Bathroom Decor and Hygiene – Choose the Perfect Bathroom Accessories and Urinal

Research found that an average human spends almost from 2 years of his/her life in bathroom/toilet. The place where you are supposed to spend time surely needs to be attractive. It is also said that it is a place where many of them get new ideas. There are also many more reasons to design your bathroom beautifully. While decorations are important, maintaining hygiene in common toilets and washrooms is also a matter of importance.

Bathroom decor

Now, you will get lots of articles describing how to decorate your bathroom with major components including sanitary wares. While doing so, you probably will not pay much attention to a small but integral part of the place-bathroom accessories. The accessories play an important role in decoration and can ultimately improve or ruin your decors. Having bathroom accessories is one thing and having ceramic made bathroom accessories the best thing you can add to your bathroom.

Ceramic made have its own advantages:

  • Having all accessories ceramic finish gives a finishing touch to your design. This enhances the design and also gives a noble look to your bathroom.
  • These accessories are easy to clean and easy to handle.

Color Choice and Modernity in Ceramic Sanitary Wares

Some of the bathroom accessories to be considered while designing –

  • Robe Hook: These tiny things can make a great difference in your design. Using a multiple of these hooks can help you organize your bathroom wears by colour or size. This way, it serves a purpose of organizing your things and at the same time displays itself as a piece of art.
  • Towel Rail Bracket: Towel being the essential thing in the bathroom, so is the towel rails. But placing towel rails will ruin the whole design. Towel Rail Bracket is the only thing that can complete towel rail. It should be placed perfectly to serve its purpose.
  • Paper Holder: A modern bathroom will never be complete without a paper holder. When you have ceramic finish in your bathroom, you will probably want to have the paper holder made in ceramic.
  • Soap Dishes and Shelf: Another integral part of a bathroom is soap dishes. Having a plastic one will be like ruin your bathroom with your hands. The ceramic ones reflect elegance and nobleness of design.
  • P-Trap and S-Trap: This is the last but one of the most important part. You don’t want to use a faulty and low-grade product, ultimately lead to low sanitation and smelly bathroom. It can be a little difficult to find the right fixture from such a huge range. A fit trap will give smell free space and a perfect washroom.


When the question is about hygiene, no compromise can be done. When designing toilets, it should be taken care that is done without making any error(s). Also, the thing to take care of is, you are taking care of the need and give an optimal fit. Depending on the need, a variety urinal is available including half stall, flat back, corner for ladies and twyford toilets. Combining urinals with perfect accessories will give you a perfect toilet.

Tips & Tricks to design an Amazing Bathroom

It would not be wrong if I say that people spend more time in the bathrooms/ toilets each week than in exercise.  It was found in a research with a sample size of 2500 people that an individual spends around 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom and a sum of 92 days on the toilet. It is generally said that a women spends more time on the toilet than men but it was found that men actually spend 4 more minutes daily. Bizzare! Hence, when so much time is spent in the bathroom, it should be comfortable, hygienic and beautiful one. In fact, it has become ‘the place’ where people come up with the most creative and innovative ideas and productive thoughts.

Let’s consider how to make an attractive bathroom. There is variety of things which you may like to consider before designing your dream bathroom so that you get desired result.

Points to be kept in mind:

  • Style and Patterns
  • Ease of use
  • Colour
  • Elegance
  • Comfort
  • Space saving
  • Cost
  • Conceptual aspects

If you’re designing the room from scratch, including blueprint and installation, make sure the view is pleasing and the flow within the room is comfortable. For instance, when you open the bathroom door, the first thing that you see should be soothing and aesthetically pleasant. So there can be a beautiful bath area or walk-in shower in front of the door rather than a toilet! If your bathroom fortunately has a nice view from the window, the bath area should be placed and designed such that you can enjoy the nature. Till this moment you should not think about colours and styles. The latter can be decided when you know where, what and how things will be!

Also, keep in mind the importance of storage during designing the layout. Some designer shelves and cabinets can be installed so as to create a mix of bare and concealed storage. This helps to showcase the ewc toilet and hide the unwanted things. Bold and bright colours can be used which helps in creating illusion of magnified light and space.

Sanitary Ware Manufacturers

Design will also depend on types of bathrooms:

  • Powder Rooms
  • Half Baths
  • Three-Quarter Bath
  • Master Bathrooms
  • Guest Bathrooms

It is needless to say that the bathrooms these days are very small, especially in apartments. If these rooms are done with right interiors & colours, correct sanitaryware accessories and optimum utilization of space, it can look classy and large too. Below are few tips which will help you customize your perfect bathroom.

Fast guidelines:

  • Install a large sink and make a shelf space around it.
  • Use metallic finishes and mirrors to reflect light and make it look bigger.
  • Use every part of space.
  • Use bright colours.
  • Combine shower and bath tub space.
  • Extend a small neat counter over the toilet.
  • Designer ceiling with proper lightning (wallpaper can be used).
  • Raised fixtures from the ground which increases the feeling of floor space.
  • Use small baskets for towel or other storage. These baskets can be placed under the sink area or any unused space. It looks elegant as well as saves space.
  • Use glass partitions or curtains for bathing area instead of sliders and opaque ones.
  • Stripes with contrasting colour, for example, white and black, can be used on walls or floor tiles to create an illusion of space.
  • Bold wallpaper with texture can make the room look larger.
  • Create hidden storage places, like, drawers in the wall or behind the bath tub.
  • Use robe hooks instead of towel racks.
  • Use small plants to make the room look lively and fresh.

To sum up, essentials of every ideal bathroom are, but not restricted to:

  • Easy flow
  • Free floor space
  • Storage
  • Mirror
  • Exhaust
  • Hygiene
  • Pleasing interiors
  • Lighting

About Aone House

Aone House is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of quality sanitary ware accessories. The company has state-of-the-art production facility and skilled professionals who promotes & delivers the supreme grade sanitarywares at the competitive rates to the clients across the globe.

The Ultimate Buyers Guide to Great and Comfort Bathrooms

Bathroom accessories are crucial for the bathroom as they help in making a style statement as well as for practical uses. The additional extras in space go a long way into ensuring that the bathroom functions correctly. The bathroom accessories also give attention to detail and enhance the overall design of the house. There is a wide range of bathroom accessories available in the market and they can be tailor made to your own needs without too much financial expenditure. Some of these accessories include;

Robe Hook

This is an important part of bathroom hardware and can be installed in various styles and designs. The designs range from double J styles, Multi robe styles, double, single and triple hook designs. The robe hook is manufactured with high quality material such as brushed nickel, with a smooth shiny finish that easily blends with the other accessories and the house theme.

Paper Holder

The paper holder is one of the important accessories that bring functionality and beauty to your bathroom. It allows us to store the toilet roll in a place close enough for the toilet user. The paper holder is available in the market in a wide range of fixed and movable styles in both vertical and horizontal orientation. You may also choose from traditional and modern styles that will match to your design needs.

Soap Dish

This accessory may be installed as wall mounted for best and easy usage. The product may be completely ceramic or made up of polished nickel as well. Some designs include the white marble soap dishes and basic models.

Ceramic shelf

This is also another important part of the bathroom; the ceramic shelf is good for contemporary designs but can also be made of different colours to suit other themes. It can be installed as a corner shelf for best space utilization. The best ceramic shelves have a white glossy finish that is always great for the house.

Towel Rail Bracket

Amazing designs are available for the towel rail brackets. These come as chrome plated rail brackets which can be used for both flat and curved towel rails. In some cases the towel rail brackets are adjustable, allowing you to alter the distance from the wall to the front of the rail. The attachment to the wall is made firm through special attachment techniques making them also long-lasting.


The p trap is an important part of every bathroom and sink in the house plumbing. It traps debris and physical dirt from the sink to prevent them from clogging the plumbing line further down. It also stops the sewer gases from flowing backwards to release a bad smell to the house. The p trap under the sink is designed to be easily unscrewed off and unblocked. It is also made with nickel plated metal to create a nice looking fixture for the home.


The functions of the s trap are similar to the p trap in preventing return of gases to the house after flushing the system with water. With these sanitary bathroom accessories, you are able to meet all the required hygiene standards as well as create great value and comfort to the home.


Bathroom Ceramics Overview; Define Your Dream Bathroom Now

The bathroom is an important part of the house and it’s crucial to properly plan its design and create a nice and functional space. It is always best to choose the best sanitary ware available.

Important Facts of a Good Bathroom Sanitary Ware

Some of the important wares in the bathroom include; the bathtub, the shower, sink and the toilet bowl. Certain factors must be considered while choosing the sanitary wares to use.


White is the generally preferred color for a classic bathroom. It is also a safe choice when you are not sure of the color combination to use.


High-end ceramic sanitary wares are great for a comforting end of day’s work. A good pressure shower system will also help relax after a hard day’s work.

bathroom sanitary wares

Ease of Cleaning

 This is also a crucial consideration. The sanitary wares installed must be easy to clean and prevent accumulation of stains.

Resistance to Wear and Tear

There is need to conduct a good research on the strength and toughness of the ceramic wear that you buy. Cracked and chipped sanitary washbasins are never a good site to behold.

Planning Out Your Bathroom

Some important questions to ask when planning your bathroom include;

  • The desired look; this can either be classic, contemporary, minimalist or just practical, and the suitability with your lifestyle.
  • Family considerations; younger family may go for practical considerations, that are easy to clean.
  • Budget; it is important to consider what fits into your budget. Stylish bathrooms are not necessarily costly to implement.
  • Research; review what sanitary wares manufacturers have recommended, checking out on magazines and reviews to compare with your house style.

Bathroom Sanitary Wares That Complement Your House

Good house design is important to ensure your living environment is comfortable and has the personal touch. Currently, bathroom sanitary ware manufacturers and suppliers have wide range of colors available to complement the house. It is important to consult a professional interior designer who helps you design the space available, colors and type of wares to install.

Sourcing the Best Sanitary Wares

Determining the best quality ceramic ware can be a challenge to anybody. The quality of sanitary wares may vary depending on the expected lifespan, budget allocation the expected appearance and target usage. Some important factors affecting the quality of ceramic wares include;

  • Depth of the glaze, this is the depth of the glass like surface on the ceramic ware. It protects the product from damage by water, and chemicals that frequently contact the surface. When the glaze is shallow, it easily absorbs water, cracks and breaks.
  • Overspray, this is the color of the ceramic. The default color is usually white, but manufacturers are now able to incorporate different colors to finished products.
  • Item design , advanced designs are harder to manufacture and are therefore more expensive than simple wares

Presence of visual defects; presence of cracks and chips may show an underlying quality problem and items showing these defects must be avoided.

Know about High Efficiency Toilet Models

Increasing Efficiency of Sanitary Ware Usage

Toilet usage can be made with lot of differences therefore consumers can find more efficient usability. When it comes to sanitary wares, water consumption should be the main target for competent practice. These practices certainly help the consumers to foresee environment friendly habitation. Selection of flush types plays a key role in economic water usage.

In recent days manufacturers use improved and advanced ceramics that provides stain free surface and easy maintenance subsequently. These ceramics are comparatively resourceful to a great extent even when water hardness remains slightly higher. Aone House supplies variety of Italian and Iranian water closets with flexible and less water consuming  with compact flush.

Efficiency of Sanitary Ware Usage

Flushing Features-The Most Notable Feature that Deserves Attention 

Flush put away more water quantity than other sanitary components. Apart from that, there are certain important reasons that demand more attention such as;

  • Flushing frequency can be compared to understand how much of water is required for toilets when compared to water application in other household activities.
  • In conventional toilets or water closet models it was on the other way around as flush size remains larger and similarly the water consumption.
  • If a person uses flush for more than 3 times of 4 times the water amounts to more than 25% of what is required for complete kitchen related activities like cooking, cleaning utensils, etc
  • Innovative flush mechanisms like Irani or Italian-S or P trap water closet can serve the best and economic water usage.
  • These Itani or Italian model Potts with flush absorb not more than 7 liters of water which is comparatively lesser in quantity than conventional toilet models.

Save Environment through Calculated Water Consumption for Wash Rooms 

You can stay green even by choosing the sanitary ware design and pattern. Aone House presents economic as well as luxurious models of ceramic sanitarywares including pedestal wash basins, wall hung water closet, etc which needs relatively lesser place for installation and brings out orderly look to the wash room atmosphere. In addition, these models are space saving and easy to maintain its sanity. Apart from that wash room components are also available in environment friendly models that saves space, water application and provides more hygienic aspects.

Advanced Models of Flush

Advanced Models of Flush 

In recent days with a notable concern towards saving environment manufacturers have come up with newer models of flush design such as the dual flush and water sense toilets and eco energy toilets familiar in countries like Europe and U.S. These models prove to save considerable water consumption, deliver better flush performance and stays among the most preferred choice of consumers.

Selecting Smart Potts

It might be somewhat tricky to make some good decision concerning the type of potty. The main condition is to choose the shape matching the space available in wash room that can be shared for installing and then comes the color choice. Color choice is available in plenty from Aone House which consumers can get an idea by visiting their online sanitary ware store.


Sanitarywares, particularly water closets can be selected considered multiple conditions like environment, toilet space, color, flush mechanism, etc. There are some high efficiency toilet models available in the market that can certainly remain cost effective and environment friendly choice.

Sanitary ware for Kids Room

Attending Sanitary Requirements for your Home

Every feature of decorating can fetch you good results if the respective components remain choosy and reliable. Sanitary components play a key role when it comes to safe, clean and convenient environment. Kids’ room always requires special attention as they do not know the impact of living hygienically.

Decorating your Kids’ Wash Room

As far as kids’ wash room is concerned, they should feel convenience within reach. Each product including wash basin, wall hung water closet, or urinal for instance have to be selected based on the quality of ceramic which stays easy for maintenance and remains flexible to use.

Sanitaryware Quality and Hygienic Aspects

Ceramic sanitary ware leads the role in quality as the ceramic material has many beneficial properties for which it has been preferred at large. It is hard, oxidation resistant, chemically strong, wear resistant and easy to clean. These aspects are considered important for making toilet gadgets. Buying ceramic components would remain the best option not only for kids but for all members in the family from the perspective of cleanliness.

Size and Model needs more attention

Compact model of water closets can be furnished with additional accessories. Floor mounting water closets would remain the best choice for children for potting. Installing them at accessible points is also an important aspect. In addition to that fixing accessories for setting paper dispensers, sanitary napkin receptacles, grab bars, etc are also to be added at precise position to create hygienic environment for kids.

variety of sanitarywares suitable for kids

More Beautification Aspects

If you wish to give beautification touch to your kids’ toilet selection of designer ceramic sanitary ware components is the best option. Aone House presents variety of sanitarywares suitable for kids, residential, commercial buildings, schools, and many more aspects. Our range of ceramic sanitary wares is made based on the different expectations and convenience of consumers.

Buy Sticker Series to create Happy Moods

Modern sanitary components including sticker series is designed with attractive colors and patterns that given them artistic look. Sticker series offered at Aone House stay a unique choice as its presence would change the appearance of wash area to something creative and modern thus reduce the feel of boredom and lethargy which we many of us still have.

Be Particular while selecting Flexible Accessories

Accessories include taps, napkin holder, soap holder, etc can also be selected based on how much convenient children can feel in using them. Tap designs can be selected matching the color and size of the sanitary ware. In addition, easier water dispenser tap models would remain suitable than other stylish models.

 variety of pedestal wash basin models

Pedestal Wash basins for Safe Usage

When it comes to wash basins for kids’ toilet pedestal designs would be fine. Aone House presents variety of pedestal wash basin models including rustic series wash basins, and sticker series wash basins with pedestal at good price.


Selecting a suitable model of sanitary component for kids’ use form the extensive Variety of Sanitaryware Models requires many aspects to be reviewed and Aone House is the best place to find one.

Designer Ceramic Sanitary Ware To Lighten Up Your Bathroom

There are various important activities like bathing, washing and excretion which need to be carried out in a bathroom. All these activities need to be done properly in order to prepare you for your rest of the day. Thus, it becomes very much important to have a comfortable bathroom with modern facilities so that you can complete your tasks quickly and comfortably. When it comes to selecting designer ceramic sanitary ware for your bathroom, there are many things to consider like comfort, hygiene, durability, size, shape etc., so that it suits to your requirement and space of your bathroom. Find out your bathroom Accessories at that will help to lighten pp your Bathroom.

Important Brands of Sanitarywares in India

Bathroom Accessories Produced with Modernity

Expectations and requirements for stylish living space have also been focused on designing wash rooms with modern bathroom accessories. Sanitary ware brands in India tend to provide ceramic accessories for wash rooms with flexible designs. As a result, manufacturers receive higher demand to produce competitive designs.

Competitive Aspects in Designing Sanitary Components

Top brands like Cera, Kohler, Parryware and Hindware, etc follow competitive aspects in terms of design, color, pattern, usability, etc. They also focus on the quality of ceramic and related ingredient to provide best accessories which consumers can depend for long term usage.


Specialty of Branded Sanitary Accessories

Branded sanitary accessories and modern bathroom accessories are known for highest quality, style, world class pattern, anti bacterial features, economic flush, etc. Similarly, well known brands like Parryware and Hindware focus on contemporary requirements and value for the money the consumers invest on wash room accessories.

Top Sanitaryware Brands in India and reasons for their Popularity

Parryware, Cera, Jaquar, Hindware, are some of the leading sanitary accessory manufacturing brands in India. They are known for quality of components, innovative and space saving designs, variety of sanitary components they offer and of course flexible installation features they include in design. Apart from that pricing is also a top feature that adds to their popularity as people who cannot afford for imported sanitary wares switch over their choice to Indian brands for quality and pricing.

Water Closet Designs offered by Top Brands

Water closet forms the main item when it comes to designing wash rooms. Water closets are available as single piece unit, wall hung or bidets. Similarly, unique features are added to the water closet pattern in terms of the flush system to meet the environment friendly aspects. Hence, many top brands focus on water closet designs where people can enjoy cleanliness with spending relatively less amount of water.

Hand Craft Designs Embedded in Sanitary wares

Handy crafts patterns add more elegance to the space and wash basins with pedestal are available with handy craft paintings, emboss paintings, also. Some companies accept to take up particular design preferred by the consumer when it comes to production of ceramic accessories in hand craft series.


Design Strategies followed by Top Sanitaryware Companies in India

Color, size and pattern are the three main aspects considered by top sanitary companies in India.  The increasing requirement for sanitary components from real estate industries and the growing hospitals have considerably raised the production demand for compact and flexible models of water closets and wash basins.  Manufacturers also strive to meet the same.

The Beauty of Rustic Series

Rustic series ceramic components are the latest attraction among consumers. Apart from that rustic series wash basins are made in vibrant colors which will transform the look of traditional wash rooms to stylish ones.

Tips to Convert Urinals to Pleasant ones

Urinals are preferred in hospitals, restaurants, and other crowded areas but sometimes unmatched designs make the whole area look ugly. However, ceramic manufacturers focus on providing modern form of urinals like half stall urinal or flat back urinal that are made over international standards.


Top Sanitary ware companies in India are facing challenging production demand on competitive edges. The urge from real estate development and consumers request for international quality are some of the prominent reasons that make them produce modern designs and Aone House is one of the leading sanitary ware companies that focuses on modernity and quality.

The Growth of Indian Real Estate has Increased Demand of Quality Sanitary Ware

The Urge for Real Estate Development in India

India is one of the leading nations that supports with maximum professional assistance for Information Technology and hence, the living standards of many Indians have considerably improved to world class style. As a result of that Indian real estate industry has been witnessing enormous growth in India.

Innovative Aspects Introduced in Construction Industry

When it comes to construction part, people prefer to adopt modernity in living standards and hence, they focus on every minute aspect of housing décor and sanitary ware remains one among them. With the expectation of improved lifestyle, many consumers in India admire stylish washrooms for convenience and luxury.


The Demand for Stylish and World Class Quality Sanitary Ware

Though Indians are used to ceramic sanitary accessories, yet when it comes to design and usability features most of the accessories used for wash rooms were manufactured in the same old traditional design. However, in recent days with the influence of internet people love to grab what is new in market. Gradually, the demand for international designs has increased.

The Link towards Designing Wash Rooms

Stylish sanitary wash rooms accessories are designed in a variety of ways so as to give artistic look to the space. Sanitary ware companies in India also focus on adding new looks to sanitary components starting from wash basins to stylish water closets.

Reception for Modern Sanitary Wares

Sanitaryware manufacturers in India give importance to customer interests. They analyze the recent demand for sanitary designs through the requests of orders come from real estate industries in India. Real Estate professionals on the other hand choose the sanitary designs matching international standards. Hence, the reception for modern wash room components keeps on increasing.


Competitive Design Offered by Sanitary Ware Companies in India

Top sanitary ware companies in India choose competitive designs and add uniqueness in terms of additional features like painting emboss, color combination, space saving designs, etc. Similarly, manufacturers inspired by modern designs introduced in other countries adopt the same and give back to consumers adding their creativity as well.

What is the International Standards Followed by Sanitary ware manufacturers in India?

Selection of quality ceramic materials, space for adding fittings, easy installation options, color pattern are some of the international standards followed by sanitary components manufacturers in India. In addition to that, wash rooms accessories companies from outside India also show interest in supplying variety of products to Indian thus, it has become easy to buy ceramic components of world class quality in India.

Online Portals to Choose Sanitary ware Designs

Aone House is a popular Indian sanitary ware brand that serves people with high quality ceramic wash room accessories. We offer ceramic sanitary wares designed by experienced designers who in turn bring in environmental friendly concept and luxury designs to suit different expectations of the consumers.


With the rising demand for modern sanitary components in India, manufacturers contribute competitive designs of quality sanitary ware accessories. Aone House is one among the leading manufacturers that supplied modern designs of wash room ceramic products at affordable cost.

Get Real Value for Your Money from High Quality Executive Sanitary Ware in Europe

The European sanitary market has continued growing over the years. The sanitary wares from Europe are valued added designed, Innovative, cost effective as well as consistent due to price competitive. Some of sanitation wares available in the European market includes: basins, shower tray, bathroom cabinet and urinal among many others.

Major European Sanitary Brands and Major Manufactures


There many passionate and professionals manufactures that produces quality standards sanitary wares in Europe. These manufacturers use the latest technology in order to create excellent class sanitary wares that meet the client needs. They are some of leading producers of quality sanitary ware. Common sanitary wares includes: sinks, bathroom accessories in Europe, pipes, facets and bathtubs among others. The following are some of brands and manufacturer in the Europeans market: JT Ltd (Just Tray) shower manufactures ,Sungload, jika sanitary ware, laupen Swiss sanitary ware, Cersanit Poland sanitary ware, drops Martinidis Sa produces bathroom, tower rings etc and Franke sessions Ltd among many others.

Quality and Trendy Sanitary Ware from European Market

Twyford16 x 14 wash basin

The Europeans market offers high quality sanitary wares with specialized and professional designed for ensuring customer satisfaction. The manufactures are authenticated with certificates that are ISO certified (CE) Europeans union. This certification is issued to manufactures that provide quality product in the market and this have maximizes the improvement of standards and eminence products in the market. The material used in making these sanitary wares is reliable and free from corrosion. Moreover they are manufactured per international standards hence provides comfort and satisfaction.

Current Market Trends and Future Prospects

The modern trend sanitary wares in Europe are geared by creativity and innovation in the market. They have unique shape, aesthetic with others features hence makes them conform to current trend in market. They are made from high quality materials such as ceramic which made them look neat and presentable for example products such as: wash basin, urinals and wall hung water closet. The Europeans market trend is very competitive and manufacturer offers quality products that are well designed to meet the rising demand globally. The increasing population in Europe has highly increased the demand of sanitary wares with lifestyle changing day to day. They are affordable with quality value for investing and maximizing disposable returns. In future the stylish and designed sanitary wares with unique characteristic have continued to be developed to meet the increasing demand in the market. These sanitary wares are modernized with variant colors of satisfying the diverse prerequisite of clients.

 How can local Investors benefit From the European Sanitary ware Market?

Local and international investors have great significant benefit from European sanitary wares that are of high value and cost advantage production. The investors benefit from ready and high demand of sanitary wares with strategic mass market. The current trend in the European market where individual are making their real estate, homes, offices to look more luxurious, stylish and comfortable. This has increased the demand of sanitary wares hence maximizing returns. The research has shown that there is increasingly demand of consumption of sanitary wares. A sanitary ware in European market provides new opportunities day to day.


The European sanitary wares market has created a high demand of quality and durable products globally. They produced by specialized and expertise in field of ceramics, bathroom, basin urinal and shower tray among many others. The range of products, services and quality has continued to increase dramatically over the years.