Get Real Value for Your Money from High Quality Executive Sanitary Ware in Europe

The European sanitary market has continued growing over the years. The sanitary wares from Europe are valued added designed, Innovative, cost effective as well as consistent due to price competitive. Some of sanitation wares available in the European market includes: basins, shower tray, bathroom cabinet and urinal among many others.

Major European Sanitary Brands and Major Manufactures


There many passionate and professionals manufactures that produces quality standards sanitary wares in Europe. These manufacturers use the latest technology in order to create excellent class sanitary wares that meet the client needs. They are some of leading producers of quality sanitary ware. Common sanitary wares includes: sinks, bathroom accessories in Europe, pipes, facets and bathtubs among others. The following are some of brands and manufacturer in the Europeans market: JT Ltd (Just Tray) shower manufactures ,Sungload, jika sanitary ware, laupen Swiss sanitary ware, Cersanit Poland sanitary ware, drops Martinidis Sa produces bathroom, tower rings etc and Franke sessions Ltd among many others.

Quality and Trendy Sanitary Ware from European Market

Twyford16 x 14 wash basin

The Europeans market offers high quality sanitary wares with specialized and professional designed for ensuring customer satisfaction. The manufactures are authenticated with certificates that are ISO certified (CE) Europeans union. This certification is issued to manufactures that provide quality product in the market and this have maximizes the improvement of standards and eminence products in the market. The material used in making these sanitary wares is reliable and free from corrosion. Moreover they are manufactured per international standards hence provides comfort and satisfaction.

Current Market Trends and Future Prospects

The modern trend sanitary wares in Europe are geared by creativity and innovation in the market. They have unique shape, aesthetic with others features hence makes them conform to current trend in market. They are made from high quality materials such as ceramic which made them look neat and presentable for example products such as: wash basin, urinals and wall hung water closet. The Europeans market trend is very competitive and manufacturer offers quality products that are well designed to meet the rising demand globally. The increasing population in Europe has highly increased the demand of sanitary wares with lifestyle changing day to day. They are affordable with quality value for investing and maximizing disposable returns. In future the stylish and designed sanitary wares with unique characteristic have continued to be developed to meet the increasing demand in the market. These sanitary wares are modernized with variant colors of satisfying the diverse prerequisite of clients.

 How can local Investors benefit From the European Sanitary ware Market?

Local and international investors have great significant benefit from European sanitary wares that are of high value and cost advantage production. The investors benefit from ready and high demand of sanitary wares with strategic mass market. The current trend in the European market where individual are making their real estate, homes, offices to look more luxurious, stylish and comfortable. This has increased the demand of sanitary wares hence maximizing returns. The research has shown that there is increasingly demand of consumption of sanitary wares. A sanitary ware in European market provides new opportunities day to day.


The European sanitary wares market has created a high demand of quality and durable products globally. They produced by specialized and expertise in field of ceramics, bathroom, basin urinal and shower tray among many others. The range of products, services and quality has continued to increase dramatically over the years.

Increasing Popularity of Western Style Italian Water Closets over Traditional Pan Models

According to the definition a water closet is a room with a toilet. But now its abbreviation form ‘WC’ (water closet) is used very frequently. In the industries manufacturing sanitary ware the term ‘WC’ is used for toilets.

Tomas Crapper first invented a water closet. Flushing mechanism is used to flush the waste via a drain pipe. A flushing toilet was invented way back in 1798. There are two types of toilets, the western–style toilet for sitting and the Asian–style toilet to squat.

The variety of designs in traditional style of pan models is limited. They have standard designs as compared to the designs of the modern water closets. The pan shape is quite customary and these are often used in places which are traditional and where modern chic designs will look out of place.

The western style Italian water closets are very popular today as these come in a range of designs, colours, styles and decorations. The price range varies according to the model.

The toilet seats have unique designs and shapes with beautiful colours. The expensive range of Italian water closets have seats made of polypropylene which does not stain, or break and the colour does not fade. These are popular since it is very easy to clean them. The soft-close seats do not make a slamming noise while closing.

With a wide range of designs available in western style water closets consumers are really pampered. The  bathroom may be big or small, one can find toilet seats and pots that fit every kind of bathroom space. The eco friendly water closets use less water which in turn saves energy, money and the natural resource, water.

Different types of toilets available are:

Wall Faced Toilets – These are smooth and slick in design with the flush mounted against the wall. As they are easy to clean and maintain, these are very popular.

Connector Toilets – In these the pan is separate from the cistern and a pipe joins them together.

Close Coupled Toilets – These have the look of all-in-one because the cistern is joined to the pan. There is a gap between the pan and the wall, so dust gathers in the space and cleaning becomes a tough job. For more details on water closets, visit –

In most of these western style water closets the flushing device is such that very little noise is produced during flushing. Some pans are coated with Teflon so the pots do not stain and cleaning them is very easy.

The ceramic cisterns give a fancy look to the toilet. They are more durable than the plastic cisterns.

In a bathroom toilets are the most frequently used item so care must be taken while selecting a water closet. Italian style water closets with their neat styles are hygienic and easy to retain.

The s-trap and p-trap water closets are very popular.


The lavish designs of the Italian style water closets are very popular as they give a luxurious look to the bathroom. Initially these are expensive but over the time you spend less money over their maintenance as compared with traditional pan toilets.

Ceramic Sanitary Ware Trends in Europe

Europe is considered to be the largest sanitary ware market in the world bigger than even US, China and Japan. Both the vast size of population and large economy of the continent are the reasons for this predominance. As the disposable incomes and construction output in the country is expected to rise in few coming years, the demand for sanitary wares Europe is also on the verge of increase. The much of this demand comes from the Central and East European countries where a lot of residential projects have taken up in last two years. The day by day rising construction sector with various activities of new constructions, maintenance and renovation projects going in countries is driving up the market for sanitarywares in European countries.

Sanitation is primary requirement in both residential as well non-residential structures. Therefore European sanitary ware manufactures are now producing products which can fulfill the requirements of sanitation in both residential as well as commercial/non residential sectors.

The market for sanitarywares Europe is widely divided into three major categories – plastic sanitary ware, ceramic sanitary wares and other metal and steel sanitary wares. According to survey conducted by one of research institutes in Europe, it’s plastic sanitarywares like baths, shower trays and urinals which account for the highest consumption in European countries. Following the plastics is the ceramic sanitary ware market, which is growing up on a large basis now in Europe. While plastics and ceramic sanitarywares are the choice of residential sectors, the iron and steel products are a demand in public sectors for installments in areas like public toilets, trains etc.

Ceramic Sanitary Ware West Europe

The standard of living of people in West European countries like UK, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium etc has increased rapidly in a past few years. More and more people are now going for renovation of their homes so as to recreate their ventures into comfortable and lavish dwelling homes. The sanitary ware in West Europe is mainly applied in the renovation and maintenance of residential buildings. As a result there is good demand for stylish ceramic sanitary wares in Europe which are available in stylish hand crafted designs and custom colors, shapes and sizes. The ceramic sanitary ware suppliers here are offering a wide variety of sanitation products but the choice of the modern society in these European countries is now becoming the elegant colors like gray, white and black. The Twyford sanitary wares are best selling sanitation in these countries today. These are highly elegant and sophisticated fixtures available in innovative and high end designs.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares Central and East Europe

Much of the demand for ceramic sanitary ware products in Europe is due to the high rate of consumption from the countries belonging to the central and east part of the continent including Serbia, Montenegro, Germany, Romania etc. The new residential constructions which are accounting to nearly 40% followed by the renovation and maintenance of residential buildings are primary cause of demand of sanitary wares in these CEE countries. Ceramic fixtures are now being preferred over plastics. Some of the posh sanitation fixtures that are in good demand in these countries include designer wash basins, hand crafted ceramic wash basins, European ceramic water closets and designer bathroom accessories.

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