Sanitaryware Manufacturer offers Ceramic Sanitary Ware, Water Closets, Wash Basins and Bathroom Accessories. Sanitary Ware Manufacturer India. Offers Water Closet including Italian Water Closet, Irani Water Closet. Sanitaryware Color – Ceramic Sanitary Ware Color Chart. Sanitary Ware Production Facility. Offers Ceramic Sanitary Ware in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa. For Designer Ceramic Sanitary Ware Contact Aone House, Surendranagar, Gujarat, India. Enquiry for Ceramic Sanitary Ware, Water Closets, Wash Basins and Bathroom Accessories.
Ceramic Sanitary Ware, Designer Sanitaryware.


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AONE HOUSE - A Leading Ceramic Sanitaryware Exporter

Aone House, as an Indian well-known brand in sanitary ware, was registered in 2004 in India, and a Company was set up in the porcelain capital of India – Surendranagar, Gujarat, India. Which designed by professional designer, Not only Nobleness, but also Elegance. We made products of individuation, quiet, water-saving and environmental protection...........

Designer Sanitary Ware

Sanitaryware encompasses various plumbed-in bathroom fixtures that conjures up images of clean and pristine ceramics with beautiful designs and soft curves. With recent statistics showing appalling condition of sanitation facilities in urban as well as rural India, the need of ceramic sanitary wares is on an all time high. With an urge to revolutionize the sanitary industry, Aone House, a leading sanitary ware manufacturer was established in 2004. Since then the company has been serving the industry by providing best quality hand crafted and professionally designed ceramic Sanitarywares. We provide wide range of water closets, wash basin, bathroom accessories and urinals that are unmatched in designs and crafting. There is a huge demand of our handcrafted ceramic sanitarywares in India and across the globe.

Water Closets

Water closet, a term generally used for flush toilets and commonly abbreviated as WC is a lavatory equipped with water facilities.  Aone House’s wide range of water closets include Italian S-trap water closet, Italian p-trap water closet, Irani water closet, bidet water closet and Burma water closet that are absolutely simple to use and adaptable to surroundings.

Wash Basin

Aone House prides itself in providing unmatched quality wash basins including wash basin with pedestal, hand crafted wash basins, rustic wash basins and many such sanitarywares. Our skillfully designed ceramic sanitary ware manufactured using high quality ceramics comprise of latest designs and top class functionalities providing perfect accord of hygiene and style. Our range of wash basins are good combination of highest level of sanitation, decoration and best comforts of life that gives you ultramodern lifestyle to live in with great proud.

Bathroom Accessories

When it comes to bathroom accessories, Aone House, a leading Sanitary Wares supplier stands still on the top of the list. Our wide range of customized bathroom accessories include s-trap Sanitary Wares, p-trap Sanitarywares, soap dish and paper holders.

Urinal Sanitary Ware

Aone House is a leading ceramic sanitary wares supplier offering urinal sanitaryware including half stall urinal, flat back urinal and many such products. Our ceramics sanitaryware is at par with international standards.

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