Ceramic Sanitary Wares Types and Market in Year 2017

Gone are the days when house sanitary wares played a secondary role in house interior design. Recent interior trends critically analyze all types of ceramic sanitary wares that will be needed in the house, aesthetic value, hygienic value and even their effect on the space utilization in the house.

Nowadays everybody is keen in selection of sanitary wares for the various rooms in the house. They always help you create the desired look in the house. These sanitary wares include  Wash basins, Wash basin with pedestal, Water Closets, One piece toilet, Two piece toilet, Close couple toilet, Squatting pan, Urinals, Bathroom Accessories and many more.

Need For Variety 

With the revolution in interior design, there has been increased innovation and creativity in manufacturing and sales of sanitary wares. Creative and functional wares are now dominating the market and designers are spoilt for choice when developing the interior décor style. Now you can easily adorn your hygiene wares and ceramic bathroom fittings in the style of your liking with ease.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares

Demand Shift

The increasing shift in demand towards residential housing estates, rather than own homes has created a good demand in ceramic sanitary wares. Sanitary ware wholesalers and manufacturers have been very proactive in support of these mega housing projects by availing the whole range of sanitary wares as the demand requires. Some of the heavily demanded products from the sanitary ware wholesalers include;

Commercial Sanitary Wares

There is a complete range of commercial sanitary wares including basins, urinals, plumbing systems available from the sanitary ware wholesalers. These one stop wholesalers are ideal for property developers who are able to benefit from bulk purchases of all the required installations.

Black Sanitary Wares

The trend of black sanitary wares is gradually coming back and seems quite pretty. Black being the unconventional color for dominance it requires good design. When well done as is the case nowadays it creates an extremely stunning and sophisticated interior. Different hues are available and it may also be mixed with other colors to make it more stylish.




Shires Sanitary Wares

The shires brand of sanitary wares is also among the most demanded and stocked ceramics. To bring out the best in your bathroom solutions, style and quality is paramount.

Classic sanitary wares in stock are used in premises to provide an excellent look in the premises. Some of the defining features of the classic sanitary wares include the rugged and sturdy construction that gives them a long life and ease of maintenance. The sanitary wares are also made with the scratch proof quality of material that is also impact resistant and has a perfect finish.

From the wholesalers, a wide range of sanitaire are available including the plumber sanitary wares, cabinet wash basins and a whole range of plumber fittings are available.

The market for the ceramic products continues to grow around the world. In the Indian alone it is expected to grow by over 12 %. The main drivers of this growth are the rapid increase in demand for housing.

In line with this trend, the ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers and sanitary ware wholesalers are focusing on innovation and creativity to maintain the market share.

Find out the Competitive Designs Offered by Sanitary Ware Companies in India

The Demand for Improved Sanitary Component Designs

Sanitary ware installation is regarded as bearing equal importance like that of interior or furnishing of a house. Hygienic aspects are paid more attention by people; hence, they do not mind spending little more for sanitary elements. Apart from fresh construction requirements, renovation of house is also appreciated by many. Consumers prefer to pay for improved designs of sanitary wares in terms of colours, pattern, and ease of usage, easy fixation, durability and flexible maintenance. As far as India is concerned, the demand for fashionable and high quality sanitary components is on the increasing mode as people expect international standards from Indian sanitary manufacturers. Though there are options to find imported models through online stores yet, when it comes to pricing finding one from the same locality stays a cost effective option. Indian manufacturers offer quality of sanitary products at affordable prices and as per the customer expectations.

 Competence for world-class designs

Apart from traditional designs there is good reception for international designs produced in India. Italian water closet and Iranian water closet designs are much appreciated for the flush support. These international designs offer hygienic aspect with limited water usage options in flush component with improved designs. Washbowls on the other hand, are made in attractive designs and colours and even with paintings and carvings over it. Buying such designer components certain beautify the private space rather give the impression of a toilet. Internet marketing has paved way to raise the expectation of people to demand for world-class designs in sanitary ware products. Indian manufacturers choose the best production methodology to bring home the same features at affordable manufacturing cost.

Modernity in Indian Sanitary Ware Elements

Best sanitary ware brands in India offers wash room gadgets based on the trend expected by consumers. The series of innovations implemented in sanitary products’ design illustrates the Indian market growth in sanitary ware industry. Wash basins for instance are made in various models such as handcrafted wash basin, rustic series, pedestal wash basins and the sticker series wash basin. Today it is possible to get a toilet or wash room component over a thematic concept matching the painting and flooring options as well.


How Manufacturers Target International Standards while Designing Sanitary Components?

Obtaining international standards in sanitary ware manufacturing was possibly done in terms of choosing the right quality of ceramic. Apart from that, offering competitive designs, easy installation features and durability of the product are also considered part of overall quality of the product. Pricing comes next to quality, durability and design. Sanitary Ware Companies in India will stay convenient to find competitive designs of sanitary ware products at cost effective prices.


Sanitary products are not less constraint when it comes to modernizing homes. People pay equal attention to select the best models of sanitary components to beautify wash rooms and toilets. The need to maintain hygiene as well as appearance has increased the demand for competitive designs and Indian companies stay one of the best in sanitary ware market.

Tips to Select Sanitary Ware Colors for Your Bathroom

Whatever be your requirement of selecting sanitaryware whether it is a bathroom design for your new home or renovation of your existing bathroom to suit the modern interiors of your renovated home, selecting appropriate sanitary ware matching the interior colour of your bathroom would be a good choice.

Plain white bathrooms usually look unfinished and therefore it would be a wise idea to design your bathroom interiors with colours as per the interior of your home. Go for the lighter and mild colours if simple bathroom design is your requirement or else opt for brighter shades if you want a bright posh bathroom interior.

Bathroom is an important place of your home where you spend the very first moments of start of your day. It is the only space in your home where you can spend the best private time for yourself and unwind after the day’s tiring work. It is said that colors have an amazing capability to make you feel good and revitalize your mood. Therefore with the choicest bathroom colour and interiors one can add a new dimension and value to their bathroom.

Sanitarywares are must for every bathroom and play an important role in defining the bathroom look. Usually colors like blue, Tuscany, olive green, brown, mustard gold are preferred for sanitarywares. However while selecting sanitaryware for a modern bathroom, it is very important to select sanitaryware of the colour that goes well with the bathroom interiors. Today everyone is going for a theme based bathroom design. For example some may like beach themes with good amount of blue color while few may like Tuscan themed bathroom with rich green walls with dark wood accents. Therefore selecting the sanitary ware color for your bathroom will greatly depend upon the theme selected.

If your bathroom interiors are painted with warm colours like burgundy, gold, and royal purple, go for matching colors that can complement these colours. If cool blue is what your bathroom interiors display, it would be better to opt for white, cream-white to blue coloured sanitaryware to give a pleasant and beautiful look to the bathroom interiors.

Slowly the trend is shifting from boring white bathroom sanitary ware to colourful designer sanitary ware. The ceramic bathroom sanitary ware in colours is what most of the individuals are preferring to have in their bathrooms. The designer sanitary ware like handcrafted or rustic style wash basins and water closets in colours matching the walls of the bathroom are a great choice for designing a modern bathroom within budget.

Those looking to buy sanitarywares for the choicest colour theme of the bathroom can find Aone House sanitarywares which are the best and can satisfy one’s needs of bathroom design within budget. Visit http://www.aonehouse.com/about.html to learn about Aone House, one of the best sanitary ware brands in India.

Change in International Sanitaryware Business

In earlier times, bathrooms or rest rooms were not given as much importance as they are given today as far as aesthetic appearance is concerned. Now people prefer a bathroom which is not only functional but also appealing in design. This can be achieved only with the help of designer sanitaryware which suits to the area of the bathroom. In the 18th Century, a bathroom was situated in the outskirts of a property in which China basins with water jugs were used for washing. Then, in the 19th century, the bathrooms were built inside the property which gave an ease to the people but at that time comfort was the priority and not the aesthetic look. But during 20th century design of a bathroom became very much important for the people. Now, in 21st century, people not only require extraordinary look but also quick functionality in a bathroom. Over the period of time, design, structure and concept of bathroom has become very much important. Thus, the preferences of sanitary ware have changed over the period of time internationally. Life has become so hectic that people have started using the things through which the tasks can be completed faster. Sanitary ware cannot be ignored in this matter. The squat toilets were replaced by European style water closets just because of ease in using and flushing. This change in preferences affected the sanitary ware business worldwide. Now, people all over the world prefer to build well functional, trendy and decorative bathrooms which were not considered important in ancient times. Bathroom is also considered important part of a house as sanitation is must for every individual in the society. Due to these reasons, the manufacturers of sanitary ware worldwide had to upgrade their sanitaryware products suiting to the demand of people. Aone House as a leading exporter of sanitaryware from India, very well understands the high quality life style prevailing in today’s society and designs sanitary ware products accordingly. This is the reason why, we are exporting sanitary ware to more than 120 countries as listed below.
The people of each and every country have a different kind of life style and Aone House has been successful in understanding that and providing sanitary ware products which are as per their requirements. The below mentioned are the aspects which Aone House has always given importance to while designing sanitary ware:-

Comfort: - Comfort is the primary requirement of any person when it comes to bathroom. If the sanitary ware and its components are not made of high quality then they cannot be durable which can result to accidents in bathroom and discomfort. Sometimes, the situation can be quite embarrassing if any of your visitors and guests is using the bathroom.

Quality Ceramic Sanitary Ware: - Aone House believes in providing only quality ceramic sanitaryware because it can add luxury, design and modern touch to any bathroom. If the ceramic sanitary ware is not of high quality, it can break and cause damages to the people using it.

Thus, always buy quality ceramic sanitary ware from a sanitary ware company in Gujarat, India, offering export quality sanitary ware products like Aone House as they very well understand the changes in demands relating to sanitary ware globally and design their sanitary ware products accordingly.

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The Designer Ceramic Sanitaryware Used in Middle East

Middle East always boasts about the modern trends whether it is politics or fashion. In a similar manner, the sanitaryware used in Middle East is also supposed to be modern, trendy and excellent in functionality. As in other products, there are continuous improvements to facilitate people, so the sanitaryware in bathroom which is used in our day to day life also requires improvements. Sanitary ware is something without which we cannot spend even our one day. Everybody has different requirements as far as sanitaryware is concerned. Some people require simple sanitaryware with good functionality but some people like designer sanitary ware also known as decorative sanitary ware which includes hand crafted wash basins, colourful and designer water closets etc. To make the bathroom look beautiful, the bathroom is supposed to have all elements like wash basin, water closets, urinals, bathroom accessories, tiles etc., which gel with each other very well. In Middle East, people are very much conscious about the interiors of the house and give lot of importance to the bathroom design because bathroom is an essential part of a house. People in Middle East live a luxurious life and so they choose only the best quality sanitary wares of international standards. Whether it is Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any place in Saudi Arabia, the choice of people relating to sanitary ware is just ultimate and so they prefer only best sanitary ware brands available in the market.

With modern trends in Ceramic sanitary ware in Dubai, Sharjah and entire Middle East, people just prefer to have sanitary ware which occupies minimum space in the bathroom and gives maximum functionality. It is a known fact that maximum number of population in UAE contains expats from other countries like India, Philippines, Pakistan etc. and they cannot afford to stay in spacious villas. Most of the time, they stay in a rental apartment which is quite compact and doesn’t have space for bath tubs which occupy more space. So, while designing a bathroom in an apartment in Middle East, the owner always looks for the sanitary ware which is compact and occupies less space but provides maximum functionality and last but not the least is great in design.

Sanitary Ware Supplier in Middle East

Aone House is a renowned exporter of sanitary ware from India, supplying designer sanitary ware in Middle East after understanding the demands of people over there. We know that people over there give maximum importance to quality in each and every product they use and when it comes to sanitary ware, hygiene is their priority. We never compromise in quality and provide ceramic sanitary ware of only international standards by best manufacturers of sanitary ware in India. To complete a bathroom, each and every element like water closet, wash basin etc., is equally important. Thus, we can provide stylish and designer water closets with wash basins ready sets for modern bathrooms designed in Middle East. If you are in search of a reliable exporter of sanitary ware from India, you can visit http://www.aonehouse.com for more details as we believe in providing only best quality at best prices.

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