How to Add Liveliness to your Washrooms with Sanitary Elements?

Increasing Renovation Curiosity among People

The influence of corporate world can be felt in all walks of life as a result the trend followed by corporate people is considered as up-to-date and appreciated by majority worldwide. Home renovation is not an exception from transformation. With internet media establishing easy links to access what is new and how that can be reached. Internet and television media have a great impact on people in exploring the modern amenities that are available today. Starting from washrooms to personal rooms and from kitchen to garden decorating thematically stays one of the latest attractions among people. Even people with moderate income think about spending a little more in modernizing their living space.  Washroom renovation is the recent demand in many people who wish to get complete hygienic atmosphere inside the bathroom and toilets and try to obtain a sparkling look with modern ceramic washroom accessories.

The Craze for International Standards in Washroom Accessory Designs

The craze for brand design will always be there in people. Country or race is not a constraint for appreciating modernity. As far as bathroom components made of earthenware is concerned, ceramic material is considered the safe, easy to maintain, hygienic and cost effective option. In addition, washroom elements made of stoneware are made in a range of designs and colors thus people have several options to choose from. Earthen wares are designed to match the space, purpose, decorative impact, etc. Even residential spaces built in small areas can be transformed into big and attractive in terms of installing the right size in the right place thus allowing more breathing spaces in between. These are some of the stylish features followed by top sanitary ware manufacturers. Hence, people are attracted towards modernizing their bathrooms by investing a little more in international standard designs that are manufactured in their own country.

Some Important Suggestions to Give a Rich Look to Toilets and Bathing Space

Investing on renovation project, especially washrooms have to be planned carefully. The investor need to calculate the space available to design a washroom and choose the designs accordingly. There are certain important suggestions which can be considered to make a meaningful expenditure on ceramic components for bathrooms and toilets they are,

  • The buyer should be very careful in choosing the manufacturer of ceramic wares because a reputed designer will be able to offer compact designs at moderate cost.
  • Before selecting the sanitary ware design, the buyer should make sure of the space and the number of sanitary components he can fix inside.
  • Since, the sanitary earthenware elements are available in a range of color and design; the investor can select the design in accordance to his funds, paint color of the washroom walls, and the flooring. This will add more elegance to the whole space.
  • Online search for ceramic ware companies is an excellent option to get in touch with the manufacturer as well as to place order at a moderate pricing.


Be it small space or big space, installation of colorful and modern ceramic sanitary components will surely change the appearance of the whole space. Hence, investing on such accessories can be made into a meaningful purchase.

Wash Basins – Sanitary Ware that Defines New Life Style

Wash Basin & Bathroom Accessories

Wash basins were developed as a result of the need for a more organized way of handling home based hygiene activities. They are equipped with a tap for water supply as well as a drainage outlet for the dirty water to flow out. They may also be equipped with a strainer for shutting off water exit when required. They are useful for various purposes such as:

  • Hand washing

  • Utensils washing

  • Preparations of foods in the kitchen

  • Body hygiene purposes such as shaving and brushing

The main role played by the wash basins is prevention of water spillage in the house or on the floor. The development of the appliances has been gradual starting from the original types which were largely metallic. Later designs followed that were plastic made through the molding process and later on, the ceramic wash basins emerged. The metallic basins are made of stainless steel and are largely for commercial use where the volume of work is a lot more and will also hold more water. They make banging noise when hit while working and may not be the best for home use. The other common type is the enamel over cast iron used primarily in the kitchen. The main disadvantage being that when the enamel is worn out, the iron may corrode affecting the glass.

Various Designs of Wash Basins

The ceramic designs of the wash basins have been able to solve these problems due to their inert nature. They are not affected by scrubbing, heat or cold and are not easily broken off. They are also highly resistant to fading and staining. In addition they are made to various designs and styles hence introducing beauty and style to your house. Some of the various types of these designs include:

  • The pedestal basins are made with a stand or a base. A hollow Core on the stand allows for the drain pipes to go through. This design is elegant and various colors and shapes are available to select from.

  • The handmade wash basins are made from chrome and nickel material which add class and style to the house.

  • The sticker Series of the wash basins is another classic type that easily blends with the design of the house. Various types of designs can be printed to match with the theme of the house. Flowery wall hangings easily blend with this type of design.

  • Contemporary designs are available with a wide range of colors and can be customized to individual needs and designs. Rustic colors can easily blend with various house designs such as wooden doors with metallic or copper finish taps.

Where to Find Wash Basins


While shopping for the best and high quality sinks, it is important to look for good quality suppliers for the best products. They are readily available from hardware shops as well as online suppliers.

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The design of wash basins can be useful in maintaining the hygiene of the house as well as rhyming the style of the house. Ceramic wash basins are more preferred for home use due to their long lasting nature and style. Various designs are available and custom made ceramics are also available. Wash basins are available from various shopping outlets as well as from online shops which offer drop shipping.

How to Select Best Water Closets for Your Home/Office?

water closetsThe water closet is basically a hygienic house hold fitting that allows human waste to be kept away from the bathing areas. It was invented in America in the 1850’s by Charles Neff and Robert frame. They developed the modern day siphon flushing system. This invention has contributed greatly to the development of hygiene and sanitary facilities in homes, schools and even for public amenities. Two main categories of water closets are identified and these are the squatting closets (while using it you adopt a squatting position) and the sitting closets are used while seated.

Qualities of a Good Water Closet

While determining the type and design of the water closet to use, it is important to keep in mind that whatever you install, you might have to use it for the next 20 or more years, therefore quality should be a top priority.

  • It is critical to make a good budget for something that will never irritate you. A powerful flash is one of the key considerations and you should be ready to spend from $ 150 to $ 600 for a good flushing system. You may also look for a pressure assisted model for better flush quality.

  • Along with the power of the flush, is the water conservation. Poor flush wastes time as well as water because you will have to wait for it to fill up again to clear up the waste.

  • The quality of the glazing matters a lot because slight abrasiveness/corrosion will prevent the smooth flow of waste as well as become difficult to clean. This may lead to accumulation of waste and development of harmful bacteria’s such as Escecheria coli.

  • Design. Since the closet is for everyday use, an attractive and appealing design is important for your house to look great and appealing.

Designs of Quality Water Closets

The Orissa pan 20’’ water closet is a wonderful squatting design built with a foot rest design. It is easy to clean as well as abrasion resistant. Other innovative designs include the Italian S trap, Italian P trap design and the Irani water closet. These are largely sitting position designs manufactured to high quality and may come in a wide variety of colors to suit your home décor. The wall mounted designs of the water closet have enabled easier cleaning procedures especially underneath the system thereby improved sanitation. The bidet design water closet has seat covers included to enhance sanitation as well as a mechanism for regulating the flow of water for water conservation and efficiency.

Where to Find Quality Water Closetswater closet sanitary ware

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Water closets are important items in the house and some considerations to make before purchasing include the flushing power, ability to clean, water savings and the individual preferences. There are various designs of the sitting closets and squatting closets such as the bidet designs, Twy ford designs, and the S trap and P trap designs. Quality water closets can be found online where delivery and installation can be arranged with the supplier.

How Manufacturers Cope with the Practical Demands of Ceramic Sanitary Ware Market?

Growing Impact of Ceramic Sanitary Ware Industry

In recent days the interest and creativity spent on construction works is really amazing. With the impact of internet, people from many parts of the world come to know the significance of other country products, trends and modernity and try to adopt new trends from other places. It is no more meaningful to point out a specific country for a particular product as manufacturers have easy options to capture world market, as a result chances of developing an identity for products all over the world has increased unbelievably. The craze to buy products from different places is increasing everywhere, ceramic accessories for wash rooms is not a constraint from this. The specific intention that is growing in people towards decorating their living space to a more creative one is a prominent reason behind the demand for trendy ceramic toilet accessories. This increasing demand encourages manufacturers to focus on designing conceptual and cost effective accessories for toilets thus there has been some serious impact in the sanitary ware market.

Increasing Preferences of Consumers for Sanitary Accessories

Exposure to facts about recent developments worldwide through internet resources makes people to imagine a living space to make it more creative and decorative. Some ceramic industries preferably look forward to provide designs with international standards. Indian sanitary components production companies also found to be staying in the list of popular manufacturers worldwide for its cost effective and durable designs. Consumers on the other hand, would like to obtain a world class effect for their living space by investing in designer accessories for sanitary aspects. In addition, they prefer an easy way of buying in terms of choosing a cost effective and innovative design. For example,

  • Consumers pay more attention to convenient types of water closets in terms of choosy designs that consumes little water for flushing purpose
  • Designer wash basin with pedestal for eminent look
  • Antique hand craft series to obtain a touch of rich look
  • Even Urinals are preferred in stylish ceramic designs to get the feel of comfort inside toilets.

Steps Taken by Manufacturers to Cope Up With the Demands

Some countries like India, where the demand for ceramic sanitary components is increasing; the Government encourages foreign companies to run their manufacturing and marketing unit in India. Manufacturers on the other hand have been into coping up with the demands in terms of the following such as

  • The greatest contributing factor is that construction sector is also equally developing; therefore, production aspect has been considered as an important feature to meet the higher level of requirement
  • More innovative designs are introduced by adoption international standards and to satisfy the customers
  • Taking care of the pricing aspects to engage the consumers to choose all types of bath room components from one place. Visit – to get more information about ceramic sanitary ware from a leading manufacturer of India.

Innovative Designs of Bathroom Accessories

While manufacturers focus towards adding more and more designs, consumers on the other hand, look for a sanitary component in terms of the convenience they can get. In addition, some people prefer to look for products with little creative art over it, thus they do not get the feeling of spending time in a wash room. For example

  • It is a very good idea to choose hand crafted wash basins with or without pedestals to give a colourful touch to the space
  • Rustic series of wash basins appear like moulded components that give an artistic look
  • Stickers series of bathroom accessories can be chosen as per the client’s preference wherein the client can choose the desired picture which will be in the form of stickers which will be pasted on the ceramic material


In recent days people pay attention to products that are produced with international standards, and bathroom accessories made of ceramic material appears to be more in demand for the material, design and colour options available.