Importance of Certification and Standard Maintenance for Wall Mounted Commode & Sanitary Ware Products

Sanitary ware manufacturer have seen a vast growth and there is a high demand for ceramic sanitary ware products. There are various reasons for these increased demands of ceramic sanitary ware though. Ceramic sanitary ware provides a luxurious feel and there by gives an upscale feel to the interiors of the home. It is one of the ways by which wealth and standard of living can be showcased without actually having to brag about it verbally.

New-Age Designs

The manufacturer of sanitary ware are gradually renovating their styles of the product with that suit the current lifestyles of people. The new-age designs include wall mounting commodes, water saving sets of wash basins and faucets. Renovated steam bath structures as well as bathing structures have found its place in the modern bathrooms. The various shapes of bathtub also add to the aristocratic feel of the setup of the house. The manufactures are currently in the boom since there is a high demand of new designed sanitary products in the market instead of having to replace the old ones.

Wall Mounted Commode India

Demand of the Products

The current family structure setup, in most cases the husband and wife both earn and hence the standard of living is usually high. The fast paced lifestyle of the people has led to the demand of better developed sanitary ware products that make daily life chores less time consuming. The families presently opt for a more premium look and hence willingly invest in high end products. The foreign companies in the market are the ones to offer the premium look wares. The foreign sanitary ware products are more in demand due its superior quality and proper completion of certification requirement.

Certification of the Product

Certification of a product is the identification of the quality of the product from a recognized source. This certification is very important since you being the customer must ensure that you are providing value for money when you are buying things for your home. The certification standards and requirement of any product, including sanitary ware will depend on the country of its origin. Indian certification standard means an ISO9000 certification mark on the product. This certification is the indication that the product is of good quality and has been made conforming to the laws of environment. For the European market, it is important to follow the European standard which UNI EN. Similarly the American certification requires the fulfillment of ASME/ CSA standards.

Standard of Certification

The requirement of the certification is to ensure the obedience to the criterions and the essential requirement of the import-export business. There are certain tests that the product has to undergo in order to get the certification. Some of the most commonly performed tests are dealing with the physical and chemical resistance of the mass ceramic, the basic functionality of the sanitary ware combined with their geometric as well as dimensional aspects for that of the product. It is only after the completion of these tests that the products are certified and procure eligibility to be sold in the market and for trade.

Ceramic Sanitary Ware Trends in Europe

Europe is considered to be the largest sanitary ware market in the world bigger than even US, China and Japan. Both the vast size of population and large economy of the continent are the reasons for this predominance. As the disposable incomes and construction output in the country is expected to rise in few coming years, the demand for sanitary wares Europe is also on the verge of increase. The much of this demand comes from the Central and East European countries where a lot of residential projects have taken up in last two years. The day by day rising construction sector with various activities of new constructions, maintenance and renovation projects going in countries is driving up the market for sanitarywares in European countries.

Sanitation is primary requirement in both residential as well non-residential structures. Therefore European sanitary ware manufactures are now producing products which can fulfill the requirements of sanitation in both residential as well as commercial/non residential sectors.

The market for sanitarywares Europe is widely divided into three major categories – plastic sanitary ware, ceramic sanitary wares and other metal and steel sanitary wares. According to survey conducted by one of research institutes in Europe, it’s plastic sanitarywares like baths, shower trays and urinals which account for the highest consumption in European countries. Following the plastics is the ceramic sanitary ware market, which is growing up on a large basis now in Europe. While plastics and ceramic sanitarywares are the choice of residential sectors, the iron and steel products are a demand in public sectors for installments in areas like public toilets, trains etc.

Ceramic Sanitary Ware West Europe

The standard of living of people in West European countries like UK, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium etc has increased rapidly in a past few years. More and more people are now going for renovation of their homes so as to recreate their ventures into comfortable and lavish dwelling homes. The sanitary ware in West Europe is mainly applied in the renovation and maintenance of residential buildings. As a result there is good demand for stylish ceramic sanitary wares in Europe which are available in stylish hand crafted designs and custom colors, shapes and sizes. The ceramic sanitary ware suppliers here are offering a wide variety of sanitation products but the choice of the modern society in these European countries is now becoming the elegant colors like gray, white and black. The Twyford sanitary wares are best selling sanitation in these countries today. These are highly elegant and sophisticated fixtures available in innovative and high end designs.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares Central and East Europe

Much of the demand for ceramic sanitary ware products in Europe is due to the high rate of consumption from the countries belonging to the central and east part of the continent including Serbia, Montenegro, Germany, Romania etc. The new residential constructions which are accounting to nearly 40% followed by the renovation and maintenance of residential buildings are primary cause of demand of sanitary wares in these CEE countries. Ceramic fixtures are now being preferred over plastics. Some of the posh sanitation fixtures that are in good demand in these countries include designer wash basins, hand crafted ceramic wash basins, European ceramic water closets and designer bathroom accessories.

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Sanitary Ware by Aone House – A Leading Exporter of Designer Ceramic Sanitaryware in India

At Aone house, we have a range of pedestal washbasins, classic collection of wall mounting basins & other ancillary items like soap dishes. As a leading exporter of designer sanitary ware in India, we have products to give you utmost satisfaction with a wide range of variety. Besides we supply different kinds of sanitary ware products like water closets, urinals and toilets etc. The quality we keep is high and the prices are favorable. There is a wide acceptance of designer ceramic sanitary ware because the they have many advantages over the others. Besides the other advantages, they are highly economical. The ceramic sanitary wares always give a luxurious look to the wash room, plus they are very easy to maintain. They prove extremely durable and the maintenance cost is also low as compared to the other counter parts. The raw material used in making ceramic sanitary ware makes it more reliable as well as durable. The ceramic pedestal wash basins are counted as the most prestigious, classy and stylish. The variety in wash basins is great.

The ceramic water closets are also available in a wide variety and each one is better than the other. The ceramic sanitary wares are used for sanitation purposes ranging from washbasins, closets, urinals, sinks, and baths to hoppers. Ceramic sanitary ware is resistant to weathering, chemical erosion, it possess mechanical strength and is resistant to abrasion. It is preferred over other types of materials as far as sanitary ware is concerned. It has a long life, is easy to clean and maintain, and also, does not lose its shine and sparkle even after years of use. The demand for ceramic sanitary ware is increasing day by day. Sanitary ware is an essential and integral part of any  building, be it construction in areas like housing, educational and research institutions, hospitals, industries, hotels and restaurants, cinemas and other public places.  And ceramic sanitary wares are definitely the best choice because they are economical, easy-to-clean, have a longer life and are available in pleasing colours.

The demand of ceramic sanitary wares is increasing day by day in rural and urban areas due to increased construction activities and changing sanitation habits. The non-plastic raw materials like quartz, feldspar and some clay are crushed and ground to required fineness. They are unloaded in an agitator where more clay is added as per composition. The slip is screened, magnetized and kept in an agitating tank with addition of required flocculants. The wares are cast in plaster moulds. The wares are dried and finished and are kept on open racks for drying. The dried wares are tested for cracks and then applied glaze by spraying. It is then loaded in the kilns for firing at a temperature of about 1260 degrees C. After firing they are sorted out and packed for sale.

Lack of proper sanitation poses the greatest risk to health. It is the most important priority for humans. Unsanitary excreta disposal, poor personal and domestic hygiene are greatest risks to human health and hygiene. For any social and economic development, adequate sanitation in conjunction with good hygiene and safe water are essential to good health.

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From Where to Buy Wholesale Ceramic Sanitary Ware?

When exploring ideas about bathroom designs it is important to identify the look you want to go for. Without a clear vision, communicating with dealers /manufacturers can be difficult and what is a simple process can become stressful, overwhelming and lengthy.

Before you decide to buy wholesale ceramic sanitary ware for the bathroom it is very important to have a complete  picture of the design. The design should be practical and it should suit your lifestyle. Plan the look of the bathroom, modern or classic, the colour scheme and your budget also. If you have a small bathroom, use light colours to create the illusion that the space is bigger.

Bathrooms are the most preferred areas of the house as far as a tired person is concerned. In olden times, bathrooms were not given a lot of  importance  but presently, they have acquired much more importance. Now they have become glamorous rooms and a true friend of those living in the house.

Sanitary ware encompasses various plumbed-in bathroom fixtures that conjures up images of clean and pristine ceramics with beautiful designs and soft curves.

India is on the threshold of becoming the biggest manufacturing center for sanitary ware brands. The companies are adopting precise standards to produce finest quality of products. They are making use of latest technology and best raw material to produce wares of latest designs.

The best way to get the bathroom you want that fits your budget is by differentiating between must-haves and luxury items. Have a budget, but don’t buy products that will break and wear away soon. It is essential to buy durable sanitary ware for any bathroom. What ever is the size of your bathroom, its best to keep the space as clutter free as possible.

Do your research in order to ensure you are getting the best product available in the market at reasonable cost. Select a brand amongst many sanitary ware brands that specialize in selling ceramic sanitary ware of the best quality. Pay attention to the practicality of certain bathroom ware features, even though some modern designs may look impressive, they are often very impractical and will affect the usability of your bathroom.

To buy ceramic sanitary ware surf internet, find information about the brands and the designs online. It has helpful explanations and graphics showing how the different types of toilets work. Several plumbers maintain blogs with useful toilet reviews, but these are more limited in scope. Sanitary ware companies maintain websites to advertise their product, to get feedback and answer customer queries. Here you will come across variety of designs of sanitary ware and the price range also which will be helpful in deciding the better manufacturer.

Look for manufacturers of sanitaryware in India with good reputations by asking friends, dealers and shopkeepers.  Find leading sanitary ware manufacturer providing best quality hand crafted and professionally designed ceramic sanitary wares. They manufacture skillfully designed ceramic sanitary ware of latest designs and top class functionalities providing perfect accord of hygiene and style, using high quality ceramics.

Buy wholesale ceramic sanitary ware from a manufacturer whose products are not only attractive to look at but also they are durable and cost effective.

How to Find the Best Ceramic Sanitary ware Manufacturer in India?

Bathroom sanitary ware suppliers, offer a huge variety of sanitaryware, both local and imported, manufactured by different companies. These varieties come best suited for different lifestyles, different size of bathrooms, different households etc. So it is very crucial to take your time to choose the one best suited for you and your specific needs. It is important to know what you want before you go out to buy it.

Before making a final decision it is good to visit the various shops that sell the sanitary ware you are looking for. By seeing the variety available, that suits your lifestyle or personality, you will be able to choose the color, design and decide the designer sanitary ware manufacturer whose products you would like to buy.

Window-shopping helps you to know the variety of products available and the kind of budget you will need, it also assists you to know if you can make a saving in a particular brand than the other. It is important to visit several shops to hear the services they offer their customers even after the sale. Find out about the warranty guarantees offered by the manufacturer if any ware is damaged.

The Internet is full of essential information about different companies manufacturing sanitary ware. These companies maintain websites for advertising, getting feedback and answering customer queries. This helps to save a lot of time, and money that you would have otherwise spent in going around to different shops. You might come across variety of sanitary ware and its price range also which will be helpful in deciding the better manufacturer.

To find manufacturers with good reputations, seek  referrals from friends. For high-quality fittings and accessories, designer bidets, exquisite sanitary wares, modern taps etc. look for the best products available in the market.

The quality of the product, ease of installation and cleaning, wear and chipping resistance and superb finish are some of the qualities which need to be taken into consideration while selecting a good manufacturer.

Select a brand of sanitary ware that is not just visually attractive but also easy to install. While selecting a sanitary ware, consider the design and strength of the product. The design should be well rounded as edges might result in damage and chipping.

The sanitary wares made of ceramic is prone to physical and chemical damage when being cleaned. The surface glaze is affected by the use of bleach and abrasive cleaners with time. Gloss is a very slanted component but even the untrained eye can make an ample appraisal. Notice the pinholes and erratic dullness and check the surface for smoothness before you purchase.

Choose a quality sanitary ware manufacturer from India, who offers a wide quality range of ware. Check the profile of the company and its market strength.  In ceramic market there are many types of decorative ceramic sanitary wares available. The company that specializes in manufacturing high quality sanitary ware products that are uniquely stylish and among the best in the industry should be chosen.