a water closet. Some prefer ceramic Indian water closet whereas, some prefer European style water closet. Most of the people nowadays use European water closet due to its comfort but using squat water closet has its own health benefits. The technologies like jet washers and eco washers have added extra comfort to European style water closets and so majority of people use either European water closet S trap or European water closet P trap.

Ceramic Wash Basins

There is a wide variety of ceramic wash basins available in the market of different designs like handcrafted wash basins, sticker wash basins and rustic wash basins. You can select the wash basin suiting to the theme and overall colour of the walls and furniture of your bathroom. If you want to give a traditional look to your bathroom, then you can select a handcrafted wash basin and if you need to give a modern look to your bathroom, you can select a rustic style wash basin with pedestal which will add an extra glory to your bathroom.


If you are designing wash rooms in a shopping mall, then you may require buying urinals for gents bathroom as they occupy less space and can accommodate several people at the same time. A wide range of ceramic urinals of different designs are provided by sanitary ware manufacturers in India and you can select amongst them as per your requirements and preferences.

Bathroom Accessories

While designing a bathroom of your dreams, you also need to consider bathroom accessories carefully like soap dish, tissue paper holder, towel rack, shelf etc. as per the overall design of your bathroom.

There are other things also like ceramic building materials, plumbing materials, hardware materials etc., which you need to choose carefully while designing your dream bathroom. Just select a ceramic sanitary ware provider, offering only best quality sanitary ware of international standards so that your bathroom is not only aesthetically beautiful but is also durable and long lasting. If the ceramic sanitary ware you use is attractive but not of good quality, many accidents can occur in a bathroom which can be dangerous for you and your family both. Thus, select only the best Ceramic sanitary ware manufacturer in Gujarat, India and that is Aone House.

For more information on designer ceramic sanitary ware, visit –

Ceramic Wash Basin – An Attraction of Any Bathroom

Ceramic wash basins are highly durable, extremely resistant to all types and kinds of stains and also easiest to clean. If they are maintained properly, they never lose their colour and shine and thus look attractive even after many years of use. Ceramic wash basins are resistant to all kinds of stains, which means, that if we clean them regularly in an appropriate manner, the wash basins will look like new for years. The wash basins are amazing. They are created from a great quality of ceramics with the most amazing blend of top variety of glazing to give them an elegant look.

Ceramic wash basins are available in many options suited to your needs. Normally, washrooms are regarded as just the functional part of the house that only needs to be functional.  We rarely think of them as being beautiful, although we do try to make it pleasant. Installing one of the elegant wash basins made of ceramic might be one of the best ideas you have ever had. A well-furnished bathroom will have good quality fittings and accessories, good storage options like cabinets, bidets, exquisite and reliable sanitary wares, modern taps, cool and soothing wall decor and lighting. Glossy and well-finished bowl which is easy to clean and maintain and a bidet pair can match the wash basin to complete the décor. Good quality wash basins brighten up your bathroom and also make it functional without being messy. A wide range of ceramic wash basins are available including wash basin with pedestal, attractive hand crafted wash basins and rustic wash basins. The ceramic wash basins with pedestal include sterling set wash basin, style set wash basins, Sophia-set wash basins, Twyford washbasin and rado-set wash basins.

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the home, and so they always remain cluttered. And with the right kind of bathroom accessories you can keep your bathroom stylishly organized. The accessories need to be smart, stylish and the most important, practical. They must be easily installable and easy to maintain. Washbasins are produced in different shapes and sizes and with modern features. The various kinds of basins normally available are…wall mounting basin, counter top basin, under counter basin, over counter basin, semi counter basin, cabinet basin, console basin, corner basin etc.

It is really very confusing and difficult to make a decision about buying sanitary ware without having at least some basic information about all potential pros and cons of the items we want to install in our bathrooms, restrooms or kitchens etc. But whatever one decides, the fact remains that ceramic sanitary ware products from India remain the perfect and the best choice of all. This is obviously because they are the easiest to clean, easiest to maintain and above all reasonably priced too. They can withstand maximum wear and tear. They retain their shine and thus can be maintained properly even in public washrooms and restrooms…as they are the ones to bear maximum wear and tear.

The heart of Aone house is our customers……

Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game. (Tony Alessandra). And…..we believe in service.

Wash Basin – Designer Wash Basins

Presenting a wide range of excellently designed wide range of ceramic wash basins including wash basin with pedestal, hand crafted wash basins and rustic wash basins. Through our commitment to quality, we at Aone Shop are pleased to introduce ourselves as leading ceramic sanitaryware manufacturer offering superior quality sanitywares. Our wash basin with pedestal includes sterling set wash basin, style set wash basins, sophia set wash basins, Twyford Washbasin and rado set wash basins. Our wide collection of hand crafted wash basins makes use of skilful weaving of design and high quality ceramics. We are a quality conscious organization and hence we use innovative and high technology based facilities for manufacturing and exporting of designer wash basins. Designed according to the international standards, our rustic wash basin, Twyford wash basin are available in various designs and rich colors. We at Aone House also offer customized wash basins according to the color specifications and detailed designs as given by clients. Making use of high grade raw material, we have been able to manufacture and supply best quality wash basins with stickers. If you are in search of international quality wash basins, then you are certainly at the right place. Contact Aone Shop for marvelous collection of wholesale designer wash basins.