Bathroom Decor and Hygiene – Choose the Perfect Bathroom Accessories and Urinal

Research found that an average human spends almost from 2 years of his/her life in bathroom/toilet. The place where you are supposed to spend time surely needs to be attractive. It is also said that it is a place where many of them get new ideas. There are also many more reasons to design your bathroom beautifully. While decorations are important, maintaining hygiene in common toilets and washrooms is also a matter of importance.

Bathroom decor

Now, you will get lots of articles describing how to decorate your bathroom with major components including sanitary wares. While doing so, you probably will not pay much attention to a small but integral part of the place-bathroom accessories. The accessories play an important role in decoration and can ultimately improve or ruin your decors. Having bathroom accessories is one thing and having ceramic made bathroom accessories the best thing you can add to your bathroom.

Ceramic made have its own advantages:

  • Having all accessories ceramic finish gives a finishing touch to your design. This enhances the design and also gives a noble look to your bathroom.
  • These accessories are easy to clean and easy to handle.

Color Choice and Modernity in Ceramic Sanitary Wares

Some of the bathroom accessories to be considered while designing –

  • Robe Hook: These tiny things can make a great difference in your design. Using a multiple of these hooks can help you organize your bathroom wears by colour or size. This way, it serves a purpose of organizing your things and at the same time displays itself as a piece of art.
  • Towel Rail Bracket: Towel being the essential thing in the bathroom, so is the towel rails. But placing towel rails will ruin the whole design. Towel Rail Bracket is the only thing that can complete towel rail. It should be placed perfectly to serve its purpose.
  • Paper Holder: A modern bathroom will never be complete without a paper holder. When you have ceramic finish in your bathroom, you will probably want to have the paper holder made in ceramic.
  • Soap Dishes and Shelf: Another integral part of a bathroom is soap dishes. Having a plastic one will be like ruin your bathroom with your hands. The ceramic ones reflect elegance and nobleness of design.
  • P-Trap and S-Trap: This is the last but one of the most important part. You don’t want to use a faulty and low-grade product, ultimately lead to low sanitation and smelly bathroom. It can be a little difficult to find the right fixture from such a huge range. A fit trap will give smell free space and a perfect washroom.


When the question is about hygiene, no compromise can be done. When designing toilets, it should be taken care that is done without making any error(s). Also, the thing to take care of is, you are taking care of the need and give an optimal fit. Depending on the need, a variety urinal is available including half stall, flat back, corner for ladies and twyford toilets. Combining urinals with perfect accessories will give you a perfect toilet.

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