How Water Closet Varies With Different Countries

The need of a bathroom is universal, but water closet varies differently for different countries around the world. Along with the water closet, hygiene routines, plumbing system, cleanliness standards, and sanitation system varies with different countries. Consider Japanese Bathroom is quite different from China whereas American and European bathrooms will have flushing toilets with toilet paper.

Let’s explore how water closet varies with different countries

Africa –

The commonly used in Northern Africa is the western style that is the western closet with a bowl and a seat. In most of the African countries, squat toilets are been used whereas hotels and restaurant catering to foreigners have western style sit down toilets. Other style includes western style toilet bowl propped over a hole in the floor

South America/Latin America –

In Latin America, disposing of the toilet paper in toilets is not allowed as the plumbing system cannot process the toilet paper. It results in backup and clogs. So, most of the households prefer with western styles by keeping a trash can beside the toilet for disposal of used toilet paper.

European Water Closet

Europe –

European toilet uses with the same type of western water closet same as America. In European countries, toilet papers go in trash following the same American style. Squad toilets are often seen in Greece, Turkey, and Romania.

One of the facts about European public toilet is that they are named as ‘WC’. WC refers to ‘Water Closet’ that refers to a toilet, so as to not mistaken with a bathroom

Japan -

Japanese toilets are one of the most sophisticated toilets in the world.  Japanese have the most inventive and sanitary toilets with highly developed features like heated seats, bidet function as well as dryer function. They are known for its waste sanitization techniques. One of the most common toilets in Japan is the squad toilet whereas studies showed that 80 % of the Japanese people use a combination of bidet/western style toilets and the remaining uses with the squad toilets in their homes

China –

Majority of China demands with the squad toilets. They believe that the squatting position releases pelvic muscles and is considered as a healthier way to eliminate waste.  Due to this reason, mostly squad toilets are been used in most of the areas of China

Some of the Types of Water Closets –

European Water Closet (EWC) -

European Water Closet includes a flush tank used for flushing after usage. There are two types of European water closet namely as S Trap Water Closet and P Trap Water Closet. The main difference with these two types are S Trap is used in ground floor installations where the piping is done below ground level whereas P Trap is installed in top floors due to the difficulty of installing pipeline under the toilet

Indian Water Closet -

Indian Water Closet is known for its fixing as they are been fixed at the ground level in many places. This type of water closet has advantages like economic in space, pricing and easy to maintain.

Italian P- Trap Water Closet – 

Italian P- Trap Water Closet is known for its innovative features, elegance, simple design that meets the needs of the customers. It is ideal for both domestic houses as well as commercial buildings

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