Important Ingredients of Sanitary wares that Shape the New Era of Delicacy in Sanitation

Nature of Basic Ceramic

Ceramic is a non-metallic solid material which is heated in high temperature to obtain different shapes and the same is then allowed for cooling to stay in the expected shape. They are crystalline or glass like in nature and in earlier days it was also applied in pottery.

Ceramic Type Applied in Sanitary Wear Production

Ceramic is of different types and there are specific varieties of ceramics that are exclusively applied for creating sanitarywares. White ware is a kind of large category in ceramic types and contains vitreous and glass like ingredients suitable for making sinks and toilet gadgets. It is a non-conductor of electricity and compatible for making products in tricky shapes.

Changes in Material Selection and Construction Toilet Components

Whiteware is classified into three main varieties based on its properties. The stoneware is one among them that is semi vitreous in nature where glass and solid phases form into micro structure giving it glossy finish which is also easy to maintain. Sanitaryware as well as tableware are made from this new type of material.

Stylish Wash Room Gadgets and New Era in Creativity

More and more stylish wash room gadgets are on the move today to meet the variable and higher level of consumer expectations. Starting from pedestal series to rustic series, and from designer wash basins to advanced water closets, sticker series or hand craft series, there are many numbers of toilet accessories in ceramic material.

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Glossy Finish for Modern Look and Easy Maintenance

Glaze is the kind of layer that provides the glossy texture to the product. It is not used in conventional types of sanitary components as it is one of the recent technologies introduced in toilet components to provide excellent smooth texture and shining appearance for long period of time.

Materials Applied in Forming Glaze

Glaze is formed in terms of blending different but naturally available materials such as quarts sands, limestone, feld spars, cobalt pigments, and iron compounds. Apart from these ingredients, zirconium silicate and tin oxide are also used to obtain softened glaze which by heating at high temperature becomes flexible to make stylish sanitary wares.

How Ingredients improve Sanitation Level?

Glaze technique is a versatile one with which higher range of sanitation aspects like moisture resistant and easy maintenance. These components also stay effective for long term usage. In addition to that, wash room components made from glaze technology bring great value for the money you invest.

Ceramic SanitaryWare Brand Importance

Choosing the right brand is more important while we go for buying ceramic sanitary wares. Aone House, a well-known Indian company offers branded sanitary components designed by professional designers. We have unlimited varieties of washroom friendly devices suiting different tastes of consumers.


In recent days sanitary components are made from trying different techniques and by adding high capacity ingredients which help manufacturers to design innovative models of wash room products as well as support consumers in feeling the flexibility of maintaining sanity.