Bathroom Ceramics Overview; Define Your Dream Bathroom Now

The bathroom is an important part of the house and it’s crucial to properly plan its design and create a nice and functional space. It is always best to choose the best sanitary ware available.

Important Facts of a Good Bathroom Sanitary Ware

Some of the important wares in the bathroom include; the bathtub, the shower, sink and the toilet bowl. Certain factors must be considered while choosing the sanitary wares to use.


White is the generally preferred color for a classic bathroom. It is also a safe choice when you are not sure of the color combination to use.


High-end ceramic sanitary wares are great for a comforting end of day’s work. A good pressure shower system will also help relax after a hard day’s work.

bathroom sanitary wares

Ease of Cleaning

 This is also a crucial consideration. The sanitary wares installed must be easy to clean and prevent accumulation of stains.

Resistance to Wear and Tear

There is need to conduct a good research on the strength and toughness of the ceramic wear that you buy. Cracked and chipped sanitary washbasins are never a good site to behold.

Planning Out Your Bathroom

Some important questions to ask when planning your bathroom include;

  • The desired look; this can either be classic, contemporary, minimalist or just practical, and the suitability with your lifestyle.
  • Family considerations; younger family may go for practical considerations, that are easy to clean.
  • Budget; it is important to consider what fits into your budget. Stylish bathrooms are not necessarily costly to implement.
  • Research; review what sanitary wares manufacturers have recommended, checking out on magazines and reviews to compare with your house style.

Bathroom Sanitary Wares That Complement Your House

Good house design is important to ensure your living environment is comfortable and has the personal touch. Currently, bathroom sanitary ware manufacturers and suppliers have wide range of colors available to complement the house. It is important to consult a professional interior designer who helps you design the space available, colors and type of wares to install.

Sourcing the Best Sanitary Wares

Determining the best quality ceramic ware can be a challenge to anybody. The quality of sanitary wares may vary depending on the expected lifespan, budget allocation the expected appearance and target usage. Some important factors affecting the quality of ceramic wares include;

  • Depth of the glaze, this is the depth of the glass like surface on the ceramic ware. It protects the product from damage by water, and chemicals that frequently contact the surface. When the glaze is shallow, it easily absorbs water, cracks and breaks.
  • Overspray, this is the color of the ceramic. The default color is usually white, but manufacturers are now able to incorporate different colors to finished products.
  • Item design , advanced designs are harder to manufacture and are therefore more expensive than simple wares

Presence of visual defects; presence of cracks and chips may show an underlying quality problem and items showing these defects must be avoided.

Internal Industry Factors Affecting Development and Expansion of Sanitary Wares Market

History has shown that the human race cannot do without comfort, and luxury living, and sanitary wares have been important materials that deliver luxurious living.

Current Research and Development in Ceramics

The various developments in ceramics have also brought about changes in the manufacturing processes of ceramics. Ceramics are inorganic non-metallic solids that can function in a broad range of applications. The current research and development goes beyond various fields such as engineering, electronics as well as aerospace.

manufacturers of ceramic sanitary ware

Analyzing the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Global Ceramic Industry

The strengths and weaknesses of the global ceramic industry can be analyzed in various ways. For instance some governments from various countries have commitments to ensure high level of competition within their economic sectors that stimulate market expansion. This has made businesses become globally competitive and recognized due greater visibility and penetration into various continents.

The strengths and weaknesses of the global ceramic industry analysis the regulations, that enable the ceramic industry to develop quickly. So far, there are many factors that affect business operations in the ceramic industry. Such factors include economic factors, financial factors as well as climatic factors. The ceramic sanitary ware normally consists of wash basins, urinals, cisterns and bidets. The ceramic wares have the ability of maintaining hygiene and are strong in nature.

Global Expansion Opportunities for Sanitary Wares

This industry has had a high expected demand over the years in various countries. The ceramic wares industry is segmented in raw materials such as ball clay and quartz. This segmentation has enabled global competition and expansion opportunities across all borders.

In recent years, ceramic sanitary ware has been used in construction of offices and in public transportation and also in investments. The ceramic sanitary ware industry is very competitive and it has several international and regional providers. Some of the key vendors in the ceramic sanitary wares have made impact in all corners of the world and not exhausted the market potential yet. The products are important for our daily lives. These wares are able to enhance the looks and value of the place where they are put.

Factors Affecting Global Competition among Manufacturers

Sanitary wares are of different designs, colors and styles. Since the wares are of delicate nature, it is important that they are handled with care. One should also ensure that the wares are well certificated upon purchase so as to avoid buying products that are not genuine. Genuine ceramic ware products do not consist of cracks or inconsistent surfaces. Quality, affordability and durability have been major areas driving competition.

These products require proper handling especially when installing them and handling them. In most countries there has been a vast growth of the ceramic sanitary ware products. The reasons for the increase in these products are the rapid demand especially from the building and construction sector. For most people the ceramic sanitary ware give a luxurious feel and especially to the homes. Having such products within ones home portrays wealth and an improved standard of living.

The manufacturers of ceramic sanitary wares have also been able to renovate their designs and styles so as to suit the preferences of most people. The current designs include water storage sets, wash basins, bath tubs and more. The ceramic ware business is in the boom for many people in most countries.

Sanitary Wares and Interior Design Process

The process of interior design follows a systematic and coordinated process that involves research, analysis, and the integration of knowledge into the creative process to produce an interior theme that achieves the target goals and objectives. The choice and installation of different types of sanitary ware in the house can completely alter the theme and introduce a fresh appearance of the house.

Concept Design and Planning Considerations

This process involves a detailed, measured and photographic survey of the existing and proposed drawing to fit the ceramics at designated places. With the advanced technology today, 3D modeling has enabled interior design artists to develop models and illustrate to potential clients before actual installation is done.

Matching the Home Finish with the Design of Sanitary Wares

 The sanitary wares are important part of our daily lives and are part and parcel of the home. When they are selected well they can effectively enhance the look and value of the home as well as adding to the comfort. These wares come in different designs, colors and styles and they add to the luxury of the home.

Sourcing and Transport Considerations of Ceramic Wares

Sanitary and ceramic wares are delicate installations that require proper handling during installation. It is important to ensure factory certification before purchase. The appearance of the product should be smooth and beautiful, absent of cracks, smooth edges, and with a consistent tone.

Due to the brittle and delicate nature of these wares, extreme caution must be exercised in handling. Proper wrapping of the ceramic wash basins, water closets and ceramic sinks helps in retaining the smooth edges and the beauty of the product.

ceramic sanitary wares

Ceramic Installation Procedures

Installation is done only after completion of the plumbing, drainage, floor, tiles and room doors. The water closet is fixed with proper alignment with the inlet and the outlet piping system. This is important as it prevents future problems of leakages and avoidable breakages. Where necessary, holes are fixed onto the floor or wall for proper fixing of the screws that will eventually mount the ceramic wash basin.

It is important that the W.C connector rubber seal is correctly located on the rim of the connector. In attachments of wash basins it is crucial to incorporate the water proof seals, to ensure no leakages will ever happen.

The Bath Tub and Shower Tray

The tub /tray drain shall be well connected to the waste pipe using the appropriate waterproof adapter. The joints around the tub must also be sealed with a waterproof sealant. For the shower accessories, the cold and hot water points must be appropriately marked, fixed and then tiling done.

Kitchen Sinks and Washes Basins

They must be installed to the exact position a specified in the drawings to avoid any misalignments from occurring. The waste pipes shall also be well fixed to avoid potential leakage problems. The gap between the sink and marble must be well sealed to avoid problems of dirty water clogging the lines in due course.

African Countries – Potential Demand of Indian Ceramic Sanitary Ware Products

According to a recent report on ceramic and sanitary ware market, India holds the number three position in the list of top 10 ceramic tiles producers all over the world. That has a great impact on the market of Indian sanitary wares in the other countries; especially in the African nations. There are lots of countries like Nigeria or Algeria where one can find a huge demand of these products. The Indian sanitary ware market experiences a rapid growth because of that demand. The growth of construction and infrastructure industry in these countries is mainly responsible for that demand. The Indian sanitary ware manufacturers do not want to miss the chance of grabbing that huge market.

Demand of Ceramic Sanitary Wares in Algeria

Algeria is one of those African countries that have been experiencing a steady growth in the infrastructure and construction industry since last few years. The real industry is growing fast too. This growth makes the high demand for top class sanitary wares an obvious thing. Thus, the construction and development companies need supreme quality ceramic sanitary wares in Algeria for their upcoming projects. That requirement is fulfilled neatly by the Indian manufacturers of ceramic sanitary wares.

Nigeria – Potential Buyer of Indian Sanitarywares

The quality of Indian sanitary wares is very highly demanded in Nigeria. They are built of the finest quality ceramic and other materials. They are rich in style and look. These products can enhance the look of any toilet and bathroom. Thus, the number of potential buyers of these items is increasing day by day in the African countries. Nigeria is one such country where you can find a lot of potential buyers of Indian sanitary wares. This is the 5th country in the list of the top ten buyers of the sanitary wares all over the world. The growing real estate business provides great support to that. There are hotels and other constructions where high-class sanitary wares are required.

Indian Ceramic Sanitary Ware in African Countries

Infrastructure Developments Increasing Demands of Sanitarywares in Egypt and Libya

Egypt and Libya are considered as the linking countries between Africa and the Middle East. The matter of the infrastructure development increases the demand for high-quality sanitary wares in these countries too. There are lots of new roads and other constructional projects developing in Egypt and Libya. Good growth in real estate business can be noticed too. Thus, the overall demand for sanitary wares increases very quickly in these countries. Here also India becomes the dominant exporter of these products.

South Africa – Looking for Quality and Luxury Bathroom Accessories

The lifestyle of South Africa has changed a lot in the last 25 years. The country becomes one of the favorite travel destinations for the tourists of all over the world. That makes the hotel and real estate business a growing one in this region. Therefore, the demand for high quality and luxury bathroom accessories is very high in this country. People like to buy products that are durable and look classy. The Indian manufacturers of bathroom accessories and sanitary wares are among the top exporters of these items in South Africa.

Importance of Certification and Standard Maintenance for Wall Mounted Commode & Sanitary Ware Products

Sanitary ware manufacturer have seen a vast growth and there is a high demand for ceramic sanitary ware products. There are various reasons for these increased demands of ceramic sanitary ware though. Ceramic sanitary ware provides a luxurious feel and there by gives an upscale feel to the interiors of the home. It is one of the ways by which wealth and standard of living can be showcased without actually having to brag about it verbally.

New-Age Designs

The manufacturer of sanitary ware are gradually renovating their styles of the product with that suit the current lifestyles of people. The new-age designs include wall mounting commodes, water saving sets of wash basins and faucets. Renovated steam bath structures as well as bathing structures have found its place in the modern bathrooms. The various shapes of bathtub also add to the aristocratic feel of the setup of the house. The manufactures are currently in the boom since there is a high demand of new designed sanitary products in the market instead of having to replace the old ones.

Wall Mounted Commode India

Demand of the Products

The current family structure setup, in most cases the husband and wife both earn and hence the standard of living is usually high. The fast paced lifestyle of the people has led to the demand of better developed sanitary ware products that make daily life chores less time consuming. The families presently opt for a more premium look and hence willingly invest in high end products. The foreign companies in the market are the ones to offer the premium look wares. The foreign sanitary ware products are more in demand due its superior quality and proper completion of certification requirement.

Certification of the Product

Certification of a product is the identification of the quality of the product from a recognized source. This certification is very important since you being the customer must ensure that you are providing value for money when you are buying things for your home. The certification standards and requirement of any product, including sanitary ware will depend on the country of its origin. Indian certification standard means an ISO9000 certification mark on the product. This certification is the indication that the product is of good quality and has been made conforming to the laws of environment. For the European market, it is important to follow the European standard which UNI EN. Similarly the American certification requires the fulfillment of ASME/ CSA standards.

Standard of Certification

The requirement of the certification is to ensure the obedience to the criterions and the essential requirement of the import-export business. There are certain tests that the product has to undergo in order to get the certification. Some of the most commonly performed tests are dealing with the physical and chemical resistance of the mass ceramic, the basic functionality of the sanitary ware combined with their geometric as well as dimensional aspects for that of the product. It is only after the completion of these tests that the products are certified and procure eligibility to be sold in the market and for trade.

Ceramics Sanitary Wares Market in Different Countries

Research currently predicts a global increase in the demand for sanitary ware products by over 7% by the year 2020. The growth in sanitary wares market is largely boosted by rapid expansion in the housing industry. Rapid increase in construction projects across the world has consequently led to a rise in the requirements for ceramic sanitary wares. In the United States, rapid increase in private housing units is further driving up the sales. Renovations of buildings and housing units, and interior design considerations have played a key role in enhancing the demand of ceramic sanitary wares.


Sanitary Ware Market in India

According to research, the sanitary conditions have improved in India. Better economic environment has led to increased per capita disposable income and improved living standards. The government’s effort in educating people about safe sanitation has also enhanced the demand for sanitary ware products. Currently, the demand for these products is highest in the residential sector but public utilities like malls, hotels and hospitals have also contributed to demand.

According to a forecast up to 2018, the water closets are the major revenue contributors, with wash basins and cisterns following. The significant rise in middle class and urbanization has created demand for other products such as pedestals and bidets.

Ceramic Sanitary Wares

Sanitary Ware Market in Bangladesh

Similar to many other countries, the ceramic industry in Bangladesh has been heavily promoted by the construction industry. Bangladesh ceramic market is approximately 17% of the international ceramic market. The Asian region including china and India dominate the global market for ceramics. Heavy commercialization of emerging sanitary industries has made the sector very attractive. With the rapid growth in this economy, local production is likely to be supported by imports from neighboring countries such as India and China.

Demand in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia

Research has shown that as late as the year 2015, this market has imported over 10 billion worth of sanitary wares. Domestic manufacturing is never able to fulfill the countries demand thus the huge imports from countries such as India.

In neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, domestic production is still very low therefore providing great marketing opportunities from India. Trade agreements have also made business among Asian nations to be friendly. Tariff concessions between these countries have allowed very low taxation rates thus a great booster to trade. There has also been rapid increase in demand in the Turkish market.

Demand in the Middle East

This region has very high demand for ceramic wares. In Saudi Arabia, demand is supported by domestic production as well as imports from countries such as India, china and Spain. Domestic production supplies over 45 % of the demand while imports cater for the remaining 55%. From the year 2014, there has been a rapid increase in demand for these products especially from the hotel sector. The gradual recovery in the construction sector is also boosting demand especially with governments of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia investing in construction of affordable housing.


The demand for ceramic sanitary wares continues to grow, largely due to positive economic outlook in various economies. Asian countries have benefitted immensely from ceramic trade between neighbors due to trade and tariff concessions. Indian ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers stand to gain from domestic as well as regional trade.

Life without Sanitary Wares

Sanitary wares are one of the most important elements of any household. However, sometimes the homeowners pay the least attention to them. But have you ever imagined your life without sanitary wares? The answer is probably NO because you never think like this before. Sanitary wares are so deeply related to your daily life, that they become a part of your life before you even realize that fact. Unfortunately, there are lots of areas where these items are not easily available. People of these areas do not know about the use of these items in their bathrooms. They do not have a proper bathroom or toilet where they can install the sanitary wares. Their lives without proper sanitary wares are always facing a threat of hygiene related issues.

ceramic sanitary ware

Problems of Rural Areas

There are various remote areas in many countries where you cannot see the use of sanitary wares in their daily life. Till now they use the primitive processes when it comes to sanitation. They do not even maintain the minimum hygienic methods in their toilets and bathrooms. In some areas, people do not have toilets and bathrooms. They go to the open field or choose the river banks for defecation. They do not use a proper toilet and choose the method of open defecation. In such areas, the use of sanitary wares seems like a dream.

Threat of Illness

When people practice open defecation on fields, bushes, beside railway tracks, open water bodies and other areas then it leads to various illnesses. This practice is highly dangerous for the health of the local people. The foods and other items become infected easily because of that practice. Flies and other insects can spread ailments in an easy way because of that practice. Thus, life without proper sanitary wares can become very dangerous. You can get several severe health issues just because you do not use the right sanitary wares.

Proper Knowledge Is Required

Installing the right sanitary wares is not a luxury matter; rather it is one of the basic needs of every household. The earlier you can realize this fact the better lifestyle you can have. You can save your children and other family members from getting affected by those fatal ailments that can cause by the practice of open defecation if you have a proper toilet and sanitary wares in your house. To get them you need to have the right knowledge about the matters like sanitation, sanitary wares, their proper use and installment process.

Choosing the Right Items

It is also required that you choose the right items according to your lifestyle when you opt for the sanitary wares. Some are good for the modern houses of the advanced cities, and some are perfect for the rural areas. You need to talk to the experts of this industry to get the right item for your bathroom. You can take the help of the internet to know how many types of sanitary wares are there are which one will be most suitable for your home. You can get rid of the life without sanitary wares and enjoy a more hygienic as well as safe life.

Technologies Incorporated In Ceramics for Developing Modern Sanitary Ware

Globalization has brought about great changes in the world. There are lots of new and advanced techniques introduced in the market that are opening up new opportunities for both existing players in the market as well as paving ways for new ones.

Recent years have observed great activity in the industry sector of white wares that have in turn, boosted the growth of consumer demands in porcelains. Research in science has led to innovation of new technologies that have eliminated the manufacturing defects and accelerated the growth in manufacturing processes. The changes are so vivid here, that manufacturers and developers are now thinking that in many cases only some changes are adequate to bring in perfection in such products.

The few changes are listed below:

  • Raw materials that are now commercially available are now very well prepared and the manufacturers have to now mix it. Also, raw material suppliers are now providing with readymade bodies. This is a time saving procedure for the developers, in the entire porcelains process. Here granulate production, which is one of the expensive procedures can be now left to suppliers.
  • Many new technologies are on their way that is more energy efficient ways of production of granulate. Also, carefully directed grinding is offering accurate size of grains that is proving to be useful in glazes grinding.
  • The decoration and glazing of hygienic wares like tiles uses systems that are completely automated by robots. These works according to several instructions given through computer coding attached to ceramics.

modern sanitary ware

State-Of-The-Art Technology Used For Sanitary Ware

Highly modernized production line is introduced in the arena of sterile ware that is offering various functions ranging from pressure casting to set up of kiln. Thus, operators are left with only supervisory functions. Some of the prime prerequisites in clean ware sector of industry are bar code that is applied on ceramic, pressure casting department for both battery and single casting along with software process and control.

There is also the same tradition that is followed by sanitary ware production, which involves fine grounding of raw materials into a slurry solution.

The process of pressure casting is made easy and only takes a few minutes. The end product has much less seam as most of the water is removed making it harder.  Once, every ware is dried in an automatic system, it is directly passed to robot spray lines where automatic interiors glazing machine is installed.

Science has developed to a large extent here as the machine reliably covers even the hard-to-reach areas. After this process, these white wares are transported to storage units.

Automation in Production Stage

Many companies have also successfully automated downstream fabrication stage where the final sorting and packing of white ware is done by machines. This, on the other hand, has increased productivity of toilet ware dramatically. Thus, it can be said that the global industry of sterile ware is experiencing great change by implementing and coming closer to the next generation processes of creation and distribution. It is providing with automation of entire course with enhanced productivity.

Historical Developments of Sanitaryware Products

Mahatma Gandhi stated that “it is health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold or silver “. It is also said that “cleanliness is second to godliness”. Maintaining good sanitary and health status is very imperative in our day’s life. Modern toilets, bathroom and fixtures are improvement of ancient systems.

Early Development of Sanitary Products

In ancient times, bathrooms, toilets and hygiene were observed. Ancient Egyptians had bathrooms and toilets manufactured from limestone or wooden stools with a hole.

In Indus valley and Minoan civilization (2600BC), also built a network of sewers to dispose waste water.Romans were perhaps the most advanced in terms of bathroom and toilets. They wealth had own toilets while there were public bathrooms that lacked any privacy. During the medieval times, pits were sunk to the ground and wood seats mounted on them. In addition, people living near rivers and seas build passages to take away the wastes.

Development of Toilets

In 1596, Sir John Harrington invented the flushing toilet. This had a cistern but people never bought the idea and continued using pots. The idea was not used until 17thcentury when Alexander Cummingpatented the flushing toilet. They were not utilized until the 18th century when ceramic and porcelain manufactures started to produce bedpans. These were beautifully decorated and had many flushing techniques. The toilet bowls were boxed but this was improved in 1884 to pedestal bowl for storing the water.

development of toiletsEarly toilets designs referred to as bedpans

Despite their development in 18th century, most toilets were not installed at homes since they were expensive and complex.

Development of early Toilets, Showers, Sinks and Accessories                                                     

In the 19th century, rapid development of the toilet resulted to the current ceramic toilets and bathrooms. Due to industrialization and urbanization, large cities emerged and this required good sewage systems. Strict laws demanded that each home has a bathroom and toilet.The supply of fresh water for the upper class and the construction of sewage lines to drain dirty water further encouraged the use of bathrooms and toilets.

Industrialization resulted to mass production of bathrooms and toilets which pushed the prices down as competition increased. These were later availed to middle class citizens in USA, Europe and UK.

Taking showers was more of a masculine activity and was considered therapeutic after a hard day’s work. At the beginning of twentieth century, bathrooms had cold and hot water from boilers but later on, showers were installed.

Early sinks had containers for holding water which was used to wash hands. Later, these were improved to wooden cabinets followed by steel and finally ceramic type with a pedestal wash basin. As early as 19th century, attractive fixtures that were nickel coated. These have been improved to modern attractive taps.

modern ceramic sink with pedestalEarly sinks with wooden or metallic cabinet and the modern ceramic sink with pedestal

Developments of Sanitary-ware to Achieve Comfort and Convenience

After the development of the sanitaryware basic toilet and bathroom; improvements were made to decorate and improve their appearance and utilities. In the USA, France, England, separate toilet and bathroom were separated.

Luxury dwelling rooms were not only equipment with separate bathing and toilet rooms but they also had tiled floors and walls. Some of the luxury rooms were equipped with bidet, showers and bathtub made from copper or zinc. As demand increased, enameled tubs replaced zinc and copper as they were attractive, easy to clean and long lasting. Thus, most modern toilets and bathrooms designs were borrowed from ancient ones.

Developments of sanitary ware

Features and types of Sanitary Ware Installed in Steam Showers and Sauna


There is nothing as relaxing and comforting as a nice bathe after a long days work. Though steam showers and saunas have been confined to luxury hotels and health spa; modern homes are increasing using installing smaller versions of these systems in order to bring luxury and comfort during bathing. To achieve this type of luxuriate indulgence, one needs to use the right ceramic wear which not only provides the required functionality but also has an appealing and aesthetic look.

Steam showers and saunas

Steam showers use state of the art bathroom ceramic and glass bathroom fixtures to bring comfort and relaxation. The user comfortably seats on a bench while being pelted with a soothing cloud of moisture at 110 – 118 degrees fahreinheight and a humidity of 100%. Saunas are designed to provide wet/ heat session to a group of people and heating may be from dry air or steam.

showers and sauna

The user not only enjoys the bombardment with warm vapor but also emerges felling relaxed and rejuvenated. In addition these facilities are recommended by dermatologists since they greatly improve the skin and nervous receptors on the skin. After this refreshing experience one needs a final washing.

Accessories and parts

To enjoys this little piece of heaven on earth, one need the right ceramic sanitary ware. First, one must install the system together with accessories such as cold water supply tank , vapor generator, thermostatic controls, hoses and other fitting, handles, valves , shower glass seals and rails to hang bathing clothes and towels.

Features of these units

These parts are designed from highly durably and aesthetic materials that give the user and experience of comfort and executive service.

ceramic ware

A combination system allows the user to bathe and therefore has additional parts such as shower valves, water closet, soap dispensing unit and a dressing wall. These are designed to bring out luxury and comfort. These parts are made from shinny material with a supreme metallic luster which gives a high class feel.

At the hearts of this marvelous shower is the steam generator. This is filled with water which is then boiled to form vapor. The unit is made from high quality corrosion free materials. In addition, it is fitted with thermo sensors and thermostatic valve to ensure that it does not heat beyond required temperature.

These systems also have a fragrance dispenser that aerates the washing space and gives different scents depending in user preferences. They are also fitted with plumbing pipes made of stainless steel or chrome platted finish to withstand corrosion which is increased by hot water. The chrome finish also improves the aesthetic appeal.

The units have an integral comfortable seat made from high quality wood. These units are also installed with soap dispensers and a well decorated mirror panel where one can admire himself/ herself as the bathing progresses. These units also come with a hot shower unit with 4-6-8 jet nozzles that sprinkle the water and enhance the bathing after a relaxing bath.