Significance of Water Closet Designs in Modern Life

Aone House serves the consumers for extreme sanitary requirements with ample designs and colors. They manufacture a range of ceramic gadgets for toilet and export to different countries. Their products are known for variable patterns, designs, quality, international standards and durability. Consumers can find ceramic sanitary products available in modern and convenient designs at wholesale pricing. Their products range includes Wall hung water closet, Twyford WC, Bidet Water closet, Irani and Italian s/p toilets, Orissa toilet pans, Modern sticker series, pedestal and hand craft design wash basins, etc. Further more information about water closet designs, visit –

Significance of Water Closet Designs in Modern Life

Get Real Value for Your Money from High Quality Executive Sanitary Ware in Europe

The European sanitary market has continued growing over the years. The sanitary wares from Europe are valued added designed, Innovative, cost effective as well as consistent due to price competitive. Some of sanitation wares available in the European market includes: basins, shower tray, bathroom cabinet and urinal among many others.

Major European Sanitary Brands and Major Manufactures


There many passionate and professionals manufactures that produces quality standards sanitary wares in Europe. These manufacturers use the latest technology in order to create excellent class sanitary wares that meet the client needs. They are some of leading producers of quality sanitary ware. Common sanitary wares includes: sinks, bathroom accessories in Europe, pipes, facets and bathtubs among others. The following are some of brands and manufacturer in the Europeans market: JT Ltd (Just Tray) shower manufactures ,Sungload, jika sanitary ware, laupen Swiss sanitary ware, Cersanit Poland sanitary ware, drops Martinidis Sa produces bathroom, tower rings etc and Franke sessions Ltd among many others.

Quality and Trendy Sanitary Ware from European Market

Twyford16 x 14 wash basin

The Europeans market offers high quality sanitary wares with specialized and professional designed for ensuring customer satisfaction. The manufactures are authenticated with certificates that are ISO certified (CE) Europeans union. This certification is issued to manufactures that provide quality product in the market and this have maximizes the improvement of standards and eminence products in the market. The material used in making these sanitary wares is reliable and free from corrosion. Moreover they are manufactured per international standards hence provides comfort and satisfaction.

Current Market Trends and Future Prospects

The modern trend sanitary wares in Europe are geared by creativity and innovation in the market. They have unique shape, aesthetic with others features hence makes them conform to current trend in market. They are made from high quality materials such as ceramic which made them look neat and presentable for example products such as: wash basin, urinals and wall hung water closet. The Europeans market trend is very competitive and manufacturer offers quality products that are well designed to meet the rising demand globally. The increasing population in Europe has highly increased the demand of sanitary wares with lifestyle changing day to day. They are affordable with quality value for investing and maximizing disposable returns. In future the stylish and designed sanitary wares with unique characteristic have continued to be developed to meet the increasing demand in the market. These sanitary wares are modernized with variant colors of satisfying the diverse prerequisite of clients.

 How can local Investors benefit From the European Sanitary ware Market?

Local and international investors have great significant benefit from European sanitary wares that are of high value and cost advantage production. The investors benefit from ready and high demand of sanitary wares with strategic mass market. The current trend in the European market where individual are making their real estate, homes, offices to look more luxurious, stylish and comfortable. This has increased the demand of sanitary wares hence maximizing returns. The research has shown that there is increasingly demand of consumption of sanitary wares. A sanitary ware in European market provides new opportunities day to day.


The European sanitary wares market has created a high demand of quality and durable products globally. They produced by specialized and expertise in field of ceramics, bathroom, basin urinal and shower tray among many others. The range of products, services and quality has continued to increase dramatically over the years.

Enhance the Value of Real Estates and Other Building Using Executive Italian S – Trap and P – Trap Water Closet Suites

Italian water closets have a reputation of being high class executive water closets for both commercial and domestic use. These closets are well designed to form very elegant and efficient sanitary ware.

Differences between Italian S-Trap and P-Trap Water Closet Suites and Their Applications

Water closets are either S trap or P trap. These two features trap a small amount of water to prevent the backflow of sewage gases into the water cosset and finally back to the room creating a bad odor and allowing bacterial into the room.

Traditionally, most toilets were the S type.  Italian S trap water Closet has an S shaped plumb fitting just below the water closets.  This plumb fitting traps water in the S shape after much of the water has gone down the drain. This water acts as a sealant and prevents flow of sewage gases back to the closet. Due to its S shape, this design creates a siphoning effect which sometimes drains all the water in the S trap. Thus S trap toilets are being replaced by P trap which does not have siphoning effects.


P trap toilets have a U shaped plumb fitting followed by a 90 degree bend. The two fittings create a P shaped structure just below the water closest. The P shaped has been carefully engineered to prevent the siphoning effects and the water trapped is permanently there. Most S traps are currently being replaced with P trap.

Innovative features of Italian P-trap water closet suites

Italian P closets come in different sizes, designs and shape. On characteristic features is that the flashing unit is attached on top of the basin making it easy to use and install. These toilets also come with a hygiene guarantee making them very safe to use.

Italian P trap water closets have many innovative features that enhance their functionality and aesthetic appeal. These ceramic casting for these closets have good dimensional stability creating high aesthetic closets suitable for executive sanitary ware.

Other designs of these cosset uses a small space and are manufactured so as to match with most of the toilet space in buildings.  Ergonomic aspects in these closets have been introduced so as to ensure that they are comfortable and easy to use.


Why buy Italian P-trap water closet suites 

The Italian water closets have many innovative features, simple design, elegance, and are manufactured to suit customer’s requirements. This makes them ideal for both domestic houses as well as commercial buildings.

Demand and market trends

The many designs in the water closest market create a very competitive environment for Italian suites and other brands.  Though the demand for water closet is projected to increase, the Italian water closet can capture a larger share of high end sanitary ware market.


Italian water closets have many functional features and high aesthetic appeal.  P trap closets are rapidly replacing S trap as there are more effective in preventing sewer gases from escaping into the closet.  These closets are ideal for both domestic and executive sanitary ware.

Attain High Sales Volume and Exorbitant Profits by Selling Sanitary Wares in the Large USA Market

The USA sanitary ware market has continued to grow tremendously over the last decade. This growth has been fueled by an increasing demand. Most products are imported with only a few be produced locally.

Market Trends and Types of Sanitary Ware in the US Market

The USA sanitary market is greatly affected by the global competitive environment. Water closets form the greatest share in the market. Wash Basin with Pedestal, cisterns, pedestals, urinals are also in great demand. For the next five years, the market will grow from $22.17 billion to $33 billion.


Main Importers to the US Sanitary Market

Sanitary ware imports have continued to increase in the USA as compared to those supplied locally. Global exporting companies from China, India and Europe can therefore benefit from the huge demand in this market. Globally, Asia is expected to lead in sanitary ware market with 43%, followed by Europe and South America.

Sanitary Ware Demand Trend in the USA

It is expected that the demand in sanitary ware will grow due to rising use in commercial and real estate sectors. It is projected that the market will increase with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.29 %.  The continued increase in demand results from the rapid growth in real estates and great changes in consumer preferences.

Strategies Adapted By Manufactures and Investors to Rising Challenges in This Market 

The main challenges facing the market include limited casting and manufacturing technology, rising labor and energy costs as well as intense competition. Sanitary ware providers have responded by shifting production to Asia, product innovation and diversifying their products.


Current Trends in the Demand for Sanitary Ware

Though the demand for sanitary ware in USA continued to increase, cheap imports make this market very competitive. Global exporters must therefore innovate and develop new products in order to gain and sustain competitive advantage in this market.  Innovations such as flapper free, silent flushing systems, developing customized products, clog free toilets, low cost slip casting fabrication technologies and many others are likely to increase demand.

Designer sanitary are expected to feature widely in the high end sanitary ware market. Common features include; customized water closets, executive bathroom and toilet suites, high aesthetic appeal, automatic flushing systems and easy to clean. All these features give the customer a sense of modernity and high lifestyle.


Toilet and bathroom remodeling continues to increase as more people shift or acquire new homes. Exporters must therefore partner with local companies to benefit from this market.

Upcoming real estates, hospitals, public sector buildings, corporate offices are increasing rapidly and this create a high demand.  These clients require high quality products at cost effective prices.  Low end products which dominate the market have features such as low water consumption, easy to install, low costs and improved quality.


The USA sanitary ware market creates a high demand for global products. Since most of these products are mostly imported, sanitary ware manufactures can greatly benefit from this market.

Use High Quality and Cost Effective Sanitary Products and Services Offered By Indian Companies

The Indian sanitary market has continued to grow over the years. The range of products and services as well as quality has increased dramatically.


Features of High End and Low End Sanitary Ware Markets in India

  • Sanitary ware market in India has both high and low end products and accessories. The main difference between the two is based on quality, price and fabrication materials.
  • High end sanitaryware items and accessories are expensive and are manufactured using high quality and reliable materials. The materials are carefully selected to provide the requisite function and withstand corrosion. In addition, taps, sinks, bathtubs and toilets are manufactured as per the international standards thus provide comfort and satisfaction when using them. The shape, aesthetics and other features are enhanced to conform to the current trends. The dimensional accuracy of these products is very high.
  • Most high end sanitary materials are expensive. Alloys of copper and zinc with arsenic and stainless steel are used to manufacture the pipes while toilets are made from acrylic. Taps, valves and connectors are made from brass or chromium coated steel to make them attractive and durable. The products are also customized to suit the client’s requirements.
  • Low end sanitary wares items are developed to provide quality services at cost effective like toilet basin price. Most expensive materials are substituted for cheaper materials such as plastics. The quality of these products is standard as they have to conform to local and international regulations. However, due to substitution of materials, their durability and attractiveness is lower than those of high end market.


Sanitary Products and Services in India

  • Sanitary ware items and accessories installed in bathrooms, kitchen and toilets form a bulk of most sanitary wares in the market. Common sanitary wares include sinks, pipes, toilets basins, bathtubs, showers, faucets among others. There are also numerous accessories associated with these wares such as taps, valves, pipe fittings and connectors.

Trends in the Current Sanitary Market in India

  • The Indian sanitary item market has continued to grow rapidly over the last decade. The industry produces most sanitary wares for the Asia pacific region as well as for local use. The production capacities have doubled in the last ten years.

Bathroom Components

  • The market is comprised of major and minor players. Major suppliers account for over 50% of all production while minor suppliers take the remaining market share. Minor suppliers are unorganized and offer low volumes and prices. Major suppliers offer high quality products in large volumes.
  • Water closets provide the largest revenue while cisterns and bathroom basins/sinks are ranked second and third. Accessories such as pipes, fittings and valves are also in high demand as they are used in conjunction with major sanitary ware items.
  • It is expected that the market will continue to grow rapidly due to urbanization, improved living standards and general rise in available income. Education on safe sanitary conditions also motivates people to purchase sanitary ware products.


The sanitary item market in India offers high quality and standard sanitary ware for local and international market. It is expected that this market will continue to grow in the future as disposable income and urbanization increases.